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The Action Log of the meeting held on 19 June 2018 is attached for information and discussion.


The Action Log from the previous meeting held 19 June was noted.


Attendees were invited to discuss items on the action log, and during the discussion, the Rt Hon Keith Vaz entered the meeting at the invitation of the Councillors.


Attendees were asked to note:


·      An attendee said that he had previously reported parking problems on the corner of Woodbridge Road, but there had been no improvement to the situation. There was a wholesale business there but no parking spaces and although there were double yellow lines, they were faded. Noted that they need to be re-painted.  Action: Community Engagement Officer to report to Highways.


·      The Rt Hon Keith Vaz expressed concerns at the continual closure of Loughborough Road due to the roadworks and the detrimental impact that this was having on trade on Belgrave Road. He questioned why it was taking so long.  Councillor Willmott explained that the work to put in flood defences was important and was due to be completed at the weekend, however it would now take a further two weeks to complete.


·      Mr Vaz said that it was important that Rushey Mead prepared for Diwali as too much just happened in Belgrave. However, this year there would be a walk for Diabetes from Rushey Mead to the stage, so Diwali would extend to Rushey Mead. Mr Vaz said that he would like to liven up Melton Road as well.


·      Mr Vaz expressed strong concerns over the proposals to move the Level 3 ICU from the Leicester General Hospital to the Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI). He had concerns that whilst the NHS were saying that they wanted to spend money on the LRI, there was no reception open after 6pm, a lack of signposting and people didn’t know where the entrance was. He believed that Leicester needed the three hospitals, it needed the specialist care and it should be noted that Leicester had an ageing population. Mr Vaz urged attendees to sign the on-line petition on


·      Councillor Clair provided an update on Rushey Mead Library. He said that a three-month pause had been agreed to allow for further discussions. The Friends of Rushey Mead Library were due to submit a proposal by 30 September 2018, but this had not been received. Councillor Clair had suggested that the group should ask for an extension and at their request, a week’s extension had been allowed. Cllr Clair said that they were currently waiting for that proposal. He said that an official announcement had not been made, but he had however made the decision that the Rushey Mead Recreation Centre and the Library would remain open. The proposals however from the Friends of Rushey Mead Library would still be needed. When asked whether this would be for a few months, Cllr Clair said that he could not say that the two buildings would remain open indefinitely but he was referring to more than a few months. Mr Vaz said that this was splendid news and all three of the ward councillors deserved thanks for their work to keep the library open. He said that work should be ongoing with the user groups to improve the facility.


The Chair thanked Councillor Clair and Mr Vaz who left the meeting at this point.

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