Agenda and minutes

Fosse Community Meeting - Wednesday, 20 November 2013 6:00 pm

Venue: Fosse Library, Mantle Road, Leicester LE3 5HG

Contact: Jason Tyerl, Democratic Support (Tel. 229 8816) 

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There were no apologies for absence.




The first main item on the agenda is Declarations of Interest where Councillors have to say if there is anything on the agenda they have a personal interest in. For example if a meeting was due to discuss a budget application put forward by a community group and one of the Councillors was a member of that group, they would not be able to take part in the decision on that budget application.


Members are asked to declare any interests they may have in the business to be discussed.



There were no declarations of interest.



The Record and Actions of the previous Fosse Community Meeting held on 11 September 2013 are attached and Members will be asked to confirm them as a correct record.






That the Record of Meeting and Actions from the Fosse Ward Community meeting held on 11 September 2013 be confirmed as a correct record.





Police Sergeant Andy Goadby updated the meeting on crime statistics for the Ward.


He commented on the rise in thefts of motor vehicles and confirmed that following consultation involving house to house enquiries, prompt arrests had been made.


It was reported that theft from shops in the Ward had increased.  It was believed that this was due to more effective security operations in the city centre, which had led to a displacement of the problem to shops and stores in the Ward.  PS Goadby reassured the meeting that although the numbers of incidents had risen, suspects were being quickly identified.


In respect of the recent installation of alley gates in various streets, their effectiveness was recognised and the policy to determine further provision was being reviewed.  It was considered that this would ensure the most effective use of Police and Ward grant funding.


Recent Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations had experienced a lower level of anti-social behaviour than had been anticipated.  It was noted that this may have been due the Police visiting a large number of local schools in the lead up to events.  It was further noted that the Police had also visited various schools as part of the Schools Safety campaign which included consultation on the enforcement of school zig-zag parking restrictions.


At this point, PS Goadby was asked to look into increased enforcement of parking restrictions on Woodgate, particularly as this had caused problems for buses.  It was reported that the problem had been targeted in the past and a repeat operation was requested.


Councillors commented on the complaints they had received in respect of the bail hostel operating in Bonchurch Street.  It was reported that the issue was to be reported to the next full Council meeting, with a view to the Ministry of Justice being asked to close the bail hostel due to its inappropriate location and impact on local residents.   


PS Goadby referred to operational issues, including the promotion of PCSO Taylor to Police Constable.  He also reported that PS Julie Strong would be replacing PS Smart, who had been involved in the area for some time and had reported to the Ward meeting regularly in the past.


PS Goadby was thanked for his report.  Members asked that their congratulations to Jo Taylor and their best wishes and thanks to Rod Smart be recorded.





Richard Sutton (City Warden) reported on his environmental and enforcement activities in the Ward.  He made particular reference to the rubbish clearance activities leading up to Halloween and on Bonfire Night which had resulted in a reduction of unauthorised bonfires.  It was noted that the ‘One Clean Leicester’ initiative had assisted in this success where a large number of fly tips had been removed following reports from the public and following liaison and joint working with the Council’s City Cleansing team. It was reported that a recent clean-up of the area in the vicinity of the former Empire PH had followed consultation with the owners.  The meeting welcomed the new arrangements for joint working in this regard.


It was also reported that the problems of cars being advertised for sale on streets had been identified as an increasing cause of concern and the increased numbers of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for the offence was noted.


The competitive activities of local scrap dealers was also referred to and it was noted that in many instances, dealers had agreed to take metal goods, only to remove of any valuable parts before fly-tipping the remainder.


The availability of the Handy Person Service was advertised and community representatives were encouraged to refer any suggestions as to where the service could assist anyone in the Ward, particularly the elderly or infirm.


In conclusion of the Warden’s report, Barbara Whitcombe (Manager of the City Wardens Service) informed the meeting of the consultation being undertaken concerning ‘Spitting in the Street’.  She advised that the offence had recently been tested in the Courts by another local authority, which had dealt with a case through a prosecution by Magistrates; the Council was therefore consulting residents on the future enforcement in the city.  Consultation cards were circulated and details of the online consultation process were reported.


The report and update were noted.




Officers involved in the provision of Youth Services in the Fosse Ward will be present to report on their work and to outline their plans for the future.


Angela Thompson (Youth Service) updated the meeting on activities arranged for young people aged between 13 and 19 in the Ward.


It was noted that StreetVibe had been commissioned to undertake a significant amount of youth provision and details of their activities were displayed and circulated for information.


Brian Quinn (StreetVibe) was invited to report on the detail of the activities.  He referred to the decrease in numbers for the Friday and Saturday evening events, due to alternative provision elsewhere.  The locations of events had therefore been reviewed and it was confirmed that there was a suggestion that future provision be targeted at particular areas.


In respect of the current provision, it was noted that a music production initiative was being progressed following contact from a group of young people in the Ward.  It was confirmed that a session involving the adventure playground was also being progressed together with the Saturday night events.


