Agenda and minutes

North Evington Community Meeting - Tuesday, 28 February 2023 6:00 pm

Venue: Leicester Railway Club and Institue - Leicester St, Leicester LE5 4FS

Contact: Ward Community Engagement Officers: Punum Patel (tel: 0116 454 6575. email:  Aqil Sarang. Democratic Support Officer (tel: 0116 454 5591, e-mail: )

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Councillor Fonseca as Chair, led on introductions.


There were no apologies for absence.


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The Action Log of the North Evington Community Meeting held on 22 Novemeber 2022 is attached for information and discussion.


AGREED: The Action Log of the North Evington Ward Community Meeting held on 22 November 2022 was confirmed as a correct record.



The North Evington Ward Councillors provide an update on the issues they have been dealing with in the ward.


Ward Members provided an updated on ongoing ward related work. It was noted that:

·         The campaign for the one-way system on Green Lane Road was one step closer at the heart of the north Evington shopping precinct and the proposals could resolve the ongoing congestion issues

·         Car parking issues on East Park Road were planned to be addressed in the future

·         Work was on going for the proposals of a one-way system around Forest Road, Frisby Road and Willowbrook Road

·         Fly-tipping and litter a continuous problem was being investigated by the City Warden Team

·         The request for additional bins along East Park Road and Green Lane Road had been put forward



Housing officers will be present to provide an update on housing issues in the North Evington Ward,


The Local Housing Team Manager was in attendance and provided an update on ongoing ward related work. It was noted that:

·         Proposals for improvements for bin storages on Beatty Avenue had been delayed due to budgeting restraints, alternative options were being considered, potentially funded through the Ward Budget

·         Fly-tipping matters on Housing land were being investigated by the City Wardens Team

·         Work was ongoing on the Charnwood Estate to clear up planting that had been done by residents in communal gardens which was attracting rodents

·         The increase in District Heating charges were to be in place in the coming future which affected a number of properties mainly on Beatty Avenue, this would be followed by the installation of meters

·         Due to the Housing issue in the city, only applicants on Band1 were being allocated housing  and a leaflet was being produced to inform people on how the banding system works.


As part of the discussions, it was noted that:

·         Residents reported issues on Larch Street and the neighbouring Longcliffe Road where residents from the PA Housing Association were not using the allocated parking spaces and resulting in issues for people with mobility issues and requested for a Residential parking Scheme to be considered for the area

·         Door entry system works had been delayed as a result of alternative options under consideration.



Officers from the Local Policing Unit will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in the North Evington Ward,


Officers from the local Policing Unit in attendance provided an update to policing matters. It was noted that:

·         Patrols continued although there had been no further incidents following the incidents in the east of the city

·         The theft of catalytic convertors had now moved on but residents were requested to continue to take caution and report any incidents to the police

·         Although ASB drinking on parks had reduced, the PSPO team now had the power to seize alcohol of those causing ASB on public parks

·         Foot patrols continued on the ward to continue to have a police presence and make the police approachable

·         Pod cameras had been introduced on Spinney Hill Park and additional cameras had been funded following the incidents in the east of the city which would soon be installed


In further discussions it was noted that the number of burglaries from residential dwellings had gone up in recent months and the Officers reassured residents that there was a planned operation in place with additional patrols and plain clothes officer patrols to hotspots. Residents were requested to take precautionary measures when going out and not leave any valuable items on display.


The Officer summed up by providing the latest crime figures. It was noted that there had been:

·         41 violent and sexual offences

·         11 public order offences

·         9 thefts

·         8 vehicle crimes

·         7 burglaries from residential dwellings

·         6 criminal damage and arson

·         1 drug related

·         9 possession of an offensive weapon


It was noted that the 7 burglaries from residential dwellings was a high figure for the area and a lot of officer time had been dedicated to crimes of this nature.


A Local resident of Whinchat Road requested that the police include the area around St Saviours Church area as there was evidence of poppers regularly and cars parked up involved in illicit activities during the evening period.


The Ward Councillors took the opportunity to commend the local policing team for their ongoing efforts and support over the years to address local concerns.



Officers from the Highways Team will provide an update on highways matters.


The Highways Officer in attendance provided an update on local highways matters. It was noted that:

·         Green Lane Road proposals were at stage 2 of the consultation

·         The proposals around Frisby Road and Forest Road area were planned to reduce the number of manoeuvres motorist could do at junctions and the introduction of the one-way system was planned to reduce congestion

·         The introduction of a loading bay on Nottingham Road to service the businesses on Eat Mark Road was at stage1 of the consultation, more information would be available on this following the consultation process

·         Resurfacing works were planned at Wycombe Road in the area

·         Installation of bollards at St Barnabas and St   Saviours were under consideration


In further discussions local residents from the area around Roasemary Street identified issues with parking and heavy goods vehicles. A suggestion to make both sides of the street a Resident Parking Zone would resolve the issue and restricted vehicles from the Traffic Regulation Team would resolve the use of the residential street by heavy goods vehicles.


A resident from Harewood Road raised their concerns with a disability parking bay being refused after having it in place for many years. The Highways Officer requested the resident to share details at the end of the meeting.


Local residents requested that the congestion at the junction of East Park Road and Sta Saviours Road be considered in future plans for the area and that regular enforcement of the area by the Enforcement Officers.



The local City Warden will be present to provide an update on any environmental issues in the ward.


The City Warden in attendance provided an update. It was noted that:

·         17 fixed penalty notices had been issued to local businesses who did not have their waste management licenses in place

·         Overall numbers on fly-tipping were gradually coming down

·         Fly-tipping on Housing land needed to be addresses alongside the Housing Team through housing tenancies

·         The car park and garage on Prospect Hill which had caused many concerns in the past was now up for auction

·         The removal of bring banks across various locations was deterring fly-tipping


The City Warden in noted that the request for additional bins on East Park Road and Green Lane Road would have to be requested through the Cleansing Team.


Residents were requested to raise issues around fly-tipping and litter through the LoveLeicester app or the Cleaner Streets App.



The Community Engagement Officer will provide an update on the Ward Budget.


The Ward Community Engagement Officer provided an update on the Ward Budget.


It was noted that there had been 5 applicants supported since the last meeting and the remaining balance was at £9,125.00.


The remaining budget would need to be spent before the deadline day and there would be no carry over of funds to the next financial year.




There being no items for urgent business, the meeting closed at 7:45pm.