Agenda and minutes

Fosse Community Meeting - Thursday, 10 November 2016 6:00 pm

Venue: Fosse Library, Mantle Road, Leicester LE3 5HG

Contact: Anita Clarke, Community Engagement Officer, (Tel: 0116 454 6576 (Email:  Jason Tyler, Democratic Support Officer (Tel: 0116 454 6359) (Email:

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Cassidy took the Chair and welcomed everyone present.



ACTION LOG pdf icon PDF 79 KB

The Action Log of the previous meeting held on 21 July 2016 is attached for information and discussion.


The Action Log of the previous meeting held on 21 July 2016 was confirmed as a correct record.


The Chair advised that an update would be given on the Waterside Regeneration Project.





David Beale (Senior Project Manager) provided an update on the Waterside Regeneration Project.


David gave a presentation outlining the current situation of the project (PowerPoint slides attached) and advised that the making of a Compulsory Purchase Order to secure areas of land, that would allow the development of the project to progress, was expected in the very near future.


In respect of Phase 1 of the project it was noted that 5,500 sq. m. of new office space had been secured which could provide around 400 jobs, with supporting housing, retail and leisure development.


In terms of land ownership, it was confirmed that approximately 75% of the proposed redevelopment area was now owned by the City Council and the reasons for continued Compulsory Purchase Order opportunities were explained, principally to allow for suitable regeneration and an appropriate mix of uses.


The proposed housing element of the regeneration project was highlighted, it being noted that a mix of houses, apartments and affordable units would be provided.  A total of 335 new homes were to be created with an emphasis on good design, adequate space, and sustainability.  The associated office and workspace proposals were also described.


It was further reported that the proposals would reunite the city with the waterways and opportunities for appropriate retail uses were noted, including waterside restaurants, bars and cafés.  The proposals for the Soar Island area demonstrated potential for an innovative approach to improved access to the waterside and to improve connectivity between the redevelopment area and the city.


In concluding the presentation, David referred to the following expected timescales:

             November 2016 – Making of the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO)

             December 2016 – Development Agreement signed

             Detailed Design and Consultation Period

             May 2017 – CPO Inquiry

             Autumn 2017 – Order confirmed and site obtained

             2018 – site preparation works

             Mid 2018 onwards – construction of first homes and offices


David was thanked for his presentation.


In discussing the proposals, reference was made to the need to ensure that the new housing would be affordable for local people.  The details of the Supplementary Planning Guidance Note which had been made available to developers were explained (available under the following link):


It was noted that a minimum of 15% affordable homes would be provided as part of the redevelopment scheme.  In this regard it was reported that initial negotiations with a prospective developer had suggested that an extra care facility could be provided.


In respect of traffic and transport issues, concern was expressed by some residents that the numbers of new homes would lead to a significant rise in congestion.  This argument was countered with an explanation that all homes would have dedicated parking areas and that there would be a significant reduction on vehicles, including heavy goods vehicles, following relocation of the businesses in the vicinity.


Having regard to the additional family homes being proposed, it was confirmed that schools provision was being discussed with colleagues in the Council, as  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11a



Highways officers will give an update on highways issues in the Ward.


Simon White (Team Leader, Travel Planning and Development Coordinator) gave an update on highways issues in the Ward.


a)     Waterside:


Arising from the discussion earlier in the meeting concerning the Waterside Regeneration Scheme, an explanation of the work of the Highways Division in respect of the planning process was given.  It was noted that likely traffic implications of planning applications were considered in detail and advice was given to the Planning Division on likely impacts of proposed developments.


It was confirmed that a fully built up scenario was predicted, involving the numbers of units and types of uses proposed for vacant plots, which led to improvements to the highway infrastructure, such as that recently seen in New Parks, Groby Road and Glenfield.


With regard to the Waterside scheme specifically, it was also reported that alterations to the highway and improved signage to promote the use of the A6 corridor had been proposed to alleviate through-traffic on the A50 into the city. 


b)     20mph Zones and Traffic Calming


Arising from the previous meeting it was noted that Brading Road had been identified for inclusion on the priority list for a 20mph zone, involving traffic calming measures.