In terms of the overall impact of the proposals it was reported that each of the current three sessions had around two hours duration, totalling six hours per week. It was accepted this was not adequate for young people in the area, however the potential increase in funding from lottery grants and other external financing owas recognised.  A comparison was made to other areas of the city which benefitted from the employment of full time Development Officers.


The possible separation of areas of provision at the adventure playground, which it was felt would benefit the provision for older teenagers, was reported. It was noted that improvements to the play area were the subject of a Ward Community Grant application to be discussed later in the meeting.


The recent work undertaken by the Square Mile Project, which had included work on local youth provision and future needs, was referred to.  It was suggested that the results and analysis should be reported to a future meeting in order to ensure that future provision and funding was being directed to the most appropriate areas of need. 


In conclusion it was agreed that the Council’s Youth Service be asked to consider developing closer working relationships with interested parties arising from the analysis of the mapping exercise undertaken by the Square Mile Project.




There will be an update concerning the works to install a knee rail in response to the concerns of petitioners and following a RoSPA risk benefit analysis inspection.


Councillors reported on the progress with the issue concerning the provision of fencing around the Rally Park play area.


The meeting was reminded that since the original suggestion to install a full height fence or railings, which had been rejected by Council Officers, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) had been invited to inspect and assess the need.


It was reported that RoSPA had suggested the installation of a knee-high railing as a compromise which would prevent the conflict with cyclists using the adjacent path.


Finance had been set aside for the provision and the Ward Community Grant application would be considered later in the meeting.


Plans of the proposed knee-high railing were circulated and the meeting confirmed the view that the compromise position would be acceptable.




Councillors are reminded that they will need to declare any interest they may have in the budget applications.



The following applications have been received for consideration:



Application 1           (2262)


Applicant:      LCC


Amount:         £1,100


Summary:      Fencing around rally park Play Area



Application 2           (2264)


Applicant:      Woodgate Adventure Playground


Amount:         £4,300


Summary:      Proposed installation of safety Railings around the sports pitch



Application 3           (2265)


Applicant:      Leicester All Nations Church


Amount:         £1,918


Summary:      Debt Counselling Service



Application 4           (2266)


Applicant:      Maya Group


Amount:         £2,484


Summary:      Well-Being Project






The Member Support Officer presented the latest position with regard to the Ward Community Budget.



The following applications for Ward Community Funding had been received for consideration and were determined as indicated:



Application 1           (2262)


Applicant:      Leicester City Council


Amount:         £800


Summary:      Fencing around Rally Park Play Area.



                        that the application be supported in the sum of £800.



Application 2           (2264)


Applicant:      Woodgate Adventure Playground


Amount:         £4,300


Summary:      Proposed installation of safety Railings around the sports pitch



that the application be supported in principle, with the adventure playground being requested to contribute, the final amount of the support offered to be determined by Councillors at a later date.



Application 3           (2268)


Applicant:      Woodgate Adventure Playground


Amount:         £1,632


Summary:      Update to security system following burglaries from the stores.



that the application be supported.



Application 4           (2265)


Applicant:      Leicester All Nations Church


Amount:         £1,918


Summary:      Debt Counselling Service



                        that the application be supported in the sum of £1,918.



Application 5           (2266)


Applicant:      Maya Group


Amount:         £2,484


Summary:      Well-Being Project



that the application be supported, subject to issues concerning the meeting place of the Group being resolved.







It was reported that 500 leaflets had been distributed within the Ward, which included advertisement of future Ward Community meetings.  It was confirmed that a list of the streets which had received the leaflets could be supplied.


B)       BIG LUNCH


Martin Gage (All Saints Church) reported on the success of the event which had been funded from a surplus from the funds received for the Jubilee Lunch event.


He reported that a further ‘Big Lunch’ follow up event would be held on 1 June 2014




It was reported that a Christmas Carol Service would be held at the Adventure Playground on 12 December 2103, commencing at 6.30 pm.  Promotional leaflets were circulated.




Sharon Bromley reported on the success of the above event which had been supported by a Ward Community Grant.  It was noted that over 400 people had safely enjoyed the event.




It was requested that a future meeting be held at the Buckminster Road Baptist Church.  It was confirmed that this could be investigated, although it was reported the next meeting had already been agreed and booked as detailed below:


19 February 2014 -  Newfoundpool Neighbourhood Centre.




Geoff Forse (Woodgate Resource Centre) referred to the CCTV improvements at the centre which were now operational following the receipt of Ward Community Grant funding.


He also reported on the progress concerning the music development scheme and the environmental improvements concerning the painting and planting of the concrete planters adjacent to the former Premier Screws site.


It was also reported that the Arts Council had regrettably decided not to support the initiative to install informative hoardings along Woodgate.




It was noted that the sports pitches at the Fosse Recreation Ground were to have floodlights installed.  Although recognising that this would have an impact on residents, it was clarified that the Fosse Recreation Ground was located in the Westcotes ward.





The meeting closed at 7.30pm.