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The Director of Planning, Development and Transportation submits a report on planning applications received for consideration by the Panel.


With sadness JW announced the stepping down of Cathy Laughton due to the partial loss of her eyesight. RG thanked Cathy for her many years of service, stating her contributions had always been insightful, quietly enthusiastic with the ability to ask questions which opened up various areas of discussion. We thank her warmly for all she has done and trust her health will continue to improve.


RG also offered special thoughts to the repose of the soul of the late HRM Queen Elizabeth II and wished the new King Charles III well as he navigates his new role. It is worth noting the new King has a well-known history of interest in built heritage.




55 Welford Road, St James House


A scheme was presented and the panel made comments. 



A) 150 St Nicholas Circle, 1-7 and 13 Bath Lane

Planning Application 20221210


Demolition of existing buildings, Construction of a 4, 7 and 9 storey building containing student accommodation (108 studios, 2 x 3 bed cluster flats and 11 x 4 bed cluster flats) (Sui Generis), ground floor retail unit (Class E) and 2 x 1 bed private rental apartments (Class C3), with associated communal, amenity and ancillary space.


The panel felt that, although this is a site that could accommodate a tall building, they had concerns regarding the potential impact on the surrounding heritage assets. They agreed that the former Brucciani’s Bakery building is an attractive structure that makes a positive contribution to the townscape in this area; however, they acknowledged that its heritage significance may not be enough to warrant retention.


The panel had concerns about several elements of the design, massing and composition of the proposed development. The proportions were critiqued, resulting in a building that was overly broad, “slab-like” and imposing, particularly when viewed entering the city from the west. In general, the proposal to set the taller elements away from the listed buildings on Talbot Street was considered beneficial to their setting; however, members were unhappy about the tower element on the corner. The drop in height to the existing buildings on the Bath Lane elevation was felt to be abrupt with no mediation, resulting in uncomfortable massing.  They would have liked to see the building “turn the corner” better with its principal elevation facing towards Castle Garden making the most of the attractive views the park has to offer future occupants. The panel felt, as proposed, this elevation appears incoherent and that the glazed stair tower is dated as a design motif. They considered it a missed opportunity that this elevation does not better enhance the setting of the Castle Conservation Area. 


The panel were concerned about the setting of nearby heritage assets, principally Jewry Wall, the Castle Conservation Area and sightlines towards St. Martin’s Cathedral. They felt that although the setting of Jewry Wall has already been somewhat severed, it is not a static experience, and the proposed development would draw the eye away in an unsatisfactory manner. It was felt that the scheme offered no enhancement to the area and needed to be carefully reconsidered. Principally, the panel felt the elevation to Castle Gardens should be reimagined as a more primary frontage.


The panel raised concerns over the consistency of the visuals provided and felt the scheme’s mass and scale varied in appearance from one image to another. They expressed disappointment that the visuals did not include the Holiday Inn site which would have provided important context of other tall buildings in the area. They also expressed a desire to see Verified Views in addition to the Artists Impressions provided in order to understand the proposed scale better.


Although not opposed to the principle of tall development on this site, and with mixed views on the loss of the Brucciani’s Bakery building, the Panel were agreed that the current proposal would fail to meet the high design standard expected of new development in such a sensitive location. 




B) 100 Church Gate

Planning Application 20221320


Demolition of existing building and construction of residential development scheme comprising 14, 10, 8, 6 and 4 storeys, to provide 262 units (Use Class C3). Construction of car park spaces, amenity space, landscaping, and associated works


The panel referenced the previous pre-app presentation. The general massing has seemingly remained broadly the same, reduced slightly, and greater effort has been made with materials. In general, the panel felt the massing of the proposed development appears large, not just in the tower element but in the site as a whole. They felt it would negatively impact on the existing small-scale buildings, changing the atmosphere and character of the area dramatically. Members felt the site as a whole appears incoherent and too large given its context. The panel agreed the tower element would benefit from further sculpturing and modulation.


The panel feared the proposed pedestrian access is too wide and shallow, akin to a vehicle access and thus uninviting for pedestrians; although they did acknowledge there would be some permeability benefits.


Questions were raised over the repeating gable roof to the south of the site, facing Churchgate, in particular where reference for this as a feature had come from as it appears incongruous with the prevailing character of the area.


While the panel appreciated the applicants had made a great effort to introduce a varied pallete of materials, it was felt to be overly complicated, and they recommended simplifying it.


There was particular concern for St. Margaret’s Church and how the proposed massing and bulk would compete with and diminish the towers contribution to the skyline.


In general, the panel had concerns with regards to the large scale of the development given its context and felt the design, materials and massing to address this had proved unsuccessful.




C) Marwood Road, Stocking Farm Neighbourhood Centre

Planning Application 20221514


Demolition of existing buildings (including retail units, ancillary buildings, outdoor leisure facilities and boundary treatments). Construction of 50 residential dwellings (20x houses, 24x flats); conversion of Stocking Farm Farmhouse to 6 supported living flats (Class C3); public open space. Extension and external alterations to existing shops and flats; new access road and associated highways infrastructure, parking, landscaping, drainage, boundary treatments, external lighting, associated works and new pedestrian crossing to Marwood Road.


The panel were supportive of the scheme. They acknowledged that the existing estate buildings were not built or maintained to the highest standard and had reached the end of their serviceable life. The existing site consists of several disparate buildings spread around the site in an incohesive manner. The members agreed the proposed scheme represents a pragmatic use of the site by increasing the density, creating a coherent sense of place, delivering much needed housing and enhancing the setting of the locally listed former farmhouse. The concluded that the scheme is convincing and results in significant benefits.




D) The City Rooms, 16 Hotel Street

Planning and Listed Building Consent Applications 20221303 and 20221304 


Erection of a new self-supported first floor terrace at rear of building; External alterations to Grade I listed building


The panel accepted that such an intervention would aid the viable use of the building and that the rear space was a lower order one. They considered that there would be minimal intervention to the fabric of the listed building itself, and modest visibility from outside the site, although they suggested detail on lighting needed to be considered in terms of wider visual impact. The panel were in agreement that the character of the Conservation Area would be preserved.


The panel were generally supportive of the principal of the proposed first floor rear terrace but were concerned regarding the lack of information and detailing in the technical drawings. They felt a structural engineer’s involvement will likely result in amendments to the design of the supporting structure to ensure the safety of its users. They suggested this technical information should ideally form part of the application at this stage. In the absence of this information, they recommended including strict conditions ensuring the final details and any design changes required for structural reasons be approved by the council as part of any approval.




The following applications were reported for Members' information but no additional comments were made.


Further details on the cases below can be found by typing the reference number into:


19-21 Loseby Lane

Planning Application 20221103


Change of use of first and second floors from commercial/business (Class E) to two self-contained flats (2 x 1 bed) (Class C3); construction of single and two storey extension at rear; alterations


Imperial Avenue, Fullhurst Community College Imperial Campus

Planning Application 20221475


Construction of one storey building (Class F1)



107 Granby Street, Last Plantagenet

Planning Application 20221211


Non-material amendment to planning permission 20201018: amendments to façades including louvre arrangement



19-21 Loseby Lane

Planning Application 20221465


Retrospective application for installation of shopfront and replacement windows on first and second floors (Class E)



21-23 East Bond Street

Planning Application 20220615


Change of use of ground floor from retail (Class E) to casino (Sui Generis)



15 King Street

Planning Application 20221224


Installation of awning at front of cafe (Class E)



1 King Street, Phoenix House

Planning Application 20221112


Internal alterations to grade II listed building



113-117 London Road

Planning Application 20212274


Demolition of rear single-storey extension; change of use from offices (Class E) to student accommodation (Sui Generis) (18 x studios, 4 x 1 bed); parking and bin store at rear; construction of bay window at front; two-storey extension at rear; two second floor infill extensions at rear; installation of solar panels at rear; alterations (amended plans received 08/07/2022)



Jubilee Square

Planning Application 20221473


Installation of temporary building and plant for use as ice rink on public square



Jubilee Square

Planning Application 20221473


Installation of 35m high temporary Ferris Wheel on public square



61 Dunster Street

Planning Application 20221483


Internal and external alterations to Grade II listed building



202 London Road

Planning Application 20220394


Demolition of existing single storey extension; construction of single storey extension and hardstanding at front; installation of dropped kerb at front; balcony and stairs at rear; alterations to outbuilding at rear; alterations to house (Class C3)



1 Market Place, Corn Exchange

Planning Application 20221436 & 20221435


External alterations to Grade II* Listed building

Installation of two internally illuminated individual lettering signs; three externally illuminated fascia signs; two non-illuminated wall mounted signs; two internally illuminated wall mounted signs; four uplights



69 Market Place

Planning Application 20221321


Alterations to shop front (Class E)



