Agenda and minutes

Eyres Monsell Community Meeting - Monday, 1 June 2009 6:00 pm

Venue: Eyres Monsell & Gilmorton Children's Centre, Hillsborough Road

No. Item




Councillors will elect a Chair for the meeting.


Councillor Palmer was appointed as Chair for the meeting.




No apologies were received from Councillors. Mr Kennedy wished for his apologies to be recorded.



The first main item on the programme is Declaration of Interest where Councillors have to say if there is anything in the programme they have a personal interest in. For example if a meeting was due to discuss a budget application put forward by a community group and one of the Councillors was a member of that group, they would not be able to take part in the decision on that budget application.


Councillors are asked to declare any interest they may have in the business on the agenda, and/or indicate that Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.


Councillors were asked to declare any interests they may have in the business on the agenda and/or declare if Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applied to them.


Councillor Palmer declared that he was a Board Member for the Special Olympics, and, as such, if the item on the Special Olympics discussed any financial matters, he would leave the room, as he would have a prejudicial interest in the matter.



The record of the Eyres Monsell Community Meeting, held on 26 February 2009 is attached and Councillors are asked to agree that it is correct.


The following amendments were requested to the record of the meeting held on 26 February 2009:


1)     Record item 29, “Ward Action Plan Update,” – it was to be noted that the developer would submit a planning application, not the Council.

2)     Record item 27, “Police Update,” – remove the word “Corporal” next to Jill Hilliard’s name; change “Safeway” to “Somerfield” under question 2.


The record was agreed as correct, subject to these amendments.




Jeff Miller, Service Director, Regeneration, Highways & Transportation, will give a presentation on the work of the Council’s Highways Team, and how they can address issues in the ward.


Jeff Miller, Service Director, Regeneration, Highways and Transportation, gave a presentation on highways issues in the City and the Eyres Monsell Ward.


He had identified what had been highlighted as main issues at previous community meetings. These included parking provision and obstruction, speeding and road safety, public transport, and condition of roads and footways. He explained how the work of the team fitted into main Council strategies and gave an indication of the extent of the work they were responsible for, including roads, footways, lights, traffic lights, highway trees and car parks.


Jeff explained how the team could help with the priorities identified. Parking could be dealt with by a possible parking scheme, verge hardening, laybys, enforcement and highway design. Ways of tackling speeding and safety included speed surveys, vehicle activated signs, safety cameras, traffic calming, pedestrian crossings and lower speed limits. It was noted that Leicester was the first city to roll out 20mph speed limits on residential roads. Making public transport more appealing and accessible was a priority; options included a new bus terminal, and looking into a tram service. Other measures were linking traffic signals, junction improvements, partnerships with bus companies, concessionary fares, Star Trak and park and ride.


Jeff stated that roads and footways in the city had been assessed as in fair condition. Work was ongoing to improve them. Highway inspections were being done, and the Council had introduced a rapid response team to deal with any dangers that were reported. There was also the Council’s winter service which gritted the roads. He reported that the frosts this winter had led to an increase in pot holes across the country. The Council would deal with any that were classed as a danger.


Discussion took place regarding parking problems. Some residents were in favour of introducing a residents’ parking scheme and Jeff said that if there was demand, a consultation could be carried out. Questions were raised about the details of such a scheme, and Jeff said that these would be tailored to the needs of the area. A permit would cost £25 per year. Jeff also pointed out that there was also funding available to create laybys or verge hardening, which would alleviate the problem of parking on grass verges. The meeting also discussed speeding traffic, and Jeff agreed to look into problem streets. A traffic impact team would assess Pasley Road, as this was identified as particularly bad by residents.


Other issues raised included the need to remove hedges on Hillsborough Rise and cyclists using the pavements with impunity, potholes (the locations of which were noted), and problems with lorries cutting the kerb outside the Co-Op


Residents were invited to raise further issues via the yellow evaluation sheets. Jeff agreed to look into these, and all the points raised during the meeting.


Councillor Palmer thanked Jeff for his presentation. Following an informal vote at the meeting, it was agreed that preliminary work would be done on consultation for a residents’ parking scheme.




Local police will give an update on policing issues in Eyres Monsell.


PCSO Hardip Dayal gave a presentation on the work of the Neighbourhood Policing Team in Eyres Monsell and Gilmorton. He also circulated the “Policing Pledge” – a leaflet setting out the principles on which the team worked.


Members of the public expressed their full support and thanks to the team, stating that they had done a very good job. Their achievement in addressing drug problems on Hillsborough Close was highlighted.


The following questions and comments were made, and answered by Hardip:


1)     Can we have more patrols around the Exchange during the school holidays?

Yes we will patrol as much as we can. Also tell us of any problems. We are trying to get funding for some schemes to keep young people occupied.

2)      We have problems with young people asking adults to buy cigarettes outside the Co-Op. I told the Co-op when I saw this. Is this the right thing to do?

