Agenda and minutes

Eyres Monsell Community Meeting - Wednesday, 15 September 2010 5:00 pm

Venue: Eyres Monsell and Gilmorton Children's Centre. Hillsborough Road

Contact: Heather Kent 

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Councillors will appoint a Chair for the meeting.


Councillor Cleaver was appointed as Chair for the meeting.




No apologies were received.



The first main item on theagenda is Declarations of Interest where Councillors have to say if there is anything on the agenda they have a personal interest in. For example if a meeting was due to discuss a budget application put forward by a community group and one of the Councillors was a member of that group, they would not be able to take part in the decision on that budget application.


Councillors are asked to declare any interest they may have in the business on the agenda, and/or indicate that Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.



Councillors were asked to declare any interests they may have in the business on the agenda and/or declare if Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applied to them.


No declarations were received.



The minutes of the previous Eyres Monsell Community Meetings, held on 3 februaury 2010 and 9 June 2010, have been previously circulated, and Members are asked to confirm them as a correct record.


The minutes of the Eyres Monsell Community Meetings, held on 3 February and 9 June 2010, were agreed as a correct record.




Councillor Palmer noted the sad news following the bereavement of Jackie Davis and acknowledged, on behalf of the Community Meeting, the extensive work she had carried out. He stated it was important to reflect on her contribution to the Community Meeting and the wider community. The meeting were informed that at a suitable time the Council and Police intended to contact her family to discuss implementing something in the community to remember her by.



Members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team will give an update on work in the ward and current policing priorities.


The Community Meeting received two presentations from PC Moore, Welford Road Action Team, and PC Brennan, Local Neighbourhood Team.


PC Moore thanked the Community Meeting for funds received towards the running of their plain car. In total they raised £2,000 and had changed the car five times to prevent it being identified. He noted that the car had a big impact and had enabled them to implement a number of arrests.


The team were in the process of producing a DVD, which they would bring to a future meeting and hoped to seek further support.


PC Brennan gave an update on the police priorities over the last three months and their future intentions. He explained the Eyres Monsell Neighbourhood Policing Team consisted of the Neighbourhood Sergeant, four Police Constables and four Police Community Support Officers. The approach of the team was to have a police presence in the community.


High priority areas were Swinford Avenue and Howden Road for tackling anti-social behaviour. There had been successes on Swinford Avence, with a number of arrests; resulting in some individuals being banned from the area and from certain activities.


In addition PC Brennan reported that considerable work had taken place to education about the dangers of parking and speeding around schools. They had worked with a local school to tackle this problem. He requested that everyone drive as safely as possible.


PC Brennan requested that local people fill in the query forms if appropriate.


A member of the public raised concerns regarding cars for sale parked on the highway. He noted that serious accidents could occur when vehicles blocked the view to pedestrian crossings. Barbara Whitcombe, Team Manager (City Wardens), stated that this was the City Wardens responsibility and requested that they identify the location following the meeting.


A Member of the public raised concerns over a Council housing area, which had previously been considered a Hot Spot by the police. Local volunteers had worked to clean up the area in 2009, however there was now a lower police presence and the vegetation needed maintaining. Ian Stapleton, Area Manager, Housing Services, agreed that the work done was a credit to the volunteers and agreed to investigate. He added that the area was still policed, however the presence was reduced as it was no longer a hot spot.





A trial of a new recycling service will start in September 2010 in certain parts of the City. Officers will explain the new scheme and answer any questions.



Jenny Loran, Service Development Manager, introduced a trial recycling service. This was to run for six months (from September) within certain areas of the City, including the Saffron Lane area of Eyres Monsell.


It was explained that the benefits of the new service were the collection of an extended range of recyclables and that it was easier to understand. Items included in the new range were: mixed paper and cardboard (including magazines and windowed envelopes), household plastics (including, ice cream tubs, yogurt, cling film), mixed glass, aerosols, cartons, tins and drinks cans.


Every property in the trial area with a green box would be provided with a roll of orange sacks, leaflet and a sticker on the wheelie bin. These were easy to use with clear instruction on sacks. The orange sacks needed to be presented weekly alongside the wheelie bins by 7am on your collection day. It was important to place the bags out by this time as the collection times might vary.


The trial area consisted of approximately 6500 properties, which was 5% of the Leicester’s households. Other areas participating were, Evington, Belgrave and Braunstone Park and Rowley Fields.


Extensive work had been carried out to inform the relevant residents, including door stepping each property. This had proved successful at the first collection, which had a 10% increase in participation.


