Agenda item


Officers from the Local Policing Unit will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in Ward.


Police Sergeant (Sgt) Yusuf Nagdi gave the following update:

·         There were now two full-time and one part-time PC’s for the ward, as well as five PCSO’s.

·         Some unfortunate news was expressed that a Police colleague had recently passed away.


Crime in the Ward:





Burglary Dwellings & other













There were currently several key priorities in the Ward, where issues were occurring, this included:

·         Problem Solving Plan (PSP) in Prebend Gardens due to alcohol/ drug misuse. Reports had now decreased following works which had taken place with the Parks Team, partner agencies and patch walks.

·         Conduit Street – Dawn Centre.

·         Evington Road between the Co-op shop and One Stop shop,

·         St James Road.

·         The Police had been involved in regular patrolling, working with places of worship, ‘Day of Action Today’ – working with homeless people and a new business project on Evington Road – liaising with businesses.

·         The Police had been and would be holding more beat surgeries at the Co-op shop (Evington Road) and Somali development services (Abingdon Road) – it was noted that residents could visit these beat surgeries and talk to Police Officers for updates and with concerns.


Residents’ concerns:

·         It was reported that the locks and automatic closing system of the gate on Bartholomew Street was not working, this gate was funded by the Council as part of the Community Safety scheme. Sgt Nagdi would check if it had been looked into, if not he would deal with this.

·         There was a request for Highfields Blues leaflets be distributed to places of worship. Sgt Nagdi said that was possible but also wanted to build a relationship and become acquainted with people and businesses.


·         A resident and former community worker expressed concerns regarding recent knife crime incidents and associated tensions in the local community which he felt had been further aggravated due to the lack of funding for young peoples services available in this area.

·         He noted that ongoing youth projects were required and he was willing to be part of the implementation. It was queried to Councillors and the Police as to what measures they could implement to help improve the situation and commitments for young people.

·         Councillor Master commented on the situation. He said that there was no disagreement with the seriousness of the instances which had been occurring across the City. It was noted that the Police and Crime Commissioner were working on a knife crime initiative which would materialise in a few weeks but would also require more partner involvement. Councillor Master noted that he could commit to working on this in another forum with other interested people.

·         Councillor Chaplin commented that previous examples of similar campaigns could be used, some of which involved petitions and organised action. It was noted, regarding the impact that budget constraints had had on certain services. It was suggested that a community petition, which could be started at a Ward Community Meeting, ERNA meeting or a street meeting with wording which should reflect a wide ranging list of issues such as poor/no social housing, library closures, no community centres, no specialist youth teams, no careers advice etc. It was noted that Councillors would be willing to assist with the wording.

·         A resident informed the meeting that the jobcentre plus provided a free mentoring service for 18-24 year olds.

·         Councillor Thalukdar reminded residents that they could speak/ discuss issues with the Stoneygate Ward Councillors after the meeting or at their Councillors surgeries.

·         It was noted that a fundraiser would be held at Medway Community Primary School on Saturday 1 April, 12pm-4pm in support of the famine in East Africa.