Agenda and minutes

Fosse Community Meeting - Wednesday, 18 March 2015 6:00 pm

Venue: Woodgate Resource Centre, 36 Woodgate, Leicester LE3 5GE

Contact: Jason Tyler, tel: 0116 454 6359 (ext 37 6359) 

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Cassidy, as Chair of the meeting, welcome everyone and led introductions


The meeting heard that this would be Councillor Waddington’s last meeting in the Fosse Ward, as she would be standing as a councillor for Beaumont Leys in the forthcoming election. Councillor Waddington thanked everyone who had worked with the council in the ward  over the last few years.


ACTION LOG pdf icon PDF 67 KB

The Action Log of the previous meeting held on 3 December 2014 is attached for information and discussion.


All to note:


In relation to Item 33 of the Action Log, which referred to the withdrawal of a planning application for a hostel, there had been a planning application for a house in Bonchurch Street to be converted into bedsits. Councillors had attended a site meeting and had spoken against the application at the Planning Committee. However, planning officers had advised that there were no planning grounds to refuse the application.


The application had therefore been approved, but Councillors suggested that it would be useful to keep an eye on the property and to work with the developers to ensure that it was managed properly.



Officers will provide an update on the Waterside Regeneration Project consultation.


David Beale, Development Manager, provided an update on the Waterside Regeneration Project. The meeting was asked to note:


  • A consultation had taken place on the Supplementary Planning Document. The consultation was now closed and the responses were being studied. However it could be seen that 90% of the people who responded supported the proposals. There would be a further consultation on more detailed proposals.


  • An outline planning application was currently being progressed in the area around Soar Island. This would be for housing and a small scale office development.


  • Efforts were continuing to tidy up and de-clutter the area.


  • A resident asked whether regular updates could be made available for residents, so that they could see what was happening and also submit ideas. David responded that a website would be developed as the regeneration progressed. In the meantime, meetings and special events were being held and people could also use twitter to submit any comments.


  • The council were working closely with other agencies, including the Environment Agency with whom they were working on flood defences.



To discuss parking enforcement in Tudor Road


Ed Kocik, Traffic Operations and Chris Middleton, Transport Development Officer, led a discussion relating to parking and traffic issues on Tudor Road:


They confirmed that parking enforcement was carried out on Tudor Road.


Attendees raised concerns as follows:


  • Commuters parked on Tudor Road and walked into town. Residents were given parking tickets because they were unable to park on Tudor Road.


  • The traffic was a serious problem, through both volume and speed.


  • There were concerns that there would be a serious accident.


  • Residents sometimes had to park their vehicle up to 30/40 houses away from their home.


  • Fosse Road Central had a Residents’ Parking Scheme, so why can’t there be one in Tudor Road?


Officers explained that the Residents’ Parking Scheme in Fosse Road Central was requested by residents, following a consultation. The council had limited resources; certain criteria would need to be met, and there would need to be pressure from residents and ward members.


It was noted that a petition had been organised in respect of the Residents’ Parking Scheme in Fosse Road Central and two attendees at the meeting offered to organise a petition for Tudor Road. Comments were also raised that a Residents’ Parking Scheme was needed for Woodgate as the new scheme in Westcotes had pushed the parking problem into the Fosse Ward.


  • Concerns were also expressed that the development at the old Empire Public House was supposed to have had changes to the road layout, but these did not appear to have been implemented.


Action: Ed to contact the relevant Planning Officers with this concern.


Concerns were also expressed about ‘rat-running’ on Tudor Road and it was questioned whether the road could be made one-way. Officers explained that Tudor Road served the whole area, so this would be a major scheme.


The Police informed the meeting that a lorry had got stuck on Tudor Road and it was queried whether a road sign could be erected to warn long vehicles not to enter the road.


Action: Ed to investigate this further.



Officers from Leicestershire Police will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in the Ward.