The Meeting was informed that at the end of the trial all the information would be collated to see if the service was suitable for the city. If it was shown to provide the best solution, whilst providing best value it would be expanded to the whole city.


Concern was raised that this system was previously in place using green bags for recycling. In response it was explained that in the last few years there had been a number of advances in technology. This had meant that waste could be sorted more effectively. The green bags had been hand sorted which was found to be very time consuming, the scheme then changed to the green box system where clean items were sorted at the kerbside and all residual waste was sent the Bursom Ball Mill for sorting. In contrast this trial had the added benefit that once the bags were placed in the lorry most of the processing was done mechanically, therefore reducing any risks to humans.


A member of the public queried where the recycling would be sent. Jenny stated it was currently all sent to Manchester where it would be treated and separated into individual materials for recycling.


In response to a question it was stated that any bags that were ripped open would either by re-bagged by the recycling crews or cleansing services would be informed. To prevent animals ripping the bags it was important to ensure all recyclable items were clean.


A member of the public asked if any of the materials were being sent to produce energy. It was noted that this was not the case. A present the Ball Mill produced  ...  view the full minutes text for item 21.



Julie Allen, Eyres Monsell and Gilmorton Children’s Centre Leader will explain the services on offer at the centre for children and families in the community.


Julie Allen, Head of the Eyres Monsell and Gilmorton Children’s Centre, explained to the Community Meeting the role of the centre in the community. She explained that the Sure Start Centre focused on working with parents and their children. Its aim was to enable parents to access a variety services through working with schools and health visitors.


The majority of children who used the centre were aged 0-5 years old, with a focus on preparing them for school education. Julie offered to provide information on activities to any local resident who had children or grandchildren in the area.


The meeting was informed that there was a range of free activities and services at the centre. An example was the book event on Saturday 11 September where 79 families where in attendance. The Chair announced that the event had been successful. In addition it was hoped the centre would deliver future services for older children and young people, with possible after school groups.



Anna Barradell, Play Co-Ordinator, will inform the meeting of play projects in Eyres Monsell.


Anna Barradell, Play Co-ordinator, informed the meeting of play projects funded through the Big Lottery within Eyres Monsell. There were two projects, the ongoing Play Rangers project and the building of a new play area.


It was explained that the Play Rangers were experienced Play Workers who were working with children and young people, aged between 8 and16 years old, on Parks and Open Spaces across Leicester. Staff held current CRB checks and were qualified in First Aid. They supported children and young people to participate in play opportunities and encourage the use of parks and open spaces. Equipment and materials for a whole range of different activities were provided. The sessions were free of charge and open access, therefore children and young people could turn up and leave at any point within the session.


The sessions would take place at Hillsborough Road Park and Featherstone Park,however officers were open to further suggestions, details of which could be taken following the meeting. The meeting discussed that sessions would be useful on Featherstone Park, as there were few play areas in the vicinity.


To promote the activities the team had worked with schools, distributing flyers and leaflets to children, young people and parents. In addition lunch time sessions were run at schools to advertise the service. Information had been submitted to ‘Monsell Mail’ to keep local residents informed about these sessions. Links had been made with the local police officers and would be continued.


The second project was for a new Play Area for Eyres Monsell in Hillsborough Road Park. This equipment would create a play area aimed at two to eight year olds to complement the equipment installed last year. Consultation had taken place with children and parents at Eyres Monsell Primary, Rolleston Primary, Samworth Enterprise Academy and Eyres Monsell Children’s Centre. Work on the site would start in October 2010.


In response to a question Anna explained that the play equipment was sited at the Saffron Lane end of the park. She noted that they were aware of the issues of flooding and that drainage was being addressed.



The Ward Councillors will give an update on issues and events in the ward.


The Chair gave an update on work carried out as a new councillor. She was a member of both the Health and Children and Young People Scrutiny Committees. She had visited the hospital and was pleased with the heart and stroke facilities.


The Chair announced the success of the Cops and Robbers Community Summer Fun day, which was a good opportunity for people to get involved. It was explained that the event was organised because the area was identified as a hot spot for anti-social behaviour and theft. Throughout the day reduced rate bike locks and etchings on bikes were provided. In addition free repairs on bikes were carried out. It was felt that the work done by the Eyres Monsell Events Committee should be recognised and noted.


