Agenda and minutes

Troon Community Meeting - Monday, 31 July 2017 6:30 pm

Venue: The Emerald Centre, 450 Gipsy Lane, Leicester LE5 0TB

Contact: Angela Martin, Community Engagement Officer: 0116 4546571 Email: (  Anita James, Democratic Support Officer: 0116 4546358 Email: (

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Councillors will elect a Chair for the meeting.


The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Singh, Chair led introductions and welcomed everyone to the meeting.


There were no declarations of interest.




Apologies were received from Angela Martin (CEO) and Jethro Swift (City Warden).



The Action Log of the meeting held on 13th February 2017 is attached and Members will be asked to confirm it as an accurate record.


The action log of 13 February 2017 had been previously circulated and was confirmed as an accurate record of the last meeting.




Councillors will provide an update on ward matters.


Councillor Cank reported that:

·       Flytipping was an issue across the ward in particular around the Cravens area, consideration was being given to installing bins at the Swainson Road entrance to try and alleviate some of the issues.


Councillor Singh reported that:

1.     Councillors were considering purchase of a number of robust highly visible noticeboards to go up on in Ward with the intention they would contain information about this meeting – potential areas for the board would be Braybrooke Road and possibly Woodgreen.

2.     Re: Huggetts Close –residents had asked for a ball court and councillors were arranging funding and installation of that. A site meeting had been held with council officers and the plan was for a small 3 sided enclosure with goalposts to be sited in open space behind Huggetts Close for younger children to use.

3.     A request for an Outside gym to be included on the installations programme at Trevino Drive had been made.




A Housing Officer will provide an update on housing issues in the ward.


No-one was available from the Neighbourhood Housing team to provide an update.


Councillor Singh requested details of housing repair figures to be provided to the next meeting.

ACTION: CEO to contact housing officers for information to be provided for next meeting.




To receive and note an update on Highways issues across the ward.


Robert Bateman from the Highways department gave a brief update which included the following:

·       Hastings Rd – works now completed to introduce traffic calming measures,

·       Huggetts Close – widening of road now completed to enable car parking,

Ongoing issues with cars parking on paths on Cromwell Est, it was suggested that a controlled parking pilot that had been tested in other areas and was being rolled out to other parts of the city could be considered if residents wanted that. Councillor Cank asks for Cromwell to be added to list for consideration of controlled parking programme.

·       Trevino Pathway Patchwalk –a Patchwalk was planned to identify and get estimates for work that might need doing. Residents commented that there were issues with drains and severe flooding of the pathway when weather bad. There was also some dispute over ownership of the land.

ACTION: Councillor Singh requested 2 patch walks to be arranged – the first for Northfields/Woodgreen then the 2nd for Trevino Drive and Pathway.




The City Warden will be present to give an update on issues across the ward.


The City Warden was not present but had provided a brief written update which was circulated to those present at the meeting.


Councillor Cank reminded attendees to report all incidents to the Police/City Warden service as appropriate and encouraged residents to use the Love Leicester App which could be downloaded onto mobile phones.




Leicestershire Police will provide an update on local policing issues.


The meeting were informed that:

·       The Rushey Mead side of ward had seen a number of theft from motor vehicles, a lot of work was being done to engage communities and extra patrols, attendees were reminded to keep vehicles locked and property out of view in vehicles,

·       There had been a number of stolen number plates incidents at Sainsburys car park, people were encouraged to obtain tamper proof screws as a preventative measure.

·       Number issues flagged about security around the Towers area and police were considering a PSP for that area,

·       Police were holding regular beat surgeries in Northfields and encouraged people to attend those and speak to police about any issues,

·       Speeding Victoria Road East – temporary lights had minimised that but will be looking to put some ops in place to combat that as well,

·       Full details of crime statistics and other information for the Northfields Morton area could be obtained from the Leicestershire Police website


Concerns were raised about Swainson Road and dangerous parking on the bend near Post Office.

ACTION: Police to take details and investigate further.




Councillors are reminded that under the Council’s Code of Conduct they should declare any interest they may have in the budget applications.


An update will be given on the Community Meeting Budget.


Recipients of previous ward funding will be invited to feedback to the meeting.


Councillor Singh commented that the purpose of the Community Ward Budget was to support projects and events that would specifically benefit residents of the ward.


The meeting was informed that Councillors had considered applications for funding from the community budget since the beginning of the financial year as follows:

·       Danbury Gardens Summer Fete – Friends of Danbury Gardens – SUPPORTED £450

·       Northfields Play District Association – SUPPORTED £500.


The community budget balance was now £17479.


Councillor Cank encourages anyone with a project or event in the ward to apply. The deadline date for application in the next round was 30 September 2017. Attendees were reminded that all applications must be made online and the community engagement officer could be contacted for assistance with completing forms.




AOB 1 Garages

1.     Residents raised concerns about the garages at Huggetts Close, 2 of which had been smashed for over 6 months.

ACTION: Issue to be reported to City Warden to investigate further.


2.     Garages near Woodgreen are being obstructed by cars parking in front of them and need a sign saying no parking in front of garages.

ACTION: Report issue to mobile traffic unit. Investigate if sign can be installed with Highways.


3.     Shearer Drive main gate of garages has a faulty lock faulty.

Councillor Singh commented that it was understood this was to be repaired soon and a letter had gone out to residents.


AOB 2 GP Survey results

Concerns were raised about a recent news report ranking GP surgeries across the country and the number of surgeries in Leicester that had low ratings.

Councillor Singh explained that the NHS was not directly under the accountability of local government but agreed to raise the concern with the Deputy City Mayor Rory Palmer.


AOB 3 Rushey Mead Library

Residents raised concerns about the future plans for the Rushey Mead Library. Attendees were informed that as far as councillors knew it was to be relocated to the Rushey Mead Recreation Centre and a full public consultation exercise had already been undertaken by the council on the proposals that were put forward.


Meeting closed 19.39





Dates of future meetings noted as follows:


Tuesday 7th November 2017 at 6.30pm


Monday 26th February 2018 at 6.30pm


Venues to be confirmed in due course.