Agenda and minutes

Castle Community Meeting - Tuesday, 21 November 2017 6:00 pm

Venue: Presentation Suite, Ground Floor, City Hall, 115 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1FZ

Contact: Angela Martin, Community Engagement Officer (Tel: 0116 454 6571) (Email:Angela  Jason Tyler, Democratic Support Officer, (Tel: 0116 454 6359) (Email:

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Myers took the Chair for the meeting and welcomed those present.





There were no apologies for absence.


ACTION LOG pdf icon PDF 119 KB

The Action Log of the previous meeting held on 25 July 2017 is attached for information and discussion.


The Action Log of the meeting held on 25 July 2017 was agreed.


Updates on Actions were notes as follows:


a)  DeMontfort Hall

It was noted that discussions had taken place with De Montfort Hall representatives concerning proposals to remove trees to allow for improved parking arrangements.  A coordinated approach had been suggested and additional proposals for the removal of mature trees at the University campus and others for cycle lanes at Victoria Park would also be considered.


Concern was also raised concerning the use of the area at the front of De Montfort Hall for parking, particularly when large concerts were being held and a significant number of coaches were parked.  The matter had been recognised by Councillors and discussions were ongoing with the Friends of Victoria Park and Friends of Clarendon Park groups.


b)  Knighton Library – Public Open Space

It was reported that the area at the rear of the Library was being misused and suggestions for better management of the area and its security would be forwarded the City Warden for attention.



There will be information and a discussion regarding Leicester University’s plan to develop the Freemans Common Campus.


Brita Sread, Director of Estates & Campus Services at the University of Leicester, was welcomed to the meeting.


Brita presented details of the University’s vision and upcoming proposed developments for the Brookfield School of Business, Percy Gee building, Space Centre Leicester, Public Realm and the Freemen’s Common Campus.


In respect of the Freemen’s Common Campus, it was noted that improvements to the design and layout would provide greater a new well–lit spine through the site (open to the public) and would improve connectivity between University Road and Putney Road, as well as connecting public transport services.  Improvements to the street corridor along Welford Road and Putney Road including the provision of off-road paths and cycle ways were also proposed, together with upgrades to pedestrian crossings.


Having regard to the discussion earlier in the meeting concerning a coordinated approach to tree removal/replanting, it was noted that the University were proposing to replace trees on a 2:1 basis.  The initiative to coordinate tree works and replacement with other works in the vicinity of the university was welcomed and encouraged.


The consultation exercise and publicity of the proposals were reported and it was confirmed that various events were being held to ensure maximum response.  The results of the events and consultation material received to date were summarised.


Brita was thanked for her presentation.


In discussing the proposals the following points were suggested, which would part of the response to the ongoing consultation exercise.


·         Size and massing of buildings may impact on the wider city roofline.  It was noted that as ‘plant and machinery’ areas on roofs were not considered as extra storeys to buildings, it was suggested that the overall height in metres of proposed buildings should be defined instead of the number of ‘storeys’

·         Improved pedestrian links were welcomed, particularly where enhanced cctv was to be provided

·         Further traffic lit crossing controls on Lancaster Road and University Road were suggested (problems at ‘Gate 2’ were an existing concern)

·         Support for on-site multi storey car parking, as this would reduce pressure on residential streets

·         Impact of the ‘leaflet’ delivery consultation should be reviewed

·         Adequate trees surveys should be undertaken to retain the important balance of mature trees, particularly on Welford Road.

·         Concern at the proposal to include bus routes in the shared space

·         Provision of adequate secure cycle parking was encouraged

·         Plans to protect the nature reserve and ecology work should be emphasised and promoted more widely


It was confirmed that the submission of a planning application for the proposals was expected before the end of the year.  A further consultation (by the City Council Planning Department) on the details of the planning application would commence once design proposals and a formal application had been received.






There will be an update on Highway and Transport issues in the Ward, including the Putney Road Scheme.


a)  Putney Road Scheme

John Dowson, Major Transport Projects Manager, displayed plans of a suggested scheme at Putney Road and described the ‘area of influence’ of traffic using the current road network in that vicinity.


A revised road layout involving amendments to the Aylestone Road/Saffron Lane junction and at Putney Road West was displayed.


A consultation on the suggested scheme was to be commenced in the near future.


Concern was expressed that the capacity of the proposed road layout would have a detrimental effect on existing flows, and that increased traffic movements along Victoria Park Road would result.  It was noted that these increased movements through the area had been encouraged as part of the suggested scheme.  Traffic surveys were encouraged as it appeared that evidence for the scheme was currently anecdotal.


It was noted that greater detail and modelling of the scheme would be undertaken as part of the consultation process.  It was suggested that this would show any unintended consequences of the scheme on other areas.


The Chair encouraged residents to respond to the consultation.


b)  Knighton Fields Road

John Dowson, Major Transport Projects Manager, referred to an experimental scheme arising from local safety concerns concerning the speed of vehicles entering a bridge at Knighton Fields Road.


It was noted that the experimental scheme had been successful and would now be implemented as a permanent solution.



The Police will give an update on issues within the Ward.


Insp Manjit Atwal updated the meeting with Police activities in the Ward.


It was noted that monthly updates were posted on the Police Website, and recent issues included the following key areas:


·         Shop thefts and pick-pocketing had increased, residents were asked to be vigilant, particularly at the Market Place areas and at the BR station

·         Cycle thefts had increased.  It was noted that the availability of D locks at Mansfield House HQ had been promoted

·         Burglary other than dwellings (shops and businesses) continued to be a concern, although recent arrests had been made

·         ‘Street life’ offences including drinking and aggressive begging were being proactively dealt with through liaison with partner agencies

·         St George’s Retail Park had been the victim of recent asb incidents and shops on the retail park were being supported by officers

·         King Street and New Walk had also seen an increase in asb.  Work was continuing with college and university representatives, including patch walks with other partners. 


In conclusion, it was noted that public confidence was particularly low and that liaison with the Friends of Victoria Park and Friends of Clarendon Park had been enhanced.


In response to questions, Inspector Atwal agreed to follow up a concern raised by a resident where significant levels of asb were being experienced at communal areas inside city centre flats.


It was also noted that the effectiveness of the 101 phone number had recently been questioned by residents, and examples and experiences of poor responses to calls were provided.


The update was noted.




The City Warden will give an update on enforcement issues within the Ward.


Harvey Roberts (City Warden) provided an update on environmental and enforcement activities including:


·         Alleyway clearance and security (both commercial and residential)

·         Fly tips (particularly at student areas)

·         Bins on streets


Harvey was thanked for his update.




Councillors are reminded that they will need to declare any interest they may have in budget applications.


There will be an update on the Ward Community Budget.


The Community Engagement Officer reported that 3 applications for Ward Community Funding had been received.  One had been supported and two were deferred pending further information.


Residents and representatives of community groups were encouraged to submit bids for funding for projects that would specifically benefit residents in the Ward.






a)  To Let Boards

An increase in To-Let boards was reported. 


It was noted that the Planning ‘Regulation 7’ Directive application to strengthen n the Council’s powers had been applied for and was currently being considered by Government.  An update would be submitted in due course.





The meeting closed at 8.00 pm.