Agenda and minutes

Rushey Mead Community Meeting - Tuesday, 19 August 2014 6:30 pm

Venue: Mellor Primary School, Checketts Road, Leicester LE4 5EQ (The entrance is from Checketts Road)

Contact: Shilen Pattni: Tel 0116 454 1832. Email  Julie Harget 0116 454 6357

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Willmott chaired the meeting and led the introductions.




Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Bhatti.


ACTION LOG pdf icon PDF 624 KB

The Action Log of the previous Rushey Mead Community Meeting held on 3 June 2014 is attached for information and discussion.


The action log from the previous meeting held on 3 June 2014 was noted.  There was further discussion on the following items:



Clarke Street and parking issues at Mellor Primary School


A resident reported that she had attended a meeting on Clarke Street with Rachel Webster (OCC Property) and Amita Miles (Community Engagement Officer) but had not heard anything since.


Shilen Patel, the Neighbourhood Development Manager to check on any progress and inform the resident accordingly.


Community Meeting Budget


Ryan Singh, a Soar Valley College pupil provided feedback on a funding application for the Big Stop Campaign; an event held at the Y Theatre to tackle bullying and to empower young people. £425 had been fast tracked from the community meeting budget.  The event was very successful with over 100 people attending. The Chair congratulated Ryan for the event which he said was ‘tremendous’.



An officer from Leicester City Council will be present to discuss issues relating to the highways verges on Troon Way, near to the Sainsbury’s store on Melton Road.



Martin Fletcher, Head of Highways and James Murphy, Longcross Construction were present to provide an update on highways issues on Troon Way, near to the new Sainsbury’s development on Melton Road.


Attendees were asked to note that:


Troon Way / Melton Road  - new road layout


·         In response to previous concerns over the condition of the verges on Troon Way, officers had been working with Mr Murphy from Longross and an action plan was being drawn up. It was expected that the work to improve the area would be completed in approximately two months’ time.


·         The work would include the clearing of debris, cutting back and re-filling and re-seeding.


·         In response to a request for a pedestrian crossing to be re-installed on the Melton Road following its removal, the meeting heard that a decision had been taken that this would not be possible because of the additional lane and the new layout of the road. There was however a push button crossing facility at the main junction where previously there had been no crossing facility at all.


·         Further to concerns over the layout of the Troon Way junction where a cyclist had been killed, the meeting heard that the layout of the junction was a standard layout that was used both in and outside of the city. However, as a standard procedure, a safety audit would be carried out when the new road layout had been open for a year, and the outcome of that audit process was awaited.


·         Concerns were reported over tailbacks on Checketts Road and Marfitt Street at the Melton Road junction traffic lights.


Belgrave Road Flyover


Progress on the Belgrave Road Flyover was queried and attendees were asked to note that:


·         Following the consultation and the strength of feeling regarding potential traffic issues, extra lanes had been added to the road layout which had increased the complexity of the work.


·         The island would remain the same size but there would be increased capacity and better approaches.


·         Some of the work would be completed in time for Diwali.


·         Work on Belgrave Gate had been delayed, mainly because of issues with the different utility companies which had made the work difficult to co-ordinate.


·         The majority of the work that was scheduled to continue into 2015 would be on Belgrave Gate.



The City Warden will provide an update on issues in the Rushey Mead Ward.


Jethro Swift, City Warden with responsibilities in Rushey Mead provided an update of issues within the ward.  During his update the following issues were raised:


·         Further to Jethro reporting that as part of his duties he dealt with cars parked on the road for monetary gain, an attendee informed him that there were vehicles for sale parked on the road opposite the Jungle Club.


·         An attendee reported that there was a need for yellow lines on Mortoft Road.


·         Littering in the area had improved during the school holidays, though there was a problem on Sandringham Avenue and Woodbridge Road. It was queried whether the schools had a social responsibility to help deal with litter and whether there was an education process. Jethro responded that he was not currently going into schools because of the extra responsibilities that the city wardens had been given. The Chair commented that the education aspect was important and he suggested that this was something that ward councillors might be able to help with.


