Agenda and minutes

Wycliffe Community Meeting - Tuesday, 30 August 2022 6:00 pm

Venue: Wesley Hall, 76 Hartington Road, Leicester, LE2 0GN

Contact: Randeep Singh Mattu, Ward Community Engagement Officer (tel: 0116 454 1835 email: )  Aqil Sarang, Democratic Support Officer (tel: 0116 454 5591 email: )

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The Chair will introduce those present and make any necessary announcements.


The Chair and any other Councillors who are present will make any declarations of interest as required by the Councillors’ Code of Conduct.


Cllr Dawood – Chair, welcomed everyone and led introductions.


There were no declarations of interest.




Apologies for absence were received from Sports Services.



The Action Log for the last meeting, held on 2 March 2020, is attached for information and discussion.


The Action Log for the meeting of the Wycliffe Ward Community meeting in March 2020 was confirmed as correct.



Ward Councillors will provide an update on local ward issues


It was noted that following 2 years of uncertain times it was good to be getting back to some form of normality.


Residents were informed of the ward surgery information.



Officers from the Local Policing Unit will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in the Ward


PC Nick Whitehead was in attendance and provided residents with an update on local policing matters.


It was noted that:

·         There had been 26 offences reported

·         10 reports of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

·         Fundays on Spinney Hill Park and on the St Matthews had been attended and the local officers were engaging with local residents on priorities for the locals

·         ASB and drugs related matters were considered priorities across the ward and officers suggested that the Neighbourhood Link on was a tool to be used to help the police deal with residents concerns

·         Police were working on a problem management plan for Spinney Hill Park along with the CrASBU Team

·         A pod camera had been installed on Park Vale Road entrance of the park after reports of ASB.


As part of the discussions with the residents it was noted that:

·         Local residents suggested being consulted on when planning the Problem Management Plan.

·         Various concerns of alcohol related ASB on Spinney Hills Park throughout the day and into the early hours was reported on

·         Residents suggested that a Prohibition Order similar to that of the City Centre be introduced on Spinney Hill Park to deter those using the space for ASB

·         It wass suggested that regular users had now stopped using the park as it was no longer comfortable for them to do so and it was suggested this was having a negative impact on locals lives

·         Local Resident Associations would be good alliance with the police to contribute vital local information


ACTION: a meeting between the Inspector for the area, Ward Councillors and Council Officers be arranged to address some of the concerns raised.


The Ward Councillors suggested that visible police presence is required across the ward and communication with locals was key to resolving some of the concerns raised. Regular attendance and reporting to community meetings would help develop a rapport between those involved locally.



The City Warden will give an update on environmental issues in the Ward


Dawn Eagland the new City Warden for the local area introduced herself and provided an overview of her role and responsibilities.


It was noted that:

·         Current works were ongoing at local hotspots with fly tipping issues

·         Various hot spots required revisiting as the same areas seemed to be used to fly tip

·         It was noted that recycle bags not collected on bin days was the responsibility of Biffa to come out and collect

·         Over hanging tress from the park onto the footpath was an issue that needed to be raised with the Parks and Woodlands Team

·         Close liaison with the Housing Team to resolve matters on Housing Land on the estate at St Peters and at other locations across the Ward

·         Bins left out on streets after collection day was being targeted at some locations where there were repeat offences


ACTION: a request be sent to Biffa for attendance at a future meeting



The Local Sports Service will present information on Sports Services in the Wycliffe Ward.


Representatives from a local sports group Sohban were in attendance to discuss options for facilities for their weekly youth programmes. Previous request had been made to make use of the pavilion on Spinney Hill Park, but it had not yet come to fruition.


ACTION: A request was made to the ward Members to arrange a meeting with the respective departmental leads to come to an arrangement.


Local residents suggested that it was a shame to see organisations that were regularly funded from the Ward Budget under lock and key whilst other spaces such as the bowling green and adjacent green space on Spinney Hill Park used for ASB.


Representatives from Shoban noted that they were a local organisation who worked with a large number of young people across the ward and beyond and needed access to local facilities to continue providing the services effectively.



Highways Officers will be in attendance at the meeting to provide an update on Highways related matters in the ward.


Robert Bateman from the Highways Team was in attendance and provided an update on actions from the previous action notes.


As part of the discussions with local residents, it was noted that:

·         Resurfacing on Swain Street was underway

·         Zebra crossing installation outside Moat Community College was programmed for installation this financial year during the Easter half-term break

·         Future works on the ward for 2022/23 were being developed

·         Residents suggested that parking bays on Melbourne Road outside the Health Centre need to be reconsidered as it obstructed the flow of traffic and busses

·         Replacement of railings on the corner of Berners Street and Melbourne Road

·         It was suggested the pavement parking initiative, trialled in other parts of the city should be considered in the ward as there are narrow streets which would benefit

·         The junction at Morley Road and Vulcan Road was causing issues and a solution for the flow of traffic needed considering

·         Resurfacing of Kent Street needed considering for the programme of works.



Councillors are reminded that under the Council’s Code of Conduct they should declare any interest they may have in budget applications.


An update on the Ward Community Budget will be provided at the meeting


The Ward Community Engagement Officer provided an update on the ward budget.


Residents were urged to get all applications for future funding in to the Officer before the end of the financial year deadlines.


The Chair requested that all publicity for projects supported by the ward funding should display the Leicester City Council logo.




The Chair welcomed residents to bring forward any matters not covered elsewhere on the agenda. It was noted that:

·         Residents raised concerns with Islamaphobic incidents and requested that action needed to be taken before the situation escalated

·         The pillars at the top of Berners Street on Mere Road required maintaining

·         Residents from Mere Road raised their concerns with drainage issues as a result of blocked drains along Mere Road

·         Littering on Spinney Hill Park needed tackling as it was a deterrent to locals visiting the park for exercising

·         The grass verge on top of Frederick Road and Grove Road, which was discussed earlier with the City Warden had become a hot spot for fly tipping and it was suggested fencing the grassed area which  was Housing land could resolve the matter.


It was noted that the next meeting of the Wycliffe Ward Community Meeting would be held at St Matthews Library on Malabar Road in St Matthews.  




The Chair declared the meeting closed at 7:32pm.