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Council - Thursday, 30 September 2021 5:00 pm


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The Lord Mayor welcomed all those present to the meeting.


By-election – Humberstone and Hamilton Ward

The Lord Mayor made reference to the recent by-election in the Humberstone and Hamilton ward, where Councillor Daniel Crewe was elected. The Lord Mayor formally welcomed Councillor Crewe to the Council. Council welcomed Councillor Crewe with a round of applause.


Citizens from Afghanistan

The Lord Mayor referred to the recent events in Afghanistan, and in particular the impact on its people. The Lord Mayor commented on the long tradition of Leicester being a welcoming place from people all over the world and had again done so by offering both temporary and permanent accommodation for Afghan citizens. Council teams, as well as voluntary, community and faith organisations were working hard to support those individuals and families currently in the city to make them feel welcomed and safe. The Lord Mayor expressed his pride that the city had offered sanctuary to those in need.


The Lord Mayor invited the City Mayor to make a statement regarding citizens from Afghanistan in Leicester.


The City Mayor reiterated the comments made by the Lord Mayor about Leicester welcoming people from all over the world. In terms of the current arrangements in the city, he noted that there was currently a ‘bridging hotel’, paid for by the Home Office which was hosting temporary residents until a more permanent solution was found. There had been no Home Office officials visiting the hotel, but the Department for Work and Pensions had provided some support. It was however noted that Council staff would now be providing a full support service through its STAR Amal team. The Home Office were funding this full service which meant that staff could begin to undertake needs assessments and co-ordinate the support offered from different groups. This new support would encompass faith and cultural services. Leicester had offered 10 permanent residency places for Afghan citizens which would receive 3 years of Home Office funding. The City Mayor was confident that the new residents would make a positive contribution to the city as had many others who had settled in the city over recent decades.


Civic Events

The Lord Mayor noted that he had attended the following events in recent months, where he was proud to represent the City and they showcased its diversity:


-     Festival of Ganesh Chathurthi; this was a Hindu festival which lasted for 10 days and marked the birth of Lord Ganesh.

-     A community thank you dinner for Islamic Relief UK to recognise the work of volunteers and supporting businesses.

-     Pre-recording the opening ceremony of the Leicester Caribbean Carnival.

-     Waving off children to Norfolk on behalf of Leicestershire Children’s Holidays charity who provide much needed holidays for deprived children.

-     The opening of a new memorial stone at Victoria Park dedicated to far east prisoners of war.

-     Attended the Local Royal Air Force Association annual battle of Britain service at St. James the Greater Church.

-     Visited the new dog agility  ...  view the full minutes text for item 25.




The Lord Mayor invited Members to declare any interests they might have in the business on the agenda, not already declared on their register of interests.


There were no declarations.



The minutes of the meeting held on 8 July 2021 are available to view at:


Copies are also available from Democratic Support on (0116) 454 6350 or


Moved by the Lord Mayor, seconded by the Deputy Lord Mayor and carried:


That the minutes of the meeting of Council held on 8 July 2021 having been circulated to each Member of the Council, be taken as read and that they be approved as a correct record.




The City Mayor provided a statement on Afghan citizens in the city of Leicester as part of the Lord Mayor’s Announcements.



-           Presented by Members of the Public

-           Presented by Councillors

-           Petitions to be debated


Petitions from members of the public


Ms Poonam Vaghela presented a petition with 314 valid signatures in the following terms:-


The residents of Rushey Mead strongly disagree to make Harrison Road One-Way from Gipsy Lane to St Michael’s Avenue. It will increase unnecessary queues, pollution and noise in Stafford Street, St Michael’s Avenue, Melton Road and Marfitt Street.


Petitions from Councillors


There were no petitions from Councillors.


Under Council procedure Rule 13a the aforementioned petition was referred to the Monitoring Officer for consideration and action as appropriate.



-           From Members of the Public

-           From Councillors


The following questions were asked by Members of the Public:


1.    Miss Rajul Tejura


“Are there any business cases, pilot studies or examples to justify the measures being introduce in Safer Streets Healthier Neighbourhood Scheme for Rushey Mead?”


Deputy City Mayor, Councillor Clarke in response noted that despite the responses from the engagement not having been collated at the current time, there had been a number of discussions with a range of people and based on the level and nature of concerns expressed it was not intended to proceed with the scheme in Rushey Mead.


The Deputy City Mayor noted that these sorts of schemes had worked well in other places, ie Waltham Forest, but also in Leicester. The aims of the scheme were to encourage walking and cycling, reducing crime, reduce congestion, stopping rat running, improving public heath and reducing accidents. He said that there was evidence to support the view that these types of schemes made streets safer.


There was no supplementary question, but Miss Tejura thanked Councillor Clarke for his response and thanked the City Mayor and Councillor Clair for their support.


2.    Miss Rajul Tejura


“Who are the people that have actually designed the Safer Streets Healthier Neighbourhood scheme for Rushey Mead, Why was it rushed for implementation to trial with so many flaws?”


Deputy City Mayor, Councillor Clarke in response stated that officers from the Council’s Transport Strategy Section designed the scheme and Sustrans, a national sustainable transport organisation had provided support. The Deputy City Mayor disagreed with the word ‘rushed’ in the question as he noted that there had been a number of discussions with local Councillors, a roadshow had taken place where residents could speak to officers, a large number of responses to the consultation had been received and he felt amount feedback showed that the proposals were well known about.


3.    Mr Nitesh Dave


“Have Rushey Mead residents and the wider community been appropriately informed of the Safer Streets Healthier Neighbourhood scheme for Rushey Mead?”


Deputy City Mayor, Councillor Clarke in response stated that there had been 2000 leaflets distributed, local Members of Parliament were engaged, an experimental Traffic Regulation Order was put in place after the required publicity. He noted that there had been lots of responses to the public consultation, and he felt that there had been a reasonable engagement with the community.


Mr Dave asked a supplementary question, noting that it was good to see a u turn on the project, but queried about the leaflets for the project only being in English and that it was difficult for elderly residents to attend a roadshow?


The Deputy City Mayor responding further felt that he had covered the reach and depth of the consultation in his previous responses.


4.    Mr Nitesh Dave


“Have local businesses and organisations been consulted on the Safer Streets Healthier Neighbourhood scheme for Rushey Mead and agreed to the impact it would have on them as the measures will unquestionably reduce the footfall in the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 30.


Annual Youth Justice Plan pdf icon PDF 520 KB

Additional documents:


Moved by Councillor Master, seconded by Councillor Gee and carried:


That Council:


a)         note the achievements from 2020-21; and


b)         agree the Plan for 2021-22.



-        To note any changes to the Executive

-        To vary the composition and fill any vacancies of any Committee of the Council


There was no Executive or committees business.


Report of the Audit and Risk Committee to Council covering the municipal years 2019/20 and 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 367 KB


Moved by Councillor Kaur Saini, seconded by Pantling and carried:


That the Report of the Audit and Risk Committee to Council covering the municipal years 2019/20 and 2020/21 be received.




There being no other business, the Lord Mayor declared the meeting closed at 6.31pm.