2C Evington Road, The Bank/1 St Albans Road

Planning Application 20221361


Installation of three internally illuminated fascia sign



4-6 New Street

Planning Application 20221178 & 20221177


Internal and external alterations to Grade II listed building

Change of use from offices (Class E) to 7 flats (3 x 2bed) (4 x 1 bed) (Class C3), relocation of existing fire escape, installation of rooflights,



49 Stoughton Road, land to rear

Planning Application 20221271


Construction of two storey detached dwelling house (4 bed) (Class C3); associated access, parking & landscaping



122 London Road

Planning Application 20221368


Installation of new shop front (Class E)



Hollybank Court,193 London Road

Planning application 20221618


Upgrade of existing rooftop telecommunications equipment to comprise of 7 antennas; 4.6m tall equipment tower; and ancillary equipment



2 Gainsford Road

Planning application 20221040 & 20221039

Internal and external alterations to Grade II Listed building; construction of single storey extension at rear of house (Class C3)

Construction of single storey extension at rear of house; alterations (Class C3)



22-24 Market Street

Planning application 20221282


Installation of new shop front; extension at rear to form new staircase; alterations (Class E)



294 Loughborough Road

Planning application 20221421


Construction of single storey extension at rear of house (Class C3)



48 Main Street, Evington

Planning application 20221586


Installation of two rooflights at front; construction of dormers at rear of house (Class C3)



14 Salisbury Road

Planning application 20221382


Change of use from education facility (Class F1) to six flats (3 x 1 bed, 1 x 2 bed & 2 x studio); construction of first floor extension at rear; single storey extension at rear; alterations



170 London Road

Planning Application 20211424


Change of use from offices (Class E) to 5 student flats (sui generis); alterations (Amended plans received 29/3/2022)



St Barnabas Library

Planning Application 20221717


Internal alterations to Grade II listed building



10-12 Gallowtree Gate

Planning Application 20221213


Alterations and installation of extract duct, condensers and servicing deck with handrails at rear of commercial building (Class E)



34-36 Granby Street

Planning Application 20221611


Installation of one externally illuminated fascia sign; one externally illuminated projecting sign



7 East Street, YMCA

Planning Application 20221400 & 20221401


External alterations to Grade II Listed Building

Three internally illuminated fascia signs; one non illuminated sign above door; one non illuminated sign at second floor level and one internally illuminated projecting sign



80-84 High Street

Planning Application 20221192


Installation of ventilation flue and four air condenser units at rear of building (Class E)



Stoughton Lane, Natural House

Planning Application 20221259


Construction of first floor extension and alterations to staircase (Class C3)



5 University Road

Planning Application 20221561


Construction of first floor extension above existing garage (Class B1a)



2-4-6 Bonsall Street

Planning Application 20221581


Conversion of garage/workshop (Class B2) and first floor flat (1x5 bed) to form 4 self-contained flats (1x2 bed) (2x1 bed) (Class C3); Construction of front bay window at first floor; single and two storey extensions at rear; part demolition of garage/workshop; Alteration to roof, front and rear elevations.



123 London Road, The Lansdowne

Planning Application 20221501 & 20221500


Retrospective application for the installation of canopies to front of building; alterations to shopfront (Class E)



56 Vicarage Lane, Humberstone, St Marys Vicarage, land adjacent

Planning Application 20221608


Construction of one two-storey dwelling (1x5 bed) (Class C3); associated vehicular access and landscaping



46 Market Place, First and Second floors

Planning Application 20221755


Discharge of conditions attached to planning permission 20192243: Condition 2 (Internal schedule of works), Condition 3 (External repair/alteration), Condition 4 (Windows and doors), Condition 5 (Ironmongery), Condition 6 (Insulation and fire precaution details) and Condition 7 (Structural works)



8 Market Place

Planning Application 20212738


Removal and installation of internal walls on the first and second floor of Grade II Listed building



31 Springfield Road

Planning Application 20221486


Construction of single storey extension at rear of house (Class C3)



6, 6a & 6b Hotel Street, 4 Market Place, 6 Market Place, 8 Market Place

Planning Application 20212737


Change of use of first, second & third floors from tattoo parlour and offices (6, 6a & 6b Hotel St), offices (4 Market Place), beauty salon (6 Market Place), offices and hairdressers (8 Market Place) to 14 flats (4 x studio, 8 x 1bed, 2 x 2bed) (Class C3); first floor extension to rear; alterations




NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 19th October 2022


Meeting Ended – 19:20


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