Agenda and minutes

Fosse Community Meeting - Wednesday, 11 September 2013 6:00 pm

Venue: Woodgate Resource Centre, 36 Woodgate, Leicster LE3 5GE

Contact: Jason Tyler (Tel 229 8816) 

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There were no apologies for absence.




The first main item on the agenda is Declarations of Interest where Councillors have to say if there is anything on the agenda they have a personal interest in. For example if a meeting was due to discuss a budget application put forward by a community group and one of the Councillors was a member of that group, they would not be able to take part in the decision on that budget application.


Members are asked to declare any interests they may have in the business to be discussed.



There were no Declarations of Interest made at this time.



The Record of Meeting and Actions arising from the previous Fosse Community Meeting held on 19 June 2013 are attached at Appendix A and Members will be asked to confirm them as a correct record.






That the Record of Meeting and Actions from the Fosse Ward Community meeting held on 19 June 2013 be confirmed as a correct record.



Officers from Economic Development and Regeneration will give a presentation on the future regeneration and improvement proposals for the Woodgate A50 corridor.


The Chair welcomed the City Mayor to the meeting.


The City Mayor made a presentation to the meeting which provided initial details of the proposed A50 Waterside/Frog Island Regeneration Strategy (PowerPoint slides attached).


The presentation provided details on the current situation, environmental issues which needed to be addressed, which included options for disused and derelict buildings, together with opportunities and constraints for regeneration projects.  


The City Mayor reported on the Planning Strategy being developed which included immediate priorities.  In this regard he commented on the direct intervention undertaken by the Council concerning Friars Mill and reported on other sites and buildings which were under consideration for similar action.  It was also noted that the City Council owned significant areas of land, together with HSA land, which would aid the regeneration process.


In conclusion it was noted that the next steps included a detailed Action Plan which would be prepared by February 2014, setting out proposals for a planning, investment and delivery strategy for the area. 


The City Mayor was thanked for his presentation.


In discussing the detail of the presentation the meeting referred to the desire to establish a coordinated approach to the regeneration proposals which it was felt would make the area more attractive to potential developers.  The need to continue effective partnership working was emphasised and the development of the Action plan and Planning Strategy was welcomed.


In respect of vacant buildings, it was noted that there had been an increased awareness of the vulnerability of some empty historic buildings.  The use of attractive hoardings and murals to screen off vacant sites was also seen as a positive approach.


In conclusion, the meeting referred to the need to achieve some immediate improvements which would show that regeneration was being realised in line with the strategy.  It was noted that the community had experienced the current situation for several years and that therefore a need existed to build confidence in the community.  The imminent improvement to three redundant areas of ground identified in a recent survey, together with the Shop Front Renovation Scheme, were discussed as examples of the type of projects which would build confidence in the area.  The City Mayor was encouraged to involve residents and the local business community in the development of the Action Plan and Redevelopment Strategy.


The City Mayor was thanked for his attendance and welcomed an invitation to attend a future meeting to update the community on progress made on the Action Plan and Redevelopment Strategy.  It was suggested that the Ward Community meeting scheduled for 19 February 2014 be identified to receive the update.




To receive an update concerning the proposed fencing of the play area at Rally Park.


The meeting received an update concerning the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) risk assessment undertaken at Rally Park.


It was noted that following the risk assessment, the Parks Department had proposed to install a ‘knee-high’ rail to separate the play area from the adjacent cycle path.


It was further noted that negotiations were continuing in support of the petition which had asked for proper fencing to be installed around the entire play area.






The Police will provide an update on their activities in the Ward.


PS Smart and PCSO Taylor were welcomed to the meeting.


PS Smart updated the meeting on Police activities in the Ward.  In reporting the crime statistics he made particular reference to the reduction in the number of burglaries.  It was highlighted that during the summer months reports usually increased and that the reduction was therefore notable and welcome.


The meeting discussed the issues concerning the operation of a bail-hostel at Bonchurch Street.  The Ward Councillors reported that they had attended and addressed a recent Planning and Development Control Committee meeting concerning the planning enforcement of the property. 


