Agenda item


Highfields Blues will be present at the meeting to provide information about the Highfields Blues project within the Stoneygate Ward.


Shelly Jackson (Paramedic from East Midlands ambulance service) and Anthony Wildgoose (Leicester Fire Rescue Service) were both present as representatives of Highfields Blues an initiative supported by the local commissioning group and Leicester City Council. The following information was presented:

·         Highfields Blues was made up of dedicated personnel from the Fire, Ambulance and Police emergency services with a primary focus to work together with the residents of Highfields, to promote health, fire safety and police security in the community.

·         One of the main aims was to help reduce demand and repeat calls on all the emergency services by supporting people in Highfields to help themselves by educating them about alternative support services.

·         There were 2 Police, 2 Fire service Officers and 2 Ambulance staff that were allocated to the Highfields Blues who would carry out free home visits, provide correct health, crime and emergency advice/ contact details. They would also look at fire safety in homes and provide households with fire escape plans. Occupational therapists could also assist in home visits.

·         Highfields Blues was noted as a three month feasibility project with an end date of 31 May 2017. Following this, there would be a two month evaluation period and community handover period whereby GP practices, community leaders, Councillors and other member of the community could continue to share the information in their communities and provide the correct advice.

·         It was noted that the nearest walk in centre for the Stoneygate Ward was Merlyn Vaz Health Centre.

·         It was requested that 999 only be rang if it was a life threatening situation. 999 calls would now be categorised with the level of emergency.

·         Further information and areas included for this project could be found at or call 0116 220 3247.


Residents/ Councillors concerns:

·         A resident commented that there were a lot of people in the Evington Road area who did not speak English. Shelly noted that documents in alternative languages were in the process of being created.

·         Councillor Chaplin queried whether the Merlyn Vaz Centre would remain as a walk in centre. Shelly replied that the service would be present until October 2017, following that it would be the decision of the Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). In this regard, it was advised that residents should call the 111 number to receive up to date information, to book appointment slots and also to be advised on the nearest walk in centre.

·         Councillor Chaplin and Master commented on the issue that calling the 101 number had a long answering response, which encouraged people to call 999. It was questioned whether there were any extra resources. Shelly informed the meeting that the 111 answer response was quite quick and they could also feed 101 queries back to the Police.

·         Anthony responded to a residents query that he was unsure of the likelihood of an extension of the project past May. Councillor Master added that there may not be a budget for continuation; however, following the project an analysis would take place to determine the impact. If there was a positive impact then more funding could possibly be available.

·         Councillor Chaplin requested posters for the Stoneygate Ward community notice boards (in a variety of languages if possible). It was reminded to attendees that 101 was also the number for reporting Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) concerns. Shelly confirmed that the posters would be provided.