Agenda and minutes

Thurncourt Community Meeting - Monday, 13 November 2017 6:30 pm

Venue: Thurnby Lodge Youth and Community Centre, Thurncourt Road, Leicester LE5 2NG

Contact: Laura Burt, Ward Community Engagement Officer (tel: 0116 454 1876) (email:  Ayleena Thomas, Democratic Support Officer (tel: (0116) 454 6369) (email:

No. Item



The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Aldred, Chair of the meeting, welcomed everyone and led introductions.


Apologies were received from Andy East (Neighbourhood Housing Team Leader).


Later in the meeting during item 9: Ward Community Budget, Councillor Aldred declared an interest in Thurnby Lodge Community Association’s funding applications as she had worked on the events team of the Community Association (CA) and also would oversee the events manager.



The Action Log of the Meeting held on 19 June 2017 is attached at Appendix A and Members are asked to confirm it as an accurate record. Any update on actions taken since the last meeting will be reported at the meeting.


The action log of the meeting 19 June 2017 was agreed as an accurate record.



The Thurncourt Ward Councillors will provide an update on the issues they have been dealing with in the Thurncourt Ward.


Councillor Aldred noted the following:

·         Bollards and granite rocks had been installed on Gelert’s Avenue and Willowbrook Park.

·         Bollards had been installed throughout the Ward to prevent driving/ parking on pavements and verges.

·         Councillor Aldred had been communicating with Deputy City Mayor Piara Singh Clair regarding requests to update the children’s play area in Willowbrook Park. It was expressed that due to finance, this would be a long term programme.

·         It was proposed to ask Willowbrook Primary Academy and Thurnby Lodge Primary School to write poems, the best would be chosen as part of a possible war memorial.



An update will be provided from the De Montfort University (DMU) Square Mile team on their work within the Thurncourt Ward.


Mark Charlton – De Montfort University (DMU) Square Mile Manager / Head of Public Engagement was present at the meeting and gave a presentation.


It was decided to create a new square mile of community led initiative around the Thurncourt Ward which would offer DMU expertise and student volunteers to promote education, health and regeneration.


It was reported that 200+ plus people within the local area had filled out a survey whereby responses expressed feelings that Thurnby Lodge was a ‘forgotten estate’ and there were limited opportunities for young people.


Focuses within the Ward with the square mile project would include the following proposals:

·         Works with the Willowbrook Activity Centre (Boyzee Youth Club) including; helping the centre become more energy efficient, finalising preparations to open a youth club and other activities.

·         Starting a Saturday art club for children

·         Sponsoring of a dance group

·         Outreach sessions connecting with the elderly community

·         Support for individuals and families dealing with cancer through DMU's Macmillan Support volunteers

·         Redesign of the club house

·         Community Media project

·         Health activity sessions for over 55 year olds.


·         It was noted that over the long term, part of the encouragement was for children in certain areas of the City to eventually go to university.

·         Graham Cornish from the Willowbrook Activity Centre responded to some of the residents comments. It was highlighted that lighting improvements along the pathway were required to be looked into.

·         Mark informed residents that further ideas from the community would be welcomed.



Highways officers will give an update on highways issues in the Ward.


Robert Bateman – Special Projects Manager for Planning, Development and Transportation was present at the meeting and provided the following update:

·         A new pedestrian crossing had been approved for installation on Thurncourt Road, noted to be near the Doctors Surgery. Residents and Councillor Aldred requested clarification for the next meeting on the type of crossing this was to be i.e. zebra or pedestrian and the exact location.

·         Dakyn Road traffic calming 20mph zone was noted for planned implementation in year 5 of the Highways programme (it was currently year 3 of the programme).


Several speed surveys had been carried out:

·         Along Thurncourt Road in two locations: between Radiant Road and Compass Road whereby the average results were 29.9mph and between Homestone Rise and Bowhill Grove where the average speed result was 25.1mph.

·         Scraptoft Lane speed results – Resulted in the possibility for Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS).

·         Councillor Aldred requested further information regarding the speed surveys and limits on Thurncourt Road as it was felt that vehicles travelled a lot faster than the results had displayed. In the light of the issues on this road, it was noted that a petition with over 500 signatures had been formed. Robert noted that he would have another look at the data.