It was noted that the Ward Councillors’ strong view was that the use should be discontinued, although planning legislation could not be used to enforce a closure.  It was suggested by the meeting that Officers of the Council and the Council’s partner organisations must be made aware of the fears and concerns of the community.  In this regard PS Smart asked that residents voice their concerns by using the Police 101 phone number, in order that problems could be recorded.


In concluding the Police report, PCSO Taylor advised that £250 from funds gained from unclaimed property had been donated to the Woodgate Adventure Playground.


The Police were thanked for their report and update.




The City Wardens will give an update on their activities in the Ward.


Caroline Walsh (City Warden) reported on her environmental and enforcement activities in the Ward.


She updated the meeting on issues concerning the operation of motor repairs and sales businesses on Blackbird Road.  It was noted that new operators had been approached and made aware of the previous concerns with a view to the problems being alleviated.


The recent increase of bulky waste collection activities was reported and Caroline referred to the possible increase in bulk collections to reduce fly-tips, advising that funding options were being considered with the Council’s partners. 


The meeting discussed the educational aspects of the problems and issues being experienced and it was noted that many residents felt that following the clean-ups further items were then fly-tipped, as removal was normally undertaken in less than five days.  It was noted that in some instances the clean-ups seemed to give fly-tips a justification and work to increase education in respect of the responsibilities of residents and businesses was therefore supported and encouraged. 


Chris Nutting (Cleansing Team) also commented on the liaison undertaken with the Wardens to remove fly-tips and reported on the problems experienced in identifying offenders.


Caroline was thanked for her report and update.




Councillors are reminded that they will need to declare any interest they may have in budget applications.


The Member Support Officer will present the latest position with regard to the Ward Community Budget


The following applications have been received for consideration:


Application 1           (2260)


Applicant:                  Adrain Ablett (The Can Man)


Amount:                     £700

                                    (£1,400 requested, £700 also from Westcotes Ward)


Proposal:                   The Can Man


Summary:                 Can crusher, associated equipment and premises hire.



Application 2           (2261)


Applicant:                  Joanne Randall (Supertroupers)


Amount:                     £500

                                    (£1,000 requested, £500 also from New Parks Ward)


Proposal:                   Supertroupers Dance School


Summary:                 60 portable dance studio mirrors.



The following application has been approved under the fast-track procedure:


Application               (2259)


Applicant:      Woodgate Residents Association


Amount:         £480


Proposal:       CCTV Upgrade


Summary:     An upgrade of the CCTV equipment at the Woodgate Resource                  Centre



The Member Support Officer presented the latest position with regard to the Ward Community Budget.


The following applications for Ward Community Funding had been received for consideration and were determined as indicated:


Application 1           (2260)


Applicant:      Adrian Ablett (The Can Man)


Amount:         £700

                        (£1,400 requested, £700 also from Westcotes Ward)


Proposal:       The Can Man


Mr Adrian Ablett was invited to address the meeting in support of the application.  He explained that the request for funding was to assist his recycling activities with the purchase of a can-crusher, associated equipment and premises hire.



                        that the application be supported in the sum of £700 subject to                                 the further agreement of the matching sum requested from the                            Westcotes Ward.



Application 2           (2261)


Applicant:      Supertroupers Dance School


Amount:         £500

                        (£1,000 requested, £500 also from New Parks Ward)


Proposal:       Portable Dance Studio Mirrors


Joanne Randall was invited to address the meeting in support of the application.  She explained that the request for funding was to purchase portable dance studio mirrors and advised of their proposed use and storage.  The aims, objectives and membership of the Dance School were explained and it was reported that New Parks Ward had agreed to support the application in the sum of £500.



                        that the application be supported in the sum of £500.



It was reported that the following application has been approved under the Fast-Track procedure:


Application 3           (2259)


Applicant:      Woodgate Residents Association


Amount:         £480


Proposal:       CCTV Upgrade


Summary:      An upgrade of the CCTV equipment at the Woodgate                                                 Resource Centre








Geoff Forse referred to a competition being organised by the Leicester Mercury where funds were available for community projects.


He asked community representatives to support the Residents Association’s listing for their Music Development Project.





The meeting closed at 7.50 pm.