Agenda and minutes

Fosse Community Meeting - Wednesday, 19 June 2013 6:00 pm

Venue: Woodgate Resource Centre, 36 Woodgate, Leicester LE3 5GE

Contact: Jason Tyler - Ext 39 8816 

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There were no apologies for absence.



The first main item on theagenda is Declarations of Interest where Councillors have to say if there is anything on the agenda they have a personal interest in. For example if a meeting was due to discuss a budget application put forward by a community group and one of the Councillors was a member of that group, they would not be able to take part in the decision on that budget application.


Councillors are asked to declare any interest they may have in the business on the agenda, and/or indicate that Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.



There were no declarations of interest made at this time.



The Record of Meeting and Actions arising from the previous Fosse Community Meeting, held on 7 March 2013 are attached at Appendix A and Members are asked to confirm them as a correct record.





                        that the Record of Meeting and Actions from the Fosse Ward                        Community meeting held on 7 March 2013 be confirmed as a                    correct record.





To discuss the success of the above project which was funded by the Ward Community Grant process.





A written statement from Adrian Wills, Head of Libraries & Information Services, providing an update on the future services at the Library is attached at Appendix B.





Representatives of the Fosse Girl Guides reported on their sight-seeing visit to London and circulated photographs of their visit to the major attractions, which had been funded by a Ward Community Grant.  The meeting noted the success of the event and thanked the Guides for their attendance and report.





The recent success of an event held at a local bank organised by the Maya Group, which had promoted the project in support of cultural diversity was discussed.  It was noted that the Group had received Ward Grant funding previously and members of the public and community representatives present were advised as to how they could become more involved in future events in support of the project. 


Particular reference was made to the possible future use of premises adjoining the Newfoundpool Neighbourhood Centre.





A statement concerning the future development of the library was circulated with the agenda paper which had been prepared by Adrian Wills, Head of Libraries and Information Services.


It was noted that he plan for the library was that during the summer, self-service units would be installed but the opening hours, staffing and layout would remain largely unchanged.


There would be an opportunity for local people to be involved in the future of the library service in the area as part of the Transforming Neighbourhoods Project which looked at how a range of services were to be delivered.  


The city will be looked at in six phases based on the Local Policing Units and residents were to be invited to meetings at the appropriate time to make comments about the future of services. 


In conclusion it was noted that work to improve signage to the Fosse Centre from the nearby main roads was being undertaken in the meantime.




Geoff Forse will inform the meeting of the Woodgate Residents Association’s recent and forthcoming activities.


Geoff Forse was invited to address the meeting to provide information on the Woodgate Residents Association’s recent and forthcoming activities.


Geoff welcomed everyone to the Woodgate Resource Centre which had been operating since April 1987 and commented on the voluntary nature of the Centre’s operation confirming that it relied on external funding and grant aid.


Geoff commented on the Music Development Programme which had been running over a number of years and reported that around 100 local children benefitted from the Programme each year.  Funding had been received from the Henry Smith Charity and top up funding to ensure the Programme’s success had been applied for through the Ward Community Grant process.


In respect of the Woodgate area generally, Geoff commented on the need for significant regeneration of the area and the A50 corridor into the city.  He stated that over the past 20 years the area had suffered from a lack of development and had become neglected, which had a detrimental effect on the image of the City, with theA50 being one of the main arterial routes into the city centre.  In this respect he commented on the Association’s efforts to improve the area, including planting schemes and clean-up events. 


As examples of current initiatives, Geoff reported on a proposal to brighten up the large concrete planters at the access to the former Premier Screw site, which it was hoped would be painted to include lettering to spell ‘Woodgate’. 


A further project involved new hoardings to disguise vacant sites along the corridor, which would involve reproduction of historical photographs of the area and its residents.


Geoff was thanked for his attendance and report and the Association was congratulated on its work.




To discuss the progress concerning Rally Park and to receive an update following the submission of the petition and a RoSPA inspection.


Councillor Waddington updated the meeting concerning the desire to have railings installed at the play area at Rally Park.  It was noted that Council Officers had expressed their view that railings were not necessary and were not in accordance of policy.  Since the submission of the petition in support of railings it had been agreed that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) had been asked to undertake an inspection.  Clarification concerning the Terms of Reference and criteria for that inspection had been requested by Councillors.


The update was noted.




The Police will provide an update on their activities within the Ward.


PS Andy Goadby reported on the crime statistics for the Local Police Unit.  It was noted that overall crime had fallen including significantly reduced reports of burglary, violence, anti-social behaviour and criminal damage.


PS Goadby referred to particular Beat operations and individual incidents which had been reported and/or detected and advised of the relevant Police actions in each case.


In respect of summer youth activities PS Goadby reported on the Police fear that a reduction in organised activities may lead to problems of youths congregating and reports of Anti-social behaviour and nuisance.  Ward Councillors confirmed that they were aware and mindful of the Police view and would report the concerns to Officers involved in Youth Service provision.  As an example the ‘Streetvibe’ initiative was identified where it was felt that the reduced provision had led to isolated incidents of nuisance behaviour.


In conclusion it was noted that the production of a free information leaflet had been suggested which would include all relevant contact information of local organisations, including police crime reporting numbers, and which would be delivered to each household in the Ward.  The production and despatch of the leaflets would be subject to a future Ward Community Grant joint bid with relevant Council departments.  The principle of the initiative was supported.


PS Goadby was thanked for this attendance and report.





