Agenda item


Highways officers will give an update on highways issues in the Ward.


John Dowson, Team Leader, Sustainable Transport provided an update on local highway issues. Points made included the following:


·     He was not in a position to comment on the proposals for the new school because the application had not yet been brought to the Highways Department. Officers would respond appropriately on any scheme they considered to be unsafe.

·     The North West Transport Project had received £20m funding from the Government.

·     Highways officers considered the growth that would occur over the next 20 years; taking into account any plans for regeneration.

·     Traffic problems around the Five Ways junction were acknowledged; it had the worst accident rate for a city junction and officers were looking at options for improvement. 

·     There was a considerable amount of traffic going though Woodgate on route to other areas and it was hoped that by creating a more attractive alternative route, traffic could be encouraged to use the A6 to Anstey Lane. .

Comments received from members of the community included the following:


·     Concerns were expressed about potential accidents on Groby Road, with two lanes of traffic each way and vehicles turning right (for example into Medina Road).  There were also concerns about the impact on Brading Road.  

·     There were existing traffic issues on Anstey Lane, particularly at the start and end of the school day and concerns were expressed that the situation would deteriorate further.

·     With the ongoing regeneration, there would be even more traffic in the general area.

·     Concerns were expressed about HGVs servicing Tesco.  John explained that officers studied supermarket data to show the levels of traffic that might be expected and that methodology had been used for the Waterside regeneration.

·     A pedestrian crossing was needed on the A6 to help people cross the road to Abbey Park; it was currently extremely difficult for pedestrians, especially for those with children for example.

·     Concerns were expressed about parking at the Groby Road Health Centre.

·     A different layout for parking had been requested at the Buckminster Road shops. John responded that there would not be a slip road under the current proposals , but there would be a delivery space.  The Chair stated that she had asked for parking outside the shops to be time limited, to prevent people parking there all day. She asked Highways Officers to visit the site to observe the situation for themselves.

·     A request was made for a residents’ parking scheme, as the parking situation would become even more problematical with the new houses and flats being built. Additional comments were made that people parked in Woodgate when visiting the Highcross and the city centre.  John explained that there were residents’ parking schemes in the city; a consultation exercise would be necessary before any new scheme could be agreed. He was aware that the possibility of a residents’ parking scheme had been raised before. Councillor Cassidy suggested that residents may wish to submit a petition asking the Council to carry out a survey.


Councillor Cassidy asked that the request for a residents’ parking scheme be raised as an action from the meeting. Action Community Engagement Officer  / Highways Officer.


·     An attendee asked whether any progress had been made relating to speed measures on Darlington Road and Stokes Drive. Councillors explained that these roads were part of the Beaumont Leys ward but the query would be forwarded on.  Action: Community Engagement Officer.


The Chair drew the discussion to a close and asked John to look into the issues raised.