Agenda and minutes

Fosse Community Meeting - Thursday, 13 February 2020 6:00 pm

Venue: Woodgate Resources Centre, 36 Woodgate, Leicester LE3 5GE

Contact: Anita Clarke, Community Engagement Officer, (Tel: 0116 454 6576) (Email:  Ed Brown, Democratic Support Officer (Tel: 0116 454 3833) (Email:

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


Apologies for absence will be noted.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Waddington as Chair led the introductions and welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Apologies were received from David Beale of Planning, Transport and Development and Vicki Chapman of Education Sufficiency and Admissions.  Both officers had submitted written updates.


No declarations were made.


ACTION LOG pdf icon PDF 1 MB

The Action Log for the last meeting, held on 7 November 2019, attached for information and discussion.


The Action Log of the previous meeting held 7 November 2019 was confirmed as a correct record.


The Clinical Commissioning Group had not been invited to the meeting; it was hoped that they would be invited to the next Ward Meeting.


With regard to the Groby Road bus lane, the outcome was yet to be determined, however Councillors had asked those responsible for the development that consideration happen at the same time as consideration of plans for Woodgate and Five Ways rather than piecemeal.




Councillor Waddington reported that:


·         The Rally Park would be improved with ‘106’ project money.  Landscape Development Manager Adrian Edge would book a consultation event at which public were welcome to discuss proposals for improvements.

·         Complaints had been received from residents on Groby Road, Anstey Lane and Buckminster Road aboud vehicles parking on grass verges and churning them up.  A walkabout by Councillors and Officers had been arranged for 20 February 2020 to look at the issue and consider options.

·         A new Councillors’ Surgery would be held at Fosse Primary School.

·         There would be consultations on the Local Plan in March 2020, plans were available on the Council website for residents to see what was proposed.  Councillors were planning to hold a special meeting on the issue in Fosse Ward with the relevant Officers.

·         Officers had reported that plans for residents parking on Woodgate and Tudor Road were in a position to move forward.  She welcomed suggestions on areas to be prioritised.

·         Councillor Waddington had suggested to Officers that City Self-Drive van hire company should lease a nearby carpark to free up the street.


Councillor Cassidy reported that:


·         Everything in the Local Plan needed to be deliverable and the next draft would be a consultation draft in which he intended to add proposals for greater restrictions on Houses of Multiple Occupation.

·         The plan for a road in the Rally Park was not in the Local Plan.

·         It was hoped that there would be stronger policies on massage parlours in certain areas of the city.



There will be an update on progress concerning Waterside Primary School.


Community Engagement Officer Anita Clarke read out a written update from Vicki Chapman on the Waterside Primary School (proposed name: Brook Mead Academy).  Points included:


·         The Department for Education (DfE) were undertaking site surveys which were projected to be competed around April/May.  Discussions on the Badgers’ Setts with Natural England were in progress which may delay timescales.

·         Once the surveys were complete the DfE would determine if the site was suitable.  If suitable, more rigid timescales for delivery would be considered.

·         A planning application was anticipated in 2021 with a proposed opening of 2023, subject to the suitability of the site.

·         The point of entry would not be determined until traffic modelling, studies and junction adjustments had been completed.


It was reported that Liz Kendall MP and the City Mayor were in discussion on the issue.


Questions were raised about pollution on the site, alternative sites and alternative uses for the site should the school not be built.  Action: Meeting between residents, the Academy Trust and the DfE to be arranged.  Community Engagement Officer to invite residents.


Councillor Cassidy reported that the government would pay for the school and since it was set to be the most expensive school in the country as things stood, other sites may be considered.




There will be an update on progress concerning the Waterside Development.


Anita Clarke read out a written update from David Beale on the Waterside Development.  Points included:


·         The Charles Street Buildings Great Central Square development was complete and open. The scheme comprised of a Novotel (with restaurant and bar) and serviced apart-hotel scheme by Adagio (150-new jobs). A Grade-A 34,000sqft office building which would provide space for around 300-new jobs. There was serious interest from businesses in the accommodation. The former Great Central Railway Station building was in the process of being converted to a bowling alley and mini-golf facility, which would open early-summer.

·         On Northgate Street the Council enabled scheme was due to see a start on-site with construction of the first office building to commence next month. The new office would be occupied by YU Energy, who were expanding from Nottingham and were appointing new staff in Leicester. The site would house 250-jobs, many of them new. Construction of the homes would start in early-summer.

·         Council officers were in an ongoing dialogue with the owners of the Repton Street sites (former Chamberlin Castings, Harrison Dyers and Charlesworth Finishers), and the Environment Agency. A further update on this site would be available for the next community meeting. The issue was that the sites had a major flood constraint and it was proving difficult to come up with an acceptable solution to solve this and therefore allow redevelopment. Talks with all parties continued but as yet there was no solution/plan to report.  Action: David Beale to inform Councillors and CEO of any changes.


Questions were raised about flood risks and other environmental issues such as increased carbon emissions as a result of the development.  Action: David Beal and a representative from the Environmental Agency to be invited to the next Ward Meeting to answer queries.







An update will be given on the Five-Ways Junction, Woodgate and Bus Lanes.


Highways Network Assistant Manager Rupert Bedder gave a general update on highways issues.  Points included:


·         With regard to an issue on crossings raised in the last meeting:

o   It was confirmed that the ‘green man’ can only face one way as directed by the Department for Transport.

o   Audible sound can only be emitted on a four-way junction if all lights are red, but rotating cones under the button were in place for the visually impaired.

