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An officer from Highways will deliver a presentation on the proposed scheme.


Jolanta Obszynska, Transport Development Officer, delivered a presentation on results of consultation for a residents parking scheme in Aylestone Park area. The presentation is attached for information. Points made were:


·         Online consultation had commenced in October 2021, and over 4,000 letters sent to properties in the affected areas, with public exhibitions held. There was the option to respond to the consultation on paper.

·         Issues identified by residents during the first stage of consultation included rat running speeding, and pavement parking across Aylestone and Saffron.

·         During the first stage of consultation workshops were held at Leicestershire County Cricket Ground and Aylestone Leisure Centre.

·         The Council had engaged early with residents and local businesses to address the parking issues with a number of options available to deal with the issues.

·         A map of affected areas was included in the presentation showing areas affected by football match and cricket event parking, with overspill into other areas. The Red and Blue areas were more in favour of some form of parking scheme. 50% of respondents were in favour of a Residential Parking Zone.

·         Next Steps would see councillors work up the proposal, working with and taking the views of the community on board.


In response to questions the following information was provided:

·         As an observation, the maps were small and it was difficult to see the schemes proposed areas. It was also asked if there could be more information on proposals for other schemes to control rat running and speeding, for example, 20mph zones be provided. The officer acknowledged it as a valid point.

ACTION: Maps to be provided in larger scale at future meetings.

·         A resident noted that a residents parking scheme cost money and did not guarantee a parking space, and was worried that it would encourage people to block pave their front gardens. It was noted that the cost of the scheme would be 50p per week, per vehicle, which covered the cost of the scheme and did not generate revenue for the Council.

·         A resident stated there were lots of roads with double yellow lines that were not policed.

ACTION: The Chair asked the someone from Civil Enforcement attend the next meeting to discuss the policing of schemes.

·         It was asked that residents be given the facility to respond to an address on the consultation, as not all had access the internet.

·         An issue of parking in bays that were meant for shoppers in Aylestone village was raised.

·         It was further reported that people who parked without a pass in a residents parking scheme area would be fined.

ACTION: The officer to take the question back that if the fines were increased, could it make the scheme free for residents.

·         Residents asked and were informed that there would be provision for visitors under the scheme. Requests for parking permits for carers would be looked at on an individual basis

ACTION: Information on carers parking to be provided at the next meeting.


The Chair informed the meeting that the football club would be asked for support for residents who lived close to the ground. Also, there would be developer contributions for bus and train schemes. A meeting was being held with the cricket club as well about their cars parking.


Councillor Porter noted that residents had remarked on the last 20/20 match at the cricket ground that the parking had been handled well, though there had been some displacement of parking to other areas. The club had also put on a park and ride scheme for the last match.

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