Agenda item

Discretionary Licensing Policy


Moved by Assistant City Mayor, Councillor Cutkelvin, seconded by Councillor Westley and carried:


a)     That Selective Licensing schemes in the targeted areas (Option A in the report, read in conjunction with appendix B, Maps covering selective designations and street names) be supported and should be introduced with effect from 10th October 2022 (See 4.1.10 of the report.) The designated areas were identified both in the business case and during the consultation as the areas most acutely impacted by the proliferation of the private rented sector in Leicester.


b)     As the principle of Additional Licensing citywide (Option B in the report) is favoured, that this be revisited once Option A is embedded and there is further evidence of the success of licensing in raising standards in the sector. This will also allow time for any impact of the potential extension of the Article 4 directive to have been realised.


c)      That the proposed fees, discounts and penalties identified in Section 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 (and outlined in the report) be approved.

Supporting documents: