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The minutes of the Westcotes Community Meeting held on 20 March 2012 are attached and Members are asked to confirm them as a correct record.


The minutes of the meeting held on 20 March 2012 were received.


It was noted that the proposed meeting to discuss Section 106 funding and green space in the Ward had not been held yet, but would be arranged as soon as possible.


Further to minute 45, “General Planning and Development Matters”, it was reported by residents that the City Council had offered double glazing to the tenants of some properties near the development by Jamie Lewis Residential in Upperton Road.  It was thought that this was to reduce noise during the development, but not all tenants had received the offer.  The Chair undertook to look in to whether this was the case.


The Chair then gave updates on the issues raised under minute 45 as follows:-


·           Planning permission had been given for student accommodation above the Co-op on Briton Street, despite representations against this by the Ward Members;


·           The doctor proposing to establish a surgery on the CPH Thurmaston site was continuing with these plans.  The planning application from Jamie Lewis Residential to use part of the site for student accommodation had been refused;


·           The Planning Inspector had visited the hostel at 20 Westcotes Drive in relation to the appeal made by the applicants against the decision not to allow the property to be used as a hostel;


·           The Ward Members had asked Planning officers to check that the development on Western Road was in line with the plans approved.  Officers had confirmed that it was, but the plans were not necessarily reflected to scale in the drawings submitted by Jamie Lewis Residential; and


·           Consideration would be given to providing vinyl window coverings through European Gateway funding after consultation with local businesses.


The number of bins on the corner of Narborough Road and Westcotes Drive was increasing, (minute 46, “City Warden Service”, referred).  These were all full and had been there for nearly three months.  In reply, Jamie Stubbs, (City Warden for Westcotes Ward), advised that there had been problems in identifying the owners of some bins around the Ward, but an order had now been placed for various bins to be emptied.


Marie Murray, Area Manager, advised that the key for the noticeboard outside the Catholic Church had been found, (minute 49, “Any Other Business – a) Noticeboards”, referred).  It was suggested that investigations could be made to see if it was possible to move the board forward, as in its current location it was not possible to see what was on it.


Marie Murray also reported that it had transpired that the Handyperson Service had two more boards, which could be put up where required in the Ward.  Suggestions for where the additional boards could be located were invited.



1)    That the minute of the meeting held on 20 March 2012 be approved as a correct record;


2)    That a Special Westcotes Community Meeting be held before the next ordinary meeting to discuss:-


a)     how green space in the ward can be developed, including whether Section 106 funding can be used; and


b)     the amount of Section 106 funding outstanding and its possible uses;


3)    That the Ward Members look in to whether the City Council has offered double glazing to some tenants living in the Upperton Road area in order to reduce noise during the development being undertaken by Jamie Lewis Residential and, if it has, why this offer had not been made to all tenants in that area;


4)    That the Ward Members:-


a)     keep one key for the noticeboard at the Catholic church, to keep it accessible in the Ward; and


b)     approach the Catholic Church to see if it would be willing to move the notice board there to a position nearer the pavement and if it would like to keep a key for the board; and


5)    That the management committee at the Manor House be asked if it would like one of the remaining noticeboards and that residents be invited to pass suggestions for where the other one could be located to either the Ward Members or the Members Support Officer.

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