The City Warden will give an update on current environmental and enforcement issues within the Ward.


Jamie Stubbs and Caroline Walsh, City Wardens, reported on their recent activities within the Ward.


It was noted that liaisons with the Environment Agency concerning flood risk had been undertaken which had concentrated on the Tudor Road area of the Ward.


The work undertaken in conjunction with the cleansing teams was highlighted and information material was displayed which showed photographs of the work of the City Cleansing Team. It was reported that increased contact by Wardens and the Cleansing Team with local businesses had led to improved waste management policies.


In respect of other ongoing activities, it was reported that the Wardens had begun a city wide initiative to ensure that skips and scaffolding were properly licensed and regulated.


In reply to questions it was suggested that where bulky items had been fly-tipped, repeat offenders could be investigated and prosecuted if enforcement levels were increased.  The Wardens confirmed that they would to welcome and give appropriate consideration to any intelligence offered.


Chris Nutting, City Cleansing, referred to the peak in numbers of fly-tips which had been cleared by the Service, which were being experienced across the City.  He asked the meeting to note that the problem was not unique to the Ward and it was considered that the increased numbers were principally due to student lets coming to the end of their lease periods.   Chris commented on the use of CCTV to assist enforcement but stated that many problem areas, such as the former Empire pub site, were on private it had not been possible to encourage land owners to install CCTV equipment.


The Wardens and the City Cleansing Team were thanked for their attendance and update report.




Councillors are reminded that they will need to declare any interest they may have in budget applications, and/or indicate that Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.


The Member Support Officer will present the latest position with regard to the Ward Community Budget.


The following applications have been received for consideration:



Application 1           (2255)


Applicant       Woodgate Residents Association


Amount          £ 2,000


Proposal        Music Development Programme


Summary      The Music Development Programme is held at the Woodgate                       Resource Centre teaches children various instruments.  This is               the sixth year of the programme.  Around 100 children take part.



Application 2           (2256)


Applicant       Cornerstone PCC


Amount          £ 1,000

                        (also £500 each from Abbey and Beaumont Leys Wards)


Proposal        Community Fun Day


Summary      Sixth year of the community event at grounds of Richard                               Hallam School, Avebury Avenue.


The Member Support Officer presented the latest position with regard to the Ward Community Budget.



The following applications for Ward Community funding had been received for consideration, and were determined as indicated:



Application 1           (2255)


Applicant       Woodgate Residents Association


Amount          £2,000


Proposal        Music Development Programme


Mr Geoff Forse was invited to address the meeting on behalf of the Residents Association in support of the application.  He explained the proposal to continue the music development programme for a further two years, to be held at the Woodgate Resource Centre. 


In response to questions and comments, it was suggested that a free public concert or choir performance could be held for the community in view of the continued Ward grant funding.  The feasibility of organising such an event would be investigated by the Residents Association and Programme organisers.



                        that the application be supported.



Application 2           (2256)


Applicant       Cornerstone PCC


Amount          £1,000

                        Joint bid to Abbey Ward and Beaumont Leys Ward (£500 to                                      each Ward)


Proposal        Community Fun Day


Mr Trevor Hesselwood was invited to address the meeting on behalf of the PCC in support of the application.  He explained the proposal to hold a fun day at the grounds of Richard Hallam School, Avebury Avenue, similar to the events which had been held over the previous five years.



                        that the application be supported



Application 3           (2257)


Applicant       Glenfield Road Allotment Society


Amount          £450

                        Joint bid to Western Park Ward (£450)


Proposal        Security Gate Improvements


Mrs Jenny Miller was invited to address the meeting on behalf of the Allotment Society in support of the application.  She explained the proposal to erect a gate at the pathway between Pool Road and Tetuan Road to improve security and prevent trespassers and vandals.



                        that the application be supported.



Application 4           (2258)


Applicant       Leicester City Council


Amount          £900


Proposal        Ward Information Leaflets


The Member Support Officer referred to a proposal to use Ward grant funding to design, print and distribute 5,500 Ward Information leaflets to each household in the Ward.  It was reported that the leaflets would contain information on various organisations with contact information.  The funding included a £450 contribution to the Tomorrow Together Charity who would distribute the leaflets.



                        that the application be supported.



The following further request for an approved use of deferred funding was also considered and determined as indicated:



Applicant       Fosse Inter-Agency Consortium


Amount          £900


Proposal        Big Lunch Fun Day


Mr Martin Cage was invited to address the meeting on behalf of the Consortium.  He explained that Ward grant funding had been received in 2012 to hold the ‘Jubilee Big Lunch’; however, the event had been delayed due to inclement weather.  He informed the meeting that the postponement of the event had led to a successful fun day which was eventually held in September 2012.


Mr Cage stated that many of the participants had not claimed their full expenses from the day and various suppliers did not make the full charges for their services, due to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.






Residents referred to the report of the Woodgate Residents Association earlier in the meeting and expressed concern at the lack of progress with the regeneration of the area.


Councillors referred to their recent communication, meetings and site visits with the City Mayor and to forthcoming initiatives to improve the Woodgate A50 corridor and the Frog island area generally. 


In view of the need to ensure that residents were informed of the ongoing work in this regard, t was confirmed that the principal item at the next Ward Community Meeting, to be held on 11 September 2013, would be the economic development and regeneration of the area.  Officers would be asked to make a presentation to residents informing them of the position.





The meeting closed at 7.40 pm.