Agenda item


Police Officers will be present to provide an update on policing issues in the ward.


Police Constable, Natalie Bogle and PCSO Dylan Land were present to provide an update on policing matters in the ward. The following points were noted:


·       Police Officers summarised the policing priorities for the ward, which included violence and sexual offences, criminal damage and arson and Anti-Social Behaviour.

·       Police Officers encouraged members of the public to report any concerns to increase knowledge of known issues in the area. Ability to enforce within the was noted to be proportional to the number of reports received from members of the public.

·       It was noted that some issues may not be present at the time of enforcement and encouraged regular reports if an issue re-occurred.


A member of the public raised concern about the levels of police presence in the ward. It was noted that there were only two dedicated officers for the area alongside response units for issues of the most concern. It was noted that officers were commonly present at or around the Eyres Monsell Community Centre and drove around the ward regularly while patrolling areas of most concern.


Members of the public noted that they could contact staff at the Community Centre about any concerns who could contact officers and request their presence.


A member of the public requested information on the murder that had been committed in the ward in the past month. It was noted that the suspect had been arrested, charged and detained in prison prior to the trial, which was expected to be held in April 2023. Two others suspected to be involved in the crime were under investigation.


A member of the public enquired about potential increase in police presence following the opening of the new prison nearby. It was noted that the prison was under the jurisdiction of the county and an officer will be invited to attend the next meeting to provide information.


Councillors noted that lighting concerns about the new prison had been addressed and moved, which would no longer impact local residents.


The Manager of the Eyres Monsell Community Centre raised concern about young teens climbing the building and running across the roof. Police noted the concern and noted that the identity of the offenders were known and would be actioned. Officers encouraged members of staff to keep trying to call via the 101 number when the issues occurred. ACTION: Officers to speak to the Manager of the Community Centre for further detail on Anti-Social Behaviour offenders.


Members of the public raised concern about lack of opportunities and entertainment for youth in the ward following the closure of magpie. ACTION: The Chair to contact the outreach youth team to discuss and organise potential youth activities in the ward.


A member of the public raised concern about prolific dog fouling. Officers noted the details from the resident and agreed to conduct a patrol on the road involved.


Members of the public raised concern about the length of time calling on 101. It was noted that due to the number of officers available, there may not be officers available to pick up the call.


A member of the public raised concern about ongoing parking and speeding issues, and the number of accidents that have occurred on Hillsborough Road. Police noted that of the two accidents on the road, one involved drunk driving. ACTION: An officer of Highways Department to be invited to the next meeting to discuss concerns around parking. ACTION: Police to look into speeding concerns on Hillsborough Road.