Absolutely. I have also spoken to staff at the Co-Op about it and am working with them. If you see anyone being aggressive to staff, you can report this on their behalf if they are scared.

3)     I am being frightened by children knocking on my door and running away.

Call the police if you are frightened, or ask a neighbour to do it for you. However, it is difficult to address if they are running away straight after.

4)     Why do we have to keep a record of times we call the police about harassment?

Some times other police officers can attend who aren’t familiar with your situation. It helps them if you have this information available.


Councillor Palmer thanked police and residents for working hard in the area, and said that the Neighbourhood Policing Team was something for the area to be proud of.




An update will be given on progress with the Special Olympics, and how residents can get involved in volunteering.


Jim McCallum from Voluntary Action Leicester, gave a presentation regarding the upcoming Special Olympics in Leicester, which was a tremendous opportunity for Leicester, as host, to make it a memorable occasion for the athletes and families, and also to promote itself as a tourist location.


Jim said that several local venues were being used, including Aylestone Pool, Grace Road Cricket Ground, and Sir Jonathan North and Lancaster Schools. A programme of events was available on the Council’s website and would be publicised in the local press. It was to be televised by ITV.


He outlined the volunteering opportunities, explaining that training would be given, plus a ticket to the opening ceremony, cheap bus travel and free food. People could also buy tickets for the opening ceremony or spectate for free at the sporting events.


A local resident said that he had taken part in three previous Special Olympics and won medals for bowls. He said that it was a great feeling to take part, and was working to try to involve more people in this year’s event. The meeting congratulated him for his achievements.


Prior to the meeting discussing funding arrangements, Councillor Palmer left the room, due to a prejudicial interest, as he was a Board member for the Special Olympics.


The meeting discussed the issue of problems with fundraising, due to the recession, and it was noted that the Council was to fund any shortfall to ensure the games’ success.


Councillor Palmer returned to the meeting at the end of this discussion, and thanked Jim for his presentation and hoped that people would support the event.




Nicola Newman, Call Centre Manager explained the work of the Customer Contact Centre, which offered a friendly and efficient service on a range of issues. There were several centres across the city, the nearest being on Saffron Lane. The phone line was also available 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday (tel 2527000); Customer Services were also available on or by emailing, or writing a letter.


The Customer Contact Centre also had links with other agencies, such as Community Legal Advice, Police, Clockwise Credit Union, Welfare Rights Service, and benefits advice services.



Jerry Connolly, Member Support Officer, will give an update on current spend on the Community Meeting budgets, and will introduce any applications that have been received.


The following applications have been received and are attached to this agenda:


B1 - Catch22 Leicester prevention programme – Fit and Active Families

B2 - Eyres Monsell Allotment and Garden Society - Disabled Toilets for Allotment users

B3 – Act Up Young People’s Theatre Company Application 1 (Application to be joint funded with Freemen Community Meeting)

B4 - Act Up Young People’s Theatre Company Application 2 (Application to be joint funded with Freemen Community Meeting)


Councillors are reminded that they will need to declare any interest they may have in budget applications, and/or indicate that Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.

Additional documents:


Jerry Connolly, Member Support Officer, introduced applications for funding that had been received. He explained that application B2, disabled toilets for allotment users, was not within the ward, and therefore would be considered by the Aylestone Community Meeting. The other applications were discussed as follows:


Application B1 – Eyres Monsell Ministry of Food 2


It was noted that this application had been deferred at the last meeting for further information to be provided. Pauline Hinitt from Catch 22 gave a brief description of the programme, stating that it was based on Jamie Oliver’s “Ministry of Food” project to promote healthy eating and basic cooking skills. Jerry explained that the amount requested was to be funded 50/50 with Freemen Ward and the amount requested of Eyres Monsell was to be amended accordingly.


AGREED: that the Community Meeting recommends the approval of £405 from the Ward Community Cohesion Fund.


Applications B3 and B4 - Act Up Young People’s Theatre Company


Jenny Hoole from the Speakeasy Theatre Company gave a brief explanation of the aims and work of the group, stating that it offered performance opportunities for local young people. Among their activities, they were scheduled to perform at the Special Olympics opening ceremony. It was noted that the Freemen Ward was also being asked to share the funding of the applications. Following discussions to ensure that the money was to be spent appropriately, the following was agreed:


AGREED: that the Community Meeting recommends the approval of £1500 from the Ward Community Fund and £915 from the Community Cohesion Fund. This funding was also on the condition that the group holds a small performance at the next Community Meeting.




Councillors can raise any other items of business or local news.


A resident stated that she noted how well attended the Community Meeting was. She also welcomed the amount of feedback that was given by residents, compared to other meetings in the ward. She said that Eyres Monsell residents should be proud of the good job they were doing.



The next meeting will be on Wednesday 9 September 2009, venue to be confirmed.


The next meeting was to be held on Wednesday 9 September at 6pm, venue to be confirmed.




The meeting closed at 8.00pm.