Agenda and minutes

Western Community Meeting - Monday, 9 March 2020 7:00 pm

Venue: St Anne's Church, Letchworth Rd, Leicester LE3 6FN

Contact: Randeep Singh Mattu, Community Engagement Officer: Tel 0116 454 1835. Email  Ed brown, Democratic Support Officer: Tel: 0116 454 3833. Email;

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor O’Donnel as Chair led introductions for the meeting.

There were no apologies for absence.



ACTION LOG pdf icon PDF 228 KB

The Action Log from the meeting held on 15 January 2020 is attached for information and discussion.


It was noted that: 

·         The Climate Emergency Discussion at Dovelands School was well attended, and discussion at the meeting had been fed back to the Council Executive.

·         The funding for the Allexton Centre from the Ward Community Budget was going toward being able to meet the specification for commercial hire.

·         55 people had signed up to the New Parks Food Bank, 70 had signed up to the Braunstone Frith Food Bank. Donations could be made at the Braunstone Frith Recreation Centre.  

·         Efforts to reach out to the community on ASB had been successful so far. It was hoped that the scheme would continue to receive funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner Legacy project.

·         A meeting with the City Mayor had taken place to discuss what could be done about accidents on Glenfield Road and Hinckley Road. It was suggested that Speed Cameras could be put in place but neither road meets the criteria to be eligible for cameras. Other ways of improving the road were discussed.

·         An exemption was sought on parking outside the playground, a Traffic Regulation Order was being looked at.

·         Councillors had requested they City Mayor to look into Capital Expenditure projects for the ward.


The Action Log from the last meeting was noted.




Councillors will give feedback on local ward issues.


It was noted that:


·         The Johan Cruyff Foundation had been approved to build a world class football pitch in New Parks between the Leisure Centre and the Community Centre. The target date for opening is 9 June, with the launch being tied into the European Championships. The pitch will be made partially out of recycled crisp packets in collaboration with Walkers.

·         Options were still being explored regarding a workplace parking levy, and potential changes to bus services in the city.




The local Police teams will be present to provide a Policing update.


Officers were unable to attend the meeting, so a report was summarised by the Ward Community Engagement Officer. The report was therefore provided as attached at the end of this log.


It was reported that the local policing unit had moved their base of operations from Hinckley Road to Beaumont Leys.  



An update on the Highways works in the ward will be given.


Mike Pears, Highways Management Team Leader, was present to give an update. All to note:


·         A 20mph scheme on Letchworth Road was approved, work on the scheme to begin in June to install speed humps.

·         Bus issues in relation to Tatlow Road had been reported.

·         Carriageway works on Liberty Road were part of this year’s program having been in the pipeline for several years.

·         A damaged verge had been reported on Coates Avenue.

·         Minor unevenness had been reported at the bus stop on St Oswalds Road. Action: Road will be monitored during routine inspections.

·         Pencil bollards planned for installation on Glenfield Road alongside railings on the central reservation.


Residents reported concerns that results of the consultation on Letchworth Road had not been shared with residents. Concerns were expressed that the speed humps on Letchworth Road would increase air pollution and damage cars. Action: Councillors to investigate emissions concerns.

Action: Mike Pears to investigate how the results of the consultation is fed back to residents and give consultation results to Councillors.


Residents reported parking issues on Letchworth Road causing traffic to be obstructed. Action: CEO to invite Traffic Wardens to the area to investigate.


Residents enquired about having the crossing time for the Glenfield Park Zebra Crossing increased. Action: Mike Pears to pass request to appropriate officers.   





An update on Housing works in the ward will be given.


Marie Murray, District Manager for West of Leicester City, gave an update on Housing issues in the ward. All to note:


·         There were 305 reports of ASB in the New Parks Area during the financial year, this is a slight increase compared to the previous year.

·         The highest reported category of ASB was neighbour disputes followed by noise nuisance and abuse.

·         The average age of perpetrators of ASB was 42, and average age of victims was 46.

·        As a percentage of ASB reported for Council Tenancies in the city – New Parks had seen an overall reduction from last years figures. It was noted however that the percentage of ASB incidents that get reported might be low, with ASB problems being more hidden.

·         All Environmental and Communal Schemes in the ward for the upcoming financial year had been approved.

·         Pest control was set to start soon at the Burns flats.



The local City Warden will present information on environmental works within the Ward.  


City Warden Matt Davinson gave an update on environmental issues in the Ward. Points included:


·         Since the last ward meeting, 24 complaints had been received, those complaints comprised of, Love Leicester reports, 3, Nuisance parking ,2, Bins on street,3, Fly tips,10, Untidy land,4 Dog fouling 2#



It was reported that Nevanthon Road was currently experiencing problems with waste disposal, with the entrances to houses being blocked off by bins. Cleansing Service Local Area Manager Christopher Nutting introduced himself explained that the waste on the site could be moved by the Utility Team but at a cost. Action: Christopher Nutting and Matt Davinson to liaise and provide a quote to the Councillors.


It was reported that there were numerous empty bottles being littered on the football pitch in Western Park. It was asked if teams playing on the pitch could be fined for allowing littering. Action: Christopher Nutting to investigate and report back.


Residents were asked to avoid picking up any litter that they see in the ward, as it might hide the problem from the authorities and delay official action on the issue.


It was reported that despite new dog bins being put in at the corners of roads, dog fouling was still an issue on Hinckley Road and Glenfield Road. Action: Cleansing Services officers to monitor situation  



Councillors are reminded that under the Councillors’ Code of Conduct, they should declare any interest they may have in the budget applications.


Information on the Ward Community Budget will be provided.


The Community Engagement Officer provided an update on the Ward Community Budget.


It was noted that since the last ward meeting 5 applications had been received of which 3 had been approved and 2 had been withdrawn. There was a remaining budget of £59 to be carried into the next financial year.


The applications supported included:


·         Western Ward Community Enterprise, for Pre Palling Application- £420

·         Allexton Youth and Community Centre, for Replacement of Emergency Lighting- £1000

·         Team Troupers Dance Academy CIC, for Youth Outreach project- £1000


It was suggested that funding could go toward a VE Day street party event to educate young people on history.


It was asked if a application for Wester Park had come through yet. Action: Community Engagement Officer to check.




It was noted that the public toilets in Western Park were in very poor condition and that refurbishment was needed. Action: Councillors to report.  


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.36pm.