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Sergeant Simon Barnes of Leicestershire Constabulary reported that no crime had been recorded at this year’s Riverside Festival.  Issues with alcohol arising at last year’s Festival had been addressed, making this year’s event more family focussed.


The following crime statistics were reported:-



Number over the last 7 months

Number of the same period last year


Burglaries from dwellings




Burglaries – other than dwellings



The increase was due to a spate of store thefts, (eg, staff phones from under the counter)




Due to decreases in the Bede Park area

Theft from persons



This increase was partly due to the spate of store thefts referred to above

Thefts from motor vehicles



This was constantly high.  It had no particular pattern, although a lot of the thefts happened in the side streets off Narborough Road.  The main problem was people leaving items such as satellite navigation and phone equipment on view

Anti-social behaviour





Sergeant Barnes then drew attention to the following points:-


·           Westcotes Ward had seen the largest decrease in all crime of the four Wards covered from the Hinckley Road Local Policing Unit;


·           There had been 9 reported incidents at Bede Park;


·           The installation of 27 alley gates had started on 25 June and it was hoped that more could be installed later;


·           A meeting had been held with various agencies on 28 May about Bede Park.  This meeting looked at the issues for each agency present in relation to the new building developments in the Ward that were due to start in September; and


·           The cameras in Bede Park owned by De Montfort University were due to be upgraded in the new year.


It was noted that some consideration had been given to establishing an Alcohol Control Zone for Bede Park.  Introducing this would mean that the police would be able to enforce the removal of alcohol from people who it was felt were abusing alcohol, (for example, street drinkers, or larger groups of people drinking in the Park).  A meeting would be arranged to consider how this could be dealt with, following which residents living in the area around the Park and Park users would be consulted.


The Chair reported that, following previous concerns that the cameras in the Park were blocked by trees, he had met the Trees and Woodlands Officer.  However, to provide a clear view would mean either removing a whole row of trees, which had a visual value, or cutting them back on a regular basis.  The officer therefore had agreed to speak to De Montfort University to see if they would consider funding the installation of an arm on the camera pole, to extend the range of the camera.  (This arm would be fixed, but the camera head would be able to move round.)


In response to a question, the Meeting was reminded that film from De Montfort University’s cameras could only be viewed for specific reasons.  For example, the police could only view it in connection with crimes.


In conclusion, Sergeant Barnes advised the meeting that the role of the Neighbourhood Sergeant was changing to response policing.  It therefore was unlikely that he would be able to attend future Community Meetings himself on a regular basis, although there would be a police presence at the Meetings.


The Meeting thanked Sergeant Barnes for this work in the Ward.



That the introduction of an Alcohol Control Zone for Bede Park be supported.