·         Parking enforcement was needed as people were parking on zig-zag lines outside Mellor Primary School and on double yellow lines on Woodbridge Road.


·         Parking problems around Feast India were also reported. The Chair responded that they were aware of the problem there and numerous discussions had been held with the restaurant owners asking them to request their customers to park responsibly.


·         A concern had been previously raised that the gullies on Woodbridge Road needed cleaning out but a resident reported that this had not been done. The Chair responded that he had been told that the gullies had been emptied and he asked Jethro to check the situation.


Actions to be taken by the City Warden / Neighbourhood Manager / Community Engagement Officer.



There will be an update on policing issues in the Rushey Mead Ward.


Police Sergeant Simon Walters and Police Constable James Thomas provided an update of local policing issues. Attendees were asked to note the following:


·         The crime statistics for July 2014 demonstrated that there had been a reduction in crime compared to the same period in the previous year.


·         There were two problem solving plans:


a)    Braemar Drive – related to parking issues.

b)    Anti-social behaviour on Rushey Mead Park and Appleton Park – related to youth on motor cycles and small fires.


·         There were problems with irresponsible parking outside schools – PC Thomas would be working on this issue when the new term started.


·         In response to a query, residents were asked to note if they wanted a visit from a crime prevention officer, they should contact the police to arrange a visit.


·         Attendees were asked to be aware that chain snatching had become a city wide problem; thefts were usually carried out by culprits riding on bicycles. People were asked to be alert and not to display their jewellery when they were out and about.


·         In response to a query as to a suitable location for a local Neighbourhood Watch Group to meet, Pc Thomas responded that the Police Office at Soar Valley College was available.


Thanks were given to the local residents for their response and co-operation following a major fire at a petrol station on Melton Road. There had been a multi-agency approach to deal with the incident. It had been necessary to move residents from a large surrounding area to a place of safety.


Concerns were expressed that some of the residents who had been displaced, subsequently had their homes burgled and it was queried whether the police could have been more proactive in protecting peoples’ property. Ps Walters responded that because residents were moved from such a large area, it would not have been possible to have Police Officers deployed onto every street. However the police patrols were still taking place and would continue to do so.



Councillors are reminded that they will need to declare any interest they may have in budget applications, and/or indicate that Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.


The following funding applications have been received:


1039: Mamta Ladies Group

Applicant: Mamta Ladies Group


Funding of £3540 is requested: The group has 55 members and most are 60 years old and some have physically disabilities. All members will participate and benefit from the events.


1078: Participation in Raas Garba Event 2014

Applicant: Shanki Milan Group


Funding of £494 is requested to participate in the forthcoming Raas Garba competition to take place at De Montfort Hall in Leicester on 7 September 2014.


1089: Summer Playscheme / Activities Sessions

Applicant: Mr Vijay Patel, Livesport


Funding of £500 is requested for a Summer Play Scheme with sports activities sessions for young people in the Rushey Mead area. This is to take place during the summer holiday over 1 week, 5 x 3 hour sessions. There will be qualified coaches who currently coach for Livesport and activity leaders to support the running of the playscheme.


5034: Sustainable Communities Roadshow (Joint bid with Belgrave and Latimer)

Applicant: Our World DCS CIC


Funding of £500 is requested. For the past two years, ‘Our World DCS CIC’ have been identifying and engaging with a number of niche culturally and spiritually excluded audiences from within the LE4 postal area. The project is to host a series of interactive launch events (roadshow) across a series of locations within the Belgrave, Rushey Mead and Latimer areas.


1113: Fitness in Body and Mind Summer Camp

Applicant: Don’t Just Kick It


Funding of £500 is requested to deliver a 2 week fitness and football skills course for local children mixed with children from surrounding areas. The ward funding would cover costs for children to train for free.  The event is on 11-15 August, for 15 children from the Rushey Mead area.


