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Council - Thursday, 13 June 2019 5:00 pm


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Election of Councillors

The Lord Mayor asked the City Mayor to introduce those Councillors who were not formally introduced at the Annual Council meeting. The City Mayor introduced Councillors; Misbah Batool, Asheidu Joel, and Gary O’Donnell.


Honoured Citizen Award

The Lord Mayor announced her intention to continue with the Honoured Citizen Award programme. The programme recognised the outstanding achievements and contributions to the city by citizens of Leicester.



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The Lord Mayor invited Members to declare any interests they might have in the business on the agenda.


No declarations were made.



The minutes of the meetings held on 21 March 2019 and the Annual Council Meeting held on 16 May 2019 are available to view at:


21 March 2019




16 May 2019



Copies are also available from Democratic Support on (0116) 454 6350 or

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Moved by the Lord Mayor, seconded by the Deputy Lord Mayor and carried:


That the minutes of the meetings of Council held on 21st March 2019 and 16th May 2019, copies having been circulated to each Member of the Council, be taken as read and that each be approved as a correct record.



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The following statement was made:


The City Mayor referred to the recent election results and expressed gratitude and honour that the City had put their faith in him and his colleagues. He outlined some of the key challenges which his administration would look to address; such as the climate emergency, poverty, fair wages, decent employment, lifelong learning, physical and mental wellbeing, housing, school places and advice services. He spoke of his ambition to ensure that the city was inclusive, tolerant, vibrant, cleaner, greener, prosperous and a city that everyone could be proud of.


The City Mayor also announced the following appointments:


Councillor Adam Clarke – Heritage Champion.


Councillor Vi Dempster – Older Persons Champion, Mental Health Champion; and Armed Forces Champion.


Mrs Manjula Sood – Faith and Communities Advisor.



-           Presented by Members of the Public

-           Presented by Councillors

-           Petitions to be debated

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Petitions from members of the public


There were no petitions received from members of the public.


Petitions from Councillors


Councillor Dempster presented a petition with 35 valid signatures in the following terms:-


“We petition, on behalf of the residents on Badgers Close and Beauville Drive, Leicester, to address an ongoing problem with the parking of non-residential vehicles pre-dominantly during the school hours. As residents we have noticed many problems with this situation, careless driving and parking has raised strong concerns over the safety and wellbeing of the parents and children.


We have observed that this is causing major traffic jams, damage to private lands and parking in prohibited spaces, this in turn is having an impact on anti-social behaviour and aggressiveness between people.


Police, traffic wardens and PCSOs patrol this area on occasions, and we see that this makes a drastic impact on this situation until their presence is no-longer available, however moving forward we need to come to a permanent solution for this.


As parents and residents of this area, I feel that we cannot wait until there is a tragic accident due to careless driving or someone gets hurt through aggressive behaviour, for action to be taken.


We also feel that it is our right as residents to live in a safe and conflict free environment.”


Councillor Waddington presented a petition with 58 valid signatures in the following terms:-


“We the residents of Vernon Street and the surrounding area request that Leicester City Council re-open the Park on Vernon Street and provide play equipment and a bench so that local residents can enjoy the use of this ‘pocket park’ which is currently locked up and not maintained.


The Council closed and locked the park in 2016 and removed the play equipment. We think this park should be an asset for our neighbourhood to be enjoyed by local families, who need more green space, as our houses only have very small back yards.”


Under Council Procedure Rule 13a, the aforementioned petition was referred to the Monitoring Officer for consideration and action as appropriate.



-           From Members of the Public

-           From Councillors

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Questions from Members of the Public


There were no questions from members of the public.


Questions from Councillors


The following questions were asked by Councillors and details of who responded are also included below. The full details of questions and the responses can be viewed on the webcast of the meeting on the Council’s website at:


We maintain a comprehensive library of webcast Council meetings. The webcast for this meeting will remain on the live website until 12th June 2020, and after this date can be requested from the Democratic Support Team by contacting (0116) 465 6350 or at


For your convenience, links to each question and response are embedded after each question below.


1.         Councillor Nangreave: -


“In regard to the welfare officers’ team; the team has been reduced from twelve to currently seven officers (I believe), based on a business case agreed some years ago but not implemented until last year.


My question is; will the Council suspend the current business case and reinstate the £200k taken out of the service last year? This is in keeping with the Council's 2019 election manifesto.”


Assistant City Mayor, Councillor Master replied.


Link to webcast of Question 1


2.         Councillor Nangreave: -


“Earlier this year, Leicester City Council declared a “climate emergency” in the city in response to the October 2018 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which estimates that there are only 12 years left to act decisively on climate change, to be able to keep global warming within 1.5°C.


What are the implications of the council's anti-pollution policy and environmental policies of University Hospitals of Leicester plans to close the Leicester General Hospital and move services away from a relatively low pollution site to a site on the inner ring-road where pollution levels are believed to be already high i.e. The Royal?”


Deputy City Mayor, Councillor Clarke replied.


Link to webcast of Question 2


3.         Councillor Broadwell: -


“I very much welcome the schemes such as the works on Belgrave Gate and London Road, there’s still a problem with much of the city’s cycling infrastructure being sub-par, especially the type of painted bike lane along Humberstone Road and elsewhere. Some of it also does not form a seamless network as much as it instead forms a somewhat disjointed collection of routes.


I’d like to know what the City Council and the Executive’s stance is on pursuing a programme of fully protected bike lanes, especially in outer areas of the city where there is sometimes very little infrastructure at all. I would also like to know if we would be willing to consider taking lanes away from cars, especially on the ring road, in order to make cycling safer, more pleasant, and more accessible?”


Deputy City Mayor Councillor Clarke replied.


Link to webcast of Question 3


4.         Question was withdrawn.


5.         Councillor Broadwell: -


“I support the Levy wholeheartedly and believe it’s a necessary step to fixing the awful traffic in  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.


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Independent Remuneration Panel - Review of Members Allowances pdf icon PDF 129 KB

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Moved by Councillor Cank, seconded by Councillor Riyait, and carried:


That Council:


1)    Approve the appointment and composition of an Independent Remuneration Panel to consider Members’ Allowances in Leicester as detailed in the report;


2)    Approve the commencement of a review of the Council’s Scheme of Members’ Allowances by the Independent Remuneration Panel as specified in legislation on the basis defined in the report and taking into account the current financial constraints facing the Council and;


3)    Note that consideration of the report of the Panel is a matter reserved to Council and that Council in setting a Scheme of Allowances at that point will have the choice to accept in full or in part or reject the findings of the Panel.


Park and Open Space Byelaw Adoption pdf icon PDF 864 KB

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Moved by the City Mayor, seconded by Deputy City Mayor Councillor Clair and carried:


That Council:


1)     Agree that the byelaws made by Leicester City Council on 13 August 2008 and confirmed by the Secretary of State, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government on the 5 April 2009 relating to the ground are to be revoked in line with the adoption process; and


2)     Agree to the adoption and implementation of the revised model byelaws in relation Parks and Open Spaces as confirmed by the Secretary of State, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government on the 28 February 2019.


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Appointment of Vice-Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee

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Moved by Councillor Cank, seconded by the City Mayor and carried:


That the appointment of Councillor Gary O’Donnell as Vice-Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee be confirmed.



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There being no urgent business, the Lord Mayor declared the meeting closed at 6.37pm.