Agenda and minutes

Thurncourt Community Meeting - Tuesday, 5 July 2022 6:00 pm

Venue: Thurnby Lodge Community Centre, Thurncourt Road, Leicester, LE5 2NG

Contact: Angela Martin Ward Community Engagement Officer (tel: 0116 454 6571) (email: 

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Aldred as Chair, led on introductions.


There were no  apologies for absence.


ACTION LOG pdf icon PDF 127 KB

The Action Log of the Thurncourt Ward Community Meeting on 24 February 2020 is attached for information.


It was noted that the consultation for the crossing on Scraptoft Lane mentioned at the last meeting had now gone live.


The Action Log of the meeting of the Turncourt Ward Community meeting from 24 February 2020 was confirmed as correct.



Ward Councillors will provide an update on local ward matters.


As part of the Ward Councillors feedback, it was noted that:

·         The War Memorial had been installed on Willowbrrok Park on Remembrance Sunday

·         Casework with residents across the ward continued

·         Speed cushions for phase one had been installed on Thurncourt Road and phase two would see more speed cushions installed along the rest of Thurncourt Road

·         Road surfacing work completed on Scraptoft Lane

·         Safety bollards had been installed around various schools within the ward

·         Play area equipment had been installed

·         A six-week bootcamp along with football training had been supported throughout the summer

·         Food parcels through Christ Church had been supported

·         Jubilee celebration had been supported.



Officers from Leicestershire Fire and Rescue will be in attendance at the meeting and provide information.


Leicestershire Fire and Rescue were not in attendance.



Officers from Leicestershire Police will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in Thurncourt Ward.


The Chair suggested that the police update be brought forward on the agenda and took the opportunity to thank Officer Danny Burton from the local Beat Team for the continued support.


Inspector Yakub Ismail introduced himself and supporting officers to the residents and provided an overview of the team’s role and responsibilities. As part of the update, it was noted that:

·         The 2222222 number was being investigated for the extensive waiting times for residents using the number

·         Safeguarding concerns could be reported to the team which would be dealt with confidentially

·         Liaising with the police and the Housing Team could help resolve residential issues raised by the residents

·         ASB issues reported from a property on Kirkwall Crescent had now been resolved


Local residents took the opportunity to thank the local beat officer for his visibility on the ward.


Inspector Yakub Ismail was happy for his contact details to be shared with residents as a point of contact and that the LoveLeicester App was a good resource for reporting issues.





Housing officers will give an update on housing matters in the Ward.


Peter Ababio the new Neighbourhood Housing Team Leader introduced himself to the residents and provided an overview of his role.


It was noted that:

·         Additional parking had been installed on Stornway Road

·         Knee high railings had been installed along Thurncourt Road

·         Additional parking was proposed for Kermington Gardens


As part of the discussions with the local residents it was noted that:

·         Residents living in bungalows on Thurncourt Road, that shared communal gardens requested that fencing be erected to provide individual privacy

·         It was noted that residents were in agreement to have the fencing erected and were willing to fund the scheme independently

·         Concerns with rodent issues on Thurncourt Road and Bowhill Grove was an issue with bins storage at the rear of the businesses on Thurncourt Road

·         Residents request for the installation at knee high railings on all grass verges to protect the grass verges across the ward

·         Sub-letting concerns were raised to the Officer and it was noted that this had already been passed to the Director of Housing

·         Concerns with the landscaping on the new development of bungalows on Rosshill Crescent.


The Chair further noted that the Housing Repairs Team, Pest Control and the Drainage Team were working collectively to tackle the rodent issue and suggested that residents could provide information on rodent issues at the local ward surgeries with Members for actioning.



The City Warden will give an update on matters in the Thurncourt Ward.


Nicole Powell, the Local City Warden Officer provided an update on recent works. It was noted that:

·         House visits to local residents had now commenced, these had been backlogged due to restrictions during the pandemic

·         Liaising with the Housing Team to resolve matters within social housing properties, whilst there were difficulties in resolving matters with private properties

·         There were 8 current cases that were being resolved

·         Bulky waste collections were delayed by six weeks, 5 items would be collected for free and that all times all items should be covered, as wet items would not be collected

·         Various issues had been reported on Ocean Road open-space including dog fouling which should be reported to Parks Services


It was further noted that concerns with trees should be reported to the Trees and Woodlands Team and reports could be made using the app that was advertised on the handout to residents.


The Ward Councillors thanked the City Warden for her ongoing commitment to the ward.



Highways officers will give an update on highways matters in the Ward.


Rupert Bedder the Highways Asset Manager provided an update, it was noted that:

·         The consultation had concluded for Scraptoft Lane road measures and resurfacing work

·         A patchwalk had been arranged for the Compass Road area in the coming week

·         Works for speed cushions on Nursery Road


As part of the discussions with the residents it was noted that:

·         A request for improvement to the cycling infrastructure along the A47 as residents wishing to cycle as part of their commute suggested it was a safety concern

·         Residents were horrified with the parking outside Thurnby Meade Primary School during peak times and requested that double yellow lines be installed so that parking outside the schools can be enforced.

·         Residents were concerned that the dangerous parking could result in fatality and that the school had gone above and beyond to relay the message to parents who have acted irresponsibly

·         A request for bollards to be installed using ward funding could be an option to deter parents from parking dangerously

·         That Thurnby Meade School be added to the enfocement plan when the scheme with the camera car recommenced

·         Request for installation of knee-high railings on Stornway Road and Bowhill Grove to protect the grass verges as parking on them was destroying them

·         Residents requested that an alternative speed cushion be considered as the current cushions being used was causing discomfort to the elder citizens

·         Concerns were raised with the quality of work carried out by City Fibre and request to inspect the work carried out on the ward

·         Request for pavement improvements at various locations across the ward as a result of pavement parking


The Highways Asset Manager suggested that most of the concerns raised this evening could be picked up on during the patchwalk in the coming week.



Councillors are reminded that under the Council’s Code of Conduct they should declare any interest they may have in budget applications



The Ward Community Engagement Officer provided an update on the current ward budget. It was noted that:

·         From the £18,000 budget, £8,301 had been spent

·         £9,699 remained in the current budget.


It was further noted that there were opportunities for other to get involved in projects that they could deliver in the ward funded by the ward budget and that residents were requested to apply via the Ward Members or the Ward Engagement Officer.




As part of the discussions residents from Stornway Road raised their concerns with a Conifers Tree in the communal Gardens. It was suggested that this should be reported to the Trees and Woodland Team to action.


Residents raised their concerns on the former pub on Ocean Road, It was noted that the planning proposals had been extended due to the Covid Pandemic and that residents concerns on the rodent infestation should be reported to the Environmental Health Team.


There being no further urgent business the meeting closed at 8:115pm.