·         Traffic calming was progressing on Brading Road and Medina Road.

·         The Wentworth Road 20mph zone was progressing and should be completed by early April.


A resident enquired about traffic calming on Stokes Drive.  Action: Rupert Bedder to enquire with team and feed-back through the Councillors.


Concern was raised about parking on streets causing single-lane traffic.  Action: Rupert Bedder to pass on to get double-yellow lines enforced.


A complaint was made that zig-zag lines outside Fosse Primary School were not being enforced.  Action: Rupert Bedder to get it monitored.


With regard to a complaint about cars driving the wrong-way down one-way streets, it was advised that this was a Police matter.


A request to made to get a yellow box on Fosse Road North re-painted.  Action: Rupert Bedder to feed back to team.



Major Transports Project manager John Dowson gave a report on Five Ways, Woodgate and Bus Lane issues.  Points included:


·         The team were keen to extend the speed-limit area on Groby Road and make it more distinctive in order to improve safety.  The installation of speed cameras would be a matter for the Police.

·         A consultation about the proposal for the bus lane had been held in September.  There had been a delay in reporting on it due to the General Election, but reports were now being made.  No decision had been made as yet.

·         A consultation on the design of Five-Ways junction had been made.  Consideration of other works and issues with funding had led to a delay.  It was hoped that funding and programming could be secured so that the project could be reported on later this year with regards to a timeframe of building.

·         The team were looking at Woodgate as a route into the City Centre as it needed addressing in the context of the Waterside development.

·         Residents were encouraged to email if they had any concerns.


With regard to concerns about potential congestion caused by bus and cycle lanes, Mr Dowson assured that it would be designed in such a way as to minimise congestion.


In response to a query from a resident, Mr Dowson suggested that a segregated cycle-lane down Woodgate was a distinct possibility as there was space and it fitted with the principles.


A large amount of litter was reported at the end of Woodgate.  Action: Councillors to monitor the issue.


Concern was raised about the problem of parking and access directly Groby Road Medical Centre. Mr Dowson assured that the facilities would be maintained.  Action: John Dowson to put assurance in writing.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 25.



Officers from Leicestershire Police will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in the Ward.


No Police were present and apologies were not received. Action: Councillor Waddington to email the Inspector to make sure this does not happen again.



The City Warden will give an update on issues in the Ward.


Team Manager (City Wardens) Barbara Whitcombe will present a report (attached) on the Fosse Ward Fly-Tipping Campaign.

Additional documents:


City Warden Charlotte Glover presented a report (attached) on the Fosse Ward Fly Tipping Campaign.


It was reported that the City Warden team had won a ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ award for Outstanding Service Delivery and was a runner-up in Waste Performance.


Fly tipping was reported on Hawthorn Street and Fosse Road North.  Action: Councillors and City Warden to do a walkabout in the area to see what needs doing and what can be done.


A query was made about how to report tipping without a computer.  The City Warden suggested reporting through the generic service line or through the Customer Service Centre at York House. Action: Community Engagement Officer to report the issue back to explore options.


A resident enquired as to why stickers were left on tips saying that it was an offence to tip, but the tips remained.  Christopher Nutting of City Cleansing reported that this helps cleansing to know which tips are being investigated and that tips under investigation were not cleared.  Action: Christopher Nutting to investigate as to why reports have not got through to him.


A resident enquired about the number of prosecutions made for fly tipping.  The City Warden asked them to take note that often fixed penalty notices were issued instead of prosecuting.  Action: City Warden to find figure and report back.



There will be an update on the Ward Community Budget.


Councillors are reminded that under the Council’s Code of Conduct they should declare any interest they may have in budget applications



Community Engagement Officer Anita Clarke reported that since the last Ward Meeting a total of seven applications had been supported totalling £7913.00.


The supported applications included:


·         Mutual Shoots podcast project.

·         Bright Sparks.

·         Woodgate Playground.

·         Hinckley Road Memorial.

·         Music Development Project.

·         Groby Road Allotments.

·         Candi Malone for a new playgroup in St Augustine’s Church.


The remainder of the budget was nil and the budget would be refreshed on 1st April 2020.


Lucy Peel of the ‘Living Together’ Oral History Project had received ward funding which had enabled them to talk to people in the Newfoundpool area who had lived there from the 1970s onwards, talking about living in the area through the years and into the present, and also looking to the future.


Chris Bradley of Groby Road Allotment Society reported that ward funding had helped pay for five projects including:


·         Sheds on Plots (five sheds built).

·         Kitchen facilities which had helped with open days and the Macmillan Coffee Morning.

·         Refurbishment of portaloos.

·         Scaffold netting.

·         Orchard and site screening.


Councillor Cassidy reported that ward funding for a permanent memorial to the Hinckley Road explosion would be matched by the Police.




Councillor Waddington reported that many EU Citizens in the Ward needed to register before the deadline if they wished to remain in the UK.  The Council had organised a seminar on how this should be addressed.  She urged anyone aware of people (especially vulnerable people) who may need to register that they should be directed to the ‘Migrant Help’ scheme which was paid for by the government.  There were surgeries for this on Charles Street and at York House on Granby Street.


A resident reported Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) including violence, drinking and drug use on the Rally Park and also that lights on the park were not working.  Action: Community Engagement Officer to report back to the Council on the broken lights, Councillor Waddington to raise ASB issues with the Police.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 7:42pm