Agenda item



Multicultural society

The Lord Mayor referred to both Leicester and the country as a whole being a multicultural society. He also noted that the leader of the country was a non-white person and he congratulated him on being the first. He felt that this represented a significant signal of the liberal and open nature of society and showed that there were opportunities for all. He also felt that the Prime Minister, as a proud and open Hindu, showed great tolerance and openness within the country.


Retiring Councillors

The Lord Mayor paid tribute to those Councillors who had indicated that they were stepping down at the forthcoming election. He thanked them for their service to the city.


Lord Mayor engagements

The Lord Mayor informed Council about a number of engagements which he had attended recently.


He referred to his charity for the year, the Sickle Cell Society, and in support of that charity, he attended the blood donor centre and was given a tour of the facilities. He noted that there was a shortage of blood and encouraged people to donate.


He also undertook visits to a number of other engagements, including:


·         The YMCA – where he learnt about the service they provided for the homeless.

·         Leicester University graduation - where he met the new Chancellor, Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

·         Schools – to raise awareness of Sickle Cell and promoted a competition that was being run.

·         Scouts presentation evening.

·         Jane Tomlinson fun run – where the Lord Mayor started the race.

·         Holocaust Memorial day – where the Lord Mayor took part in eye opening conversations, and heard disturbing details in presentations.

·         Honoured Citizens awards – to recognise volunteers for their contributions.

·         Launch of the racial literacy programme – a programme for improving diversity awareness in city shools, for which the city should be proud.


Dates for diaries

The Lord Mayor mentioned the following events which Members were encouraged to attend.

‘What Makes Leicester great’ – 18th March, Mercure Grand Hotel. An event which would be highlighting things which made Leicester stand up above other cities in the country. Celebrating things like the discovery of DNA, the Space Centre and sporting clubs.


Charity event at Leicester City Football Club on 29th March highlighting issues around Prostate Cancer which particularly affected men of colour.


Sponsored walk on 14th April. A sponsored walk to raise funds for charity had been organised by Leicester City in the Community but this was also supported by the, city’s cricket,  basketball and rugby clubs. He encouraged Members and their friends to take part.


War in Ukraine

The Lord Mayor referred to ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the importance this had in relation to Europe’s democracy. He encouraged Members to bear in mind any Ukrainians in our city and provide support where possible.



The Lord Mayor reflected that through visits to many community events, he had seen how well the city is supported by volunteers and how they operated ‘below the radar’ without receiving due praise and thanks. He encouraged Councillors to visit organisations in their ward to support in whatever way they could. He felt that volunteers went a long way to making the city harmonious.