Agenda item



a)     Belgrave Hall Conservation Area Society

All to note that the Society will be holding an evening celebrating bygone Belgrave at 7.30 pm on 21 April 2019 at the Claremont Street Methodist Church.


b)     Proposed One-Way Traffic System for the Doncaster Road Area

All to note:

·           The Council’s Planning and Development Control Committee has been consulted on a proposal to create a one-way traffic system in the Doncaster Road area;

·           Councillor Chamund was unable to remain at the Planning and Development Control Committee meeting for the discussion on this item as she had to attend another meeting, but was concerned that a Councillor from another Ward had addressed the Committee on the proposal.


c)     Parking at Religious Worship Centres

Highways officers and the City Warden asked to look at the problems caused by large numbers of people parking in streets near religious worship centres that only have small car parks.

Ward Community and Engagement Officer asked to invite Fire and Rescue Service representatives to a future meeting to discuss problems accessing certain streets due to parking in those streets.

Planning officers asked to take these concerns in to consideration when considering future planning applications for establishments that potentially will have large numbers of people attending at any one time.


d)     Parking in Jermin Street

All to note that irresponsible parking in Jermin Street, (for example, across corners and vehicles extending beyond corners), is causing problems in Jermin Street.

Highways officers asked to look in to the problem and advise what action can be taken.


e)     Parking in Brandon Street

All to note the parking problems being experienced in Brandon Street making it difficult for some people living there to park.

All to note that a property is obstructed if it is not possible to enter the property, not if it is not possible to leave it.


f)      Dog Fouling in Munnings Close

Housing officers to work with City Warden to try and stop dog fouling on the grassed area in the Close and to liaise with Ward Councillors to advise of what, if any, action can be taken.

All to note that new conditions of tenancy in Council-owned properties are being developed, which should be more robust than previous conditions.


g)     Responsibility for Gardens at Council-owned Properties

All to note that four teams work on the maintenance of communal grounds of Council-owned properties, so work on them in rotation.  These teams are unable to maintain gardens at individual properties.  Other voluntary help may be available from organisations and charities, but cannot not be relied on to maintain all relevant areas.

All to advise neighbourhood housing officers if communal grounds are not being maintained.

Ward Community and Engagement Officer to include an item on garden maintenance on the agenda of the next meeting.


h)     Rubbish Clearance by Volunteers from the Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre

All to note:

·           Up to December 2018, volunteers from the Centre had removed 1,997 bags of rubbish (the equivalent of approximately 17 skips) from the River Soar.  The success of this has meant that Kingfishers can now be seen along that stretch of the river;

·           Ward Community Budget funding has been requested from the Belgrave, Rushey Mead and Abbey Wards towards the rubbish clearance;

·           Rubbish clearance was undertaken every month.  In the summer, this was often in the evenings, but at this time of year it is usually at weekends; and

·           Further information on the clean-up and details of how to volunteer can be obtained from the Centre.


i)      Health Event

All to note that a free event is being held between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm at the Brandon Street health unit.  Doctors will be available for brief consultations and mini health checks will be available.


j)      Holi Event

Highways officers and Festivals officers asked to note concerns that a parking plan and the anticipated timescales of the Holi event on 20 March have not been widely advertised, so may lead to a chaotic situation for those living in the area and those arriving for the event.


k)     Anti-Social Behaviour

Police and City Warden asked to look in to reports of smoking, drinking and verbal abuse of passers-by in Ascot Road.

All asked to pass any evidence of this to the City Warden and/or the Police.