1127: Rushey Mead Bhajan Sandhya

Applicant: Rushey Mead Bhajan Sandhya

Funding of £364 is requested. The group meet every Friday and sing religious songs. Every year they celebrate all the religious Hindu festivals.  The funding is for venue costs.


1128: Rushey Mead Milap Group (Mens)

Applicant: Rushey Mead Milap Group (Mens)


Funding of £2722.96 is requested;


The group play cards at Rushey Mead Recreation Centre, Monday – Friday afternoon as a way of socialising and entertaining themselves. All the members are from within walking distance of the centre. Every year they organise a couple of one-day trips for members and their families to visit other parts of the UK.


The Chair presented the community meeting budget. Decisions were made on funding applications as follows:


1039: Mamta Ladies Group

Applicant: Mamta Ladies Group.

Amount requested: £3540


Amount agreed:  £1770. Officers to work with the group to help them to seek alternative funding.


1078: Participation in Raas Garba Event 2014.

Applicant: Shanki Milan Group

Amount requested: £494


Decision: application deferred


1089: Summer Playscheme / Activities Sessions

Applicant: Mr Vijay Patel, Livesport

Amount requested: £500


Amount agreed: £500


5034: Sustainable Communities Roadshow

Applicant: Our World DCS CIC

Amount requested: £500


Application refused as it did not demonstrate any specific relevance to Rushey Mead.


1113: Fitness in Body and Mind Summer Camp

Applicant: Don’t Just Kick It.

Amount requested: £500


Amount agreed: £500


1127:Rushey Mead Bhajan Sandhya

Applicant: Rushey Mead Bhajan Sandhya

Amount requested: £364


Application refused because it was for religious meetings / celebrations and therefore outside the permitted criteria for funding from the Community Meeting budget.


1128: Rushey Mead Milap Group (Mens)

Applicant: Rushey Mead Milap Group (Mens)

Amount requested: £2722.96


Amount agreed: £1361.48. Officers to work with the group to help them to seek alternative funding.

The Chair reported that the decisions on the funding bid 1039 and 1128 could be reviewed if efforts to find alternative funding failed.


Two new funding applications, which had arrived late and were not detailed on the agenda were also discussed:


1145: Jesse Jackson Park – Outdoor Gym (two pieces of gym equipment)

Applicant: Adrian Edge, LCC Parks and Green Spaces

Amount requested: £6000


Amount agreed: £6000


It was noted that six pieces of gym equipment were being funded with £18,000 from a Section 106 contribution from the new Sainsbury’s development. The Chair asked that any unspent S106 money should come back into the ward fund.


1150: Highfield Rangers – Fitness Academy

Applicant: Highfield Rangers

Amount requested: £1050 to provide fitness coaching for children aged 5- 12 years.


Amount agreed: £1050


Action: For the Neighbourhood Development Manager / Community Engagement Officer to process the funding applications and also work with the two groups mentioned to seek alternative funding.


For the Neighbourhood Development Manager / Community Engagement Officer to forward the request that any unspent S106 monies be put back into the community meeting budget.



Future Rushey Mead Community Meetings will be held on:


Tuesday 18 November 2014 at 6.30 pm

Tuesday 17 February 2015 at 6.30 pm


Attendees were asked to note future meetings as follows:


Tuesday 18 November 2014 at 6.30 pm

Tuesday 17 February 2015 at 6.30pm.




Leicester City Council ‘Link’ Publication


An attendee reported that a copy of the ‘Link’ was no longer being delivered to his house.


The Chair asked him to leave his name and address with the Shilen, the Neighbourhood Development Manager


Change of use for the old Melton Road Police Station


An attendee commented that there had been an article in the local newspaper stating that the old police station on Melton Road might become a function hall.


The Chair suggested that residents keep looking on the council website for further news on this.




The meeting closed at 8.25 pm