·         Highways had visited Wilowbrook Primary Academy and parents had been approached regarding a ‘park and stride’ scheme.

·         The car park at the youth centre was now being considered as the parking area for the park and stride scheme. The next stage would be for quotes to be obtained for the resurfacing of the car park.


Residents’ concerns:

·         Other issues were reported to be taking place on Thurncourt Road some of which included; blocked pavements, parking issues outside the Thurncourt shops and clearing of the open land. Some suggestions for improvements were double yellow lines, pay & display requirements after some free parking time and more parking enforcement.

·         A resident noted speeding concerns on Colchester Road.

·         Kinsdale Road – resident noted issues of parking and driving on the dropped kerb near the resident’s property.

·         At the bottom of Milnroy Road joining Croyland Green, there was reported to be a water leak.

·         Road gritting during icy/ snow conditions was required at the Thurnby Lodge shops corner of Bowhill Grove and Thurncourt Road. It was noted that there were no grit bins.



Housing officers will give an update on housing works and issues in the Ward.


Laura Burt – Ward Community Engagement Officer (WCEO) read the update provided by the Housing Team. The update has been attached to this action log.

·         A resident queried if lighting improvements would be made on houses rather than just bungalows especially for elderly.



The City Warden will present an update on any environmental works and activities taking place in the Thurncourt Ward.


Nicole Powell (City Warden for the Ward) attended the meeting and distributed leaflets on City Warden enforcement activities taking place in the Ward. Nicole presented an update mainly surrounding fly tipping issues.

·         Residents were advised to contact the City Warden with any issues within the City Warden team remit.


Residents’ concerns:

·         Regular waste was reported to be near the recycling bins outside the car wash on Thurncourt Road. Nicole noted that the reason for this could be several reasons including illiterate people and those who were unsure which bin to select.

·         Request for a bin to be placed by the Co-op shop on Thurncourt Road. The City Warden informed the meeting that she would be willing to communicate with the Co-op as it was their duty of care to install a litter bin. Some other residents felt that Co-op did make a good effort to clean outside their shop.



Officers from Leicestershire Police will be at the meeting to provide an update on Police issues in the Thurncourt Ward.


PC Georgina Cook noted the information which has been attached to this action log.


Residents noted the following concerns:

·         ASB at the back of the Willowbrook centre had reduced but there were still some concerns within the evenings. PC Cook noted that patrols did take place and the trees were cut to help this matter.

·         A resident had concerns regarding someone noted to be regularly living on street and taking drugs openly with exposure to children.  Councillor Aldred noted that work with that constituent was ongoing and he had received extra care packages. However, if issues needed to be reported, residents were advised to contact the Police or Councillor whereby the correct department could be contacted.

·         A resident gave reports that he and his family had been threatened by local young people with laser lights, throwing eggs and last night had broken the resident’s home window on Dudley Avenue. The Police had been contacted and noted the information.

·         A discussion took place regarding Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) involving some young people in the ward including the activities which blocked fire engines, threw eggs at Police and the burning of fly tips which took place on bonfire night, some of which was said to also involve adults. In addition, the defibrillator had been smashed twice in the past 18 months by young people as well as other community items being destroyed.

·         PC Cook noted that young people had been entering the grounds of Pat Derby’s field and damaging the seating. Councillor Aldred reported that she was willing to support the installation of CCTV on the site.



Councillors are reminded that under the Council’s Code of Conduct they should declare any interest they may have in budget applications.


An update on the Ward Community Budget will be provided at the meeting.


Laura Burt – WCEO provided the following update:

·         22 applications had been received.

·         £12,523 had been spent in the budget far this financial year, with £6,001 remaining.

·         It was noted that assistance could be provided to complete the online application.

·         Following successful funding applications, evaluations and receipts would need to be provided.




More lighting or brighter lighting requests:

·         Willowbrook Activity Centre – down the park across the brook.

·         Thurncourt Road to Colthurst Way required more lighting and for the existing to be on longer and brighter.

·         The WCEO would inform the parks team.




The Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.10pm.