Police Officers provided an update on local policing issues. Attendees were asked to note:


·         Police Officers were planning to spend the next two weeks tackling vehicle thefts and nuisance from motor bikes. This work would include prevention and enforcement.


·         There was a problem solving plan in Ivanhoe Street; the Police were working with the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit.


·         Street patch walks had been carried out with Richard, the City Warden. Any issues discovered which were not within their remit, were referred as appropriate.


·         A change in the organisation had resulted in a neighbourhood policing team which could focus more on residents’ concerns and respond directly to them. This change was receiving good feedback from residents.


·         The police also had a new role involving the management of offenders.  This involved being more pro-active when offenders were released from a custodial sentence.


An attendee stated that had seen a notice at Westcotes Library advising that ‘D’ locks were out of stock. 


Action: Louise Lavelle, Community Safety Team, to report this to the appropriate officers in the council.



The City Warden will give an update on issues in the Ward.


The City Warden provided an update on issues that he had been dealing with in the Fosse Ward.. Attendees were asked to note:


·         There was a new initiative called ‘Dish the Dirt’ which sought help from members of the community in tackling dog fouling. Information such as times, when dog fouling occurred, locations and descriptions of dogs were requested. Peer pressure was effective and residents who wanted to walk around with the warden, would be welcome.


·         Attendees were informed of the ‘One Clean Leicester’ App. People could use the App to take photographs of issues or concerns, and by selecting a category, the photograph and the location would be sent to the correct service area in the council.   Cards with information on how to download the App were available for attendees to take home.



Councillors are reminded that under the Council’s Code of Conduct they should declare any interest they may have in budget applications





To receive feedback from previous recipients of Ward community funding.




To consider any applications received for Ward community funding.


Feedback was received relating to previous funding applications as follows:


Emergency Fund for Christians Against Poverty: Joe Shrigley


Work was ongoing by this organisation to help people in poverty, but the money already received for the emergency fund, had not yet been spent. The organisation requested a further six months in order to utilise the fund and this was agreed.


They asked members of the community to let them know of any people who were in dire need.


Alleyway Improvements: Community Safety Team and City Wardens


£3000 had been received to erect gates in alleyways. Most of these were in the Newfoundpool area of the ward, and the work had resulted in a vast improvement. It was planned to continue this project in other areas of the ward in the new financial year. Attendees were asked to let Louise Lavelle in the Community Safety Team, know of any issues in alley ways that were causing concern.


Christmas Pantomine Trip: Woodgate Adventure Playground


£860 had been received to take 50 children to the Christmas pantomime. The funding received was very much appreciated and the meeting was thanked for the support given.


Woodgate Residents’ Association


Thanks were given to the councillors and the community for the help and support that the association had received over the past four years.



The following applications were submitted and determined as indicated:


Ref: 5070. Leicester Playfair – applicant Stephen Ashley

£1500 requested from the Fosse Ward,


This was a joint application between Fosse, New Parks and Western Park Wards. The meeting was advised that the application had already been supported by New Parks and Western Park.


Members agreed to support this application to the application to the value of £1500


Ref: 5079. Maya Wellbeing Group – applicant Hema Lala

£650 requested from the Fosse Ward.


This was a joint bid between Fosse and New Parks Wards.


Members agreed to support the application to the value of £595


Ref: 1388. Floodlit Street Briefings   PS 315 Chris Brown and PC 1970 Andy Goadby

£500 requested from the Fosse Ward.


Members agreed to support the bid to the value of £450


It was suggested that the TV screens in Doctors’ Surgeries might also be used for police information briefings.


Action: The Neighbourhood Development Manager and Community Engagement Officer to process the payments.


The meeting was also asked to note that the following funding applications had been fast tracked:


Arty Craft Neighbours - £407.60

Woodgates Residents Association Brightening Woodgate - £500

Community Consultation Day - £400

Together Better - £500




The meeting closed at 7.30pm.