It was reported that the Fosse Primary School 20mph Zone had been completed and had come into force on 21 October 2016.  Issues arising from the installation of the cushions were reported and would be investigated.  It was expected that some works had been delayed due to vehicles obstructing the carriageway where speed cushions were to be installed.


c)     Residents Parking


In response to questions it was confirmed that Residents Parking Schemes in the Tudor Road and Woodgate areas could be considered.  It was noted that consultation relied on letters being distributed with plans of any proposals for residents to comment.  Details would also be included on the ‘consultation hub’ of the Council’s website.  It was confirmed that the Council’s literature included advice on receiving information in different languages.


d)     Enforcement


The issues concerning residents parking schemes and wider enforcement were discussed, and it was noted that the Enforcement Team issued Fixed Penalty Notices.  In respect of the fees paid for parking permits it was clarified that the fee was set an affordable level to cover administration costs and that the Council did not operate schemes to achieve a profit.  It was also reported that in some areas, permits were restricted to one per household.




e)     Aldi


Meetings had been held with the Mangers of the Aldi Store, Woodgate, to improve the situation and signage concerning illegal right turns from the premises.


f)     Dropped Kerbs


It was reported that some dropped kerb locations had become raised and dangerous to wheelchair users, together with poor road surfacing.  Vernon Street was given as an example of where the road surface had become eroded. It was also noted that some sections of the towpath adjacent to the canal had become dangerous.


Officers agreed to investigate the problems reported.



Officers from Leicestershire Police will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in the Ward.


Officers from Leicestershire Police were present to provide an update on police issues in the Ward.


PC Alex Baxter and PCSO Jake Dudman referred to the following key issues:


·      Rally Park - Motorbikes

It was noted that the problems concerning youngsters riding motorbikes in through the Rally Park and the wider vicinity had reduced since recent introduction of a youth project in the area. 


·      Tudor Gardens

In respect of previous reports of anti-social behaviour at Tudor Gardens, it was reported that the installation of a CCTV camera had been a significant deterrent.  A recent initiative to close some gates had also reduced problems.  The multi-agency approach to reduce problems was continuing.


·      Street Play

It was reported that neighbour complaints of noise and nuisance disturbance had recently been investigated in the Ward, due to an increase in numbers of children playing in the streets away from the Adventure Playground, parks and other open spaces.


·      Woodgate Resource Centre – Bench

Misuse of the public bench situated outside the Woodgate Resource Centre was reported, and details were noted by Officers.


The Chair thanked Alex and Jake for their report and update.




The City Warden will give an update on issues in the Ward.


The Chair introduced Charlotte Williams-Glover (City Warden). It was noted that Charlotte had been a member of the Wardens’ Service for seven years, and had recently been allocated the Fosse ward as part of her duties.  Charlotte gave an update on the following environmental and enforcement issues:


·      Bins on Streets

A process had begun to reduce the numbers of bins being left on streets, it being noted that bins left out following collection caused an obstruction.


In response to questions it as accepted that the refuse collection operatives often left the bins in an unorderly situation, and if more time was allowed for their duties, they may assist the situation in leaving bins appropriately placed back outside each property.


·      Fly Tipping

It was confirmed that Community Protection Notices had been issued to reduce the number of fly tips as the principal offenders had been identified.


·      Dog fouling

It was reported in response to questions that the City Warden’s powers had been reduced in respect of dog fouling.  It was considered that enforcement in the Ward should be extended, rather than diminished and alternative methods of reducing the problems were discussed, including potential use of Community Protection Notices.


·      Love Leicester app.

The use of the LoveLeicester mobile app was pronmoted to report problems.


The Chair thanked Charlotte for her report and update.



Councillors are reminded that under the Council’s Code of Conduct they should declare any interest they may have in budget applications


An update will be given on the Ward Community budget with details of applications submitted.



The Community Engagement Officer updated the meeting on the Ward Community Budget.


a)         Applications received:

It was reported that 3 applications had been received since the previous meeting.


2 applications had been supported:

·      Parks Services

·      Community Safety Team


1 application had not been supported

·      The Banks Care Home – Xmas Party


b)        Remaining Budget:

The Community Engagement Officer reported that £12,210 remained in the budget for the financial year. 


Applications were encouraged and it was noted that previous consideration of the fencing at Rally Park may be resurrected.  Councillor Cassidy referred to the intervention of RoSPA during the previous discussions, which had led to the application being withdrawn.



Feedback will be provided from previous recipients of Ward Community grant funding in respect of their events and activities.




The Community Engagement Officer commented that feedback would be provided from previous recipients of Ward Community grant funding in respect of their events and activities.


Louise Ravel (Community Safety Team) provided an update on the work undertaken at Tudor Gardens and further work undertaken and expected at Rally Park to increase security and the environment generally.  The work involved the temporary installation of the mobile CCTV camera as previously reported, improved security fencing, and the clearance of the area and removal of shrubs by Parks Services.




The meeting closed at 8.00 pm.