Agenda item


Officers from Leicestershire Police will be at the meeting to provide an update on police issues in Westcotes Ward.


PC Tam Bains provided an update on Policing issues in the ward with a year on year comparison of reported crime statistics for a 6 week period covering Dec/Jan from 2016/17 and 2017/18:


                                        2017/18                            2016/17

Burglaries (dwelling)          19                                    21

Theft of Vehicles               3                                      3

Theft from Vehicles           33                                    40

Robbery                            7                                      3


It was noted that:

·       Although burglary showed only a small drop overall year on year there had been a 20% reduction.

·       Most vehicles stolen had been recovered close by.

·       Over the year there had been an increase in theft of vehicle registration plates. A supply of tamper proof screws for reg’plates were made available for those present at the meeting.

Of the 7 robberies, 3 of those had seen suspects arrested, 3 offences related to people selling items online and agreeing to meet up in secluded location then being robbed – this was an emerging type of crime and everyone should be particularly careful when selling items online to avoid putting themselves in vulnerable situation, 1 instance where somebody had procured a professional service and on arrival at property other males turned up and stole equipment.


The local policing unit were focusing on Knife Crime in the area and had carried out a series of test purchases at shops in Narborough Road. 4 shops had failed those test purchases and advice had been given. Further licence visits and ongoing trading standards work would continue.


The police were also engaging with educational work on knife crime with younger people.


It was reported that 2 addresses had been identified involving criminality and the police were working with the landlord to evict those involved and return the properties to residential family use.


Following reports of distraction burglaries around Norfolk Street the police had done a series of leaflet drops and council workers had been advised to show their ID and there had not been any recent reports of this type of burglary in the area.

ACTION: Councillor Russell to feedback to Service Managers in Council to ensure their staff are wearing council ID and showing this when they are dealing with residents.


It was noted that the removal of trees near the Merry Monarch had significantly improved the area and reduced ASB.


Residents raised concerns of ASB on Gaul Street with people drinking in the street and urinating. Police confirmed that they had powers to act on the PSPO covering this area and were monitoring the situation.


The police advised that licensing checks were being carried out in the area and premises selling alcohol were being reminded of their licence terms and conditions.


Residents raised concerns about unusual activity, drug use and fighting in the alleyway near the Vision Pharmacy. Councillor Russell suggested if this was not a public right of way that alley gates could be installed.

ACTION: City Warden to investigate possibility of installing alley gates.


It was noted that September had seen a spike in burglaries affecting students new to the area. Police confirmed that they did work with student accommodation agencies to raise awareness and all residents were reminded to be vigilant, keep their property secure, lock doors and windows and ensure simple measures like closing and securing back gates to properties were done.


PC Tam Bains concluded by informing those present that the Leicestershire Police were conducting a recruitment drive, information leaflets were available and applications could be made online by 31/1/18.


7.23pm Police officers left the meeting.