Agenda and minutes

Westcotes Community Meeting - Tuesday, 25 March 2014 7:00 pm

Venue: East West Community Project, Wilberforce Road

Contact: Elaine Baker, tel: 0116 454 6355 / ext 37 6355 

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Connelly in the Chair.  Councillor Russell also present.

Everyone welcomed and introductions given.

No interests were declared.



The action log from the meeting held on 21st January 2014 has been circulated


·           21/13 – the CCTV camera was due to be installed soon

·           30/13 – the expansion of St Mary’s Infant School had been approved. Consultation would be held on the design of the buildings required

·           31/13 – the planning application for 20 Westcotes Drive to become a house in multiple occupation had been refused.

There was a dispute with the planning application for the Bradgate old people’s home, so a decision had not been made on that application. Fly tipped rubbish had been removed from the site and the area fenced off. The Council’s Empty Homes Team was trying to establish the owner’s intentions for the site.

The development of Albion House had been approved, before the Council’s moratorium on such developments.

·         35/13 – Residents had now received orange recycling bags, but Ward Members to look in to complaints about how they were delivered.

Representatives from the Castle Classic bike race to be invited to the next meeting to provide information on how the event will be organised.

A local charitable organisation had been told that it would have to pay if it wanted a stall at the Riverside Festival.  Ward Councillors to look into this.



To discuss a proposal for patch walks.


For the next meeting (date to be arranged) residents to meet at 6.00 pm at the East West Community Project and walk around the area discussing issues raised and then return to the centre at 7.00 pm to continue the meeting.



Information will be provided on Healthy Homes.


All to note that:

·           This was about a project in Liverpool which helped to improve the quality of life for residents living in social and private rented accommodation, (for example, providing insulation that would reduce energy bills and considering other smaller things that could help).

Leicester City Council will be undertaking a pilot of this scheme and Westcotes has been chosen to be a part of the pilot. Stuart Street, Bruce Street and Knowle Street will be the initial area covered.

·         Consideration was being given to how information could be gathered on how the Council could identify areas where it or other agencies could help.

·         Information gathered would not be passed to non- participating organisations.

Residents to let family members and friends know about the scheme and encourage them to participate.



An update on planning and development issues in the Westcotes Ward not covered elsewhere on the agenda will be given at the meeting.


All to note that:

·           The developer for the Evesham Road site had been invited to a Westcotes Community Meeting.  They had now submitted an online application, so Ward Councillors would try to get them to come to a future meeting, as this is a major development.

·           An application had been submitted to redevelop 2A Westcotes Drive. This appeared to include some residential accommodation.

·           Leicester City Football Club has submitted a planning application to remove conditions prohibiting use of its ground as a concert venue.



The City Warden will give an update on issues in the Westcotes Ward.


All to note that:

·           A new bins on streets project has recently started, which has resulted in 78 bins being removed from the street. Residents have been very compliant and only 13 properties have been issued with legal notices and no Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued

·           Since the City Warden Service has acquired powers to deal with rubbish in alleyways, they have worked with residents and landlords to have 7 alleyways and 13 gardens cleared within the Ward.

·           Wardens advised that there was still a problem with fly tipping and dog fouling in the Ward.

·           Spitting could now be dealt with as a littering offence

·           Residents can request a bulk collection and there is also a scheme where items of furniture are donated to people who are in need and are receiving certain types of benefits.

·           Residents can buy in to a green waste collection service for £20.00 a year if paid before 1 April 2014 and £30.00 after that. This waste will be collected once a fortnight between March and October.

·           Ward councillors to contact Tesco on Western Boulevard to see what action can be taken to stop the bike racks there being used for trolley parking.



Officers from Leicestershire Police will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in Westcotes Ward.


All to note that:

·         PCSO Luke Westell provided an update on police issues in the Ward.

·         There have been 15 burglaries in the last month

·         Funding is available for alley gates. Residents invited to suggest locations for these.

·         There have been 3 thefts from persons – cyclists snatching mobile phones.

·         14 cycles have been stolen

·         The Police are encouraging as many people as possible to register their bikes and mobile phones on the Immobilise web site.

·         D Locks are being sold by library and the Police.

·         City Watch includes Sainsbury’s and the Co-op. PCSOs will be issued with radios, so that they are included in the scheme.

·         The Police are working with businesses selling second hand goods, to try to identify stolen items being offered for sale.

There was a serious incident recently at the library and it took over 15 minutes for the police to arrive, which was unacceptable.  Ward Councillors to contact the Police call centre to find out the reason for this delay.

The Police agreed that they will visit the library more often.



Councillors are reminded that under the Council’s Code of Conduct they should declare any interest they may have in budget applications


a)     An update will be given on the Ward Community budget; and


b)     A list of grant applications submitted for consideration at this meeting is attached.


Name of Proposal: Storage Space and battery

Applicant: Adrian Ablett

Amount requested: £660.00

Amount supported: £660.00


Name of Proposal: Urban Music Festival on Braunstone Gate

Applicant: 2Funky Arts

Amount requested: £500.00

Amount supported: £500.00


Name of Proposal:  City Farm

Applicant: Fullhurst Community College. Joint bid with Braunstone Park & RF

Amount requested: £1,697.00

Amount supported: £0, due to concerns about animal welfare, but the College to be invited to resubmit an application for the growing elements of the project.


Name of Proposal: Bike Racks: Hinckley Road, adjacent to Police Station

Applicant: Leicester City Council

Amount requested: £1,000.00

Amount supported: £1,000.00


Name of Proposal:  Westival

Applicant: West End Association

Amount requested: £1,000.00

amount supported: £1,000.00


Name of Proposal: Off the Fence Theatre Company CIC

Applicant: Upstairs at the Western – Phase 2 Development

Applicant requested: £2,000.00

Amount supported: £2,000.00


Name of Proposal:  Riverside Festival

Applicant: Leicester City Council Events Team

Amount requested: £1,500.00

Amount supported: £1,500.00




All to note that:

·         The wool used for last year’s Yarn Bomb has been used to make hats, which have been donated to food banks for distribution, and knitted in to squares, which have been donated to craft groups to make blankets for donation in this country and abroad.

·         Changes from Section 106 funding to a Community Infrastructure levy will give more freedom on how this money can be spent, but could still only be spent on infrastructure projects.

·         A trial using student wardens in the city centre would be monitored to see if it would work in this Ward.

·         Transforming Neighbourhood Services will be looking at the use made of all community buildings to save 30% of costs. Further information will be made available in the Ward shortly, or online at 

·         The Boundary Commission is looking at Ward boundaries in Leicester.  Proposals for new Ward boundaries are going out for consultation.  Further information on this is available online. 

·         Residents invited to contact the new Community Engagement Officer, Harsha Patel, if they want to volunteer in the community in any way.

·         The consultation on the creation of a trim trail from Bede Park to Upperton Road is under way.

·         The Landscape Development Manager to speak to residents in Tarragon Road to determine what the equipment removed from Bede Park can be replaced with.

·         The Landscape Development Manager to be asked to attend the next meeting to advise on progress with acquiring the land on the edge of Bede Park owned by Everards.

·         Residents to advise Ward Councillors of damage to road bollards so that repair times can be monitored.