The Community Meeting discussed the success of the Free Runners project over the summer. It was felt that the Lottery Funding had been worthwhile with many young children being taught by the older young people. In addition this had enabled that area of the park to be used. Councillor Palmer reminded the meeting of the free running and acrobatics that were displayed and noted that many people had attended the launch of the project. He added that the young people had been an inspiration and should be proud of what they had achieved. The Chair agreed to pass on the meetings thanks to the Free Runners.


Councillor Palmer announced that the planning application for the Exchange had been submitted. It was hoped that the scheme would be underway by the end of 2010. He explained that hard work had been carried out keeping the development focused. Ian Stapleton, Area Manager, explained that an abridged copy of the planning application would soon be displayed in the housing office and that more detail versions could be obtained from the planning department at New Walk Centre.


Councillor Palmer noted that the Travellers who moved onto the park were dealt with and moved on within twenty-four hours. He explained that Unit had been set up to deal with these types of issues. Residents expressed concern that the Travellers had access to the park, however were impressed by the speed of their removal.


Concern was expressed for the residents at Saffron Court retirement housing. The meeting learned that the private landlord was due to close the premises and the law did not offer protection to the residents. The Chair noted they were aware of the issue and would try to campaign to enable people in these private schemes to have more protection.



Councillors are reminded that they will need to declare any interest they may have in budget applications, and/or indicate that Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.


Jerry Connolly, Member Support Officer will present an update on the current spend on community meeting budgets and introduce applications that have been received.


Below is a summary of these applications and the current budget spend:



Saffron Community Enterprises Ltd


Wednesday Specials is a group of people with special needs, mostly learning difficulties, in some cases severe. The group started out as a group for young people but members value the group so much they do not want to leave.


The group offers emotional support and a unique opportunity for individuals who are very often unable to socialise, except with peers, a chance to relax and enjoy a social situation where they do not feel ‘watched’ or judged.


Funding is sought for 13 weeks, to sustain the group whilst alternative funding can be sought. As most of the members are now over the age where youth services will support them. Unlike most community groups, this group will never be able to stand alone, unsupported by workers. Needs of the group mean they will not be in a position to apply for and manage funding on their own behalf. 


Funding is being sought on the basis that around half the client group comes from each of the Freemen and Eyres Monsell wards.



Jarvis D’Souza


To provide equipment and cover other associated costs relating to an event on  Saturday 2nd October 2010, 10 am-4 pm, offering multi sports/fitness training/inductions and free sessions


















Bike locks

Joint Police and Neighbourhood Housing Officer




Fast tracked

EyresMonsell Primary School fund day

EyresMonsell Primary School PSA




Approved at June 10  WCM

Dog bins

Neighbourhood Housing Officer




Approved at June 10  WCM

Saffron Fete

Saffron Community Enterprises




Approved at June 10  WCM

Cops and Robbers

Tenancy Services Officer




Approved at June 10  WCM

Parkour Park launch

Anna Parr




Fast tracked

Community garden

Sue Green




Fast tracked









Rosanna Coxon, Eyres Monsell Primary School, thanked the Community Meeting for the funding provided to their event. The money had enabled them to hold additional activities and raised £1,400 from the event towards their playground environment.


The following applications were considered:


Wednesday Specials                                                         £630

It was suggested that future funding could be sought through the support package.

AGREED: that the meeting supports the provision of £630 from the Ward

                  Action Plan.


Southfield Fitness Suit Anniversary/ Celebrations              £250

AGREED: that the meeting supports the provision of £250 from the Ward

      Community Fund




Samworth Enterprise Academy

A representative from the Samworth Enterprise Academy announced that there was a programme of after school activities and adult courses available. The after school activities were also open to children from other schools. Further information was available at the meeting.


Keep Britain Tidy

The City Wardens announced that the Keep Britain Tidy National Dog Fouling Campaign would launch on 20 September. The aim was to step up enforcement within the local area, raise awareness, and achieve a 25% reduction in the amount of irresponsibly disposed of dog bags and dog mess on the ground. It was reported that a two year old had been playing in a recreational area and unfortunately contracted a serious eye infection from rubbing dog mess in her eye and faced losing her sight. It was requested that any witnessed incidents of dog fowling were reported to enable to team to target specific areas at the correct time. In addition to raise awareness an officer would be dressed up as ‘Stink-a-bell’ The Community Meeting welcomed the campaign and emphasised the importance of responsible dog ownership.


Next Meeting                                                                  

It was noted that the next meeting would take place on 15 December 2010.




The meeting closed at 6.45pm.