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Members to receive a report presenting the draft addendum to the Police and Crime Plan, which also serves as the business plan for the OPCC for approval by the Police and Crime Panel.


The Police and Crime Panel considered a report setting out the principal changes to the Police and Crime Plan in the form of an addendum (the plan) which also serves as the business plan for the OPCC for approval.


The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) introduced the report and explained how the Covid 19 crisis had led to the postponement of the PCC elections until May 2021 resulting in the current PCC term of office being extended another year.


The panel noted key points that:

·         This plan was intended as an addendum to the original Police and Crime Plan which covered a period until 2021, the extended time period was to maximise continuity and ensure strategic direction was maintained.

·         The addendum was ambitious in its aims and demonstrated commitment to continuing development over the remaining term.

·         The plan would be monitored using existing arrangements although it was dependent on the staffing model for the OPCC.

·         In terms of consultation, due to the current Covid 19 situation there had been limited engagement with communities, but steps were being taken to continue engaging with communities and the refreshed plan had been introduced to partners through the Strategic Partnership Board.

·         The plan had a clear central theme to prevent harm to communities and included short term and long term elements.

·         The approach to prevention was being consolidated and the key element focused on Police services whilst holding the Police to account and ensuring there were arrangements in place to do that.

·         Funds had been committed over the coming year to commission partners and community based organisations to help achieve the Plan. Work would continue to recommission services supporting those subjected to domestic or sexual violence and abuse as well as substance abuse services and funds were being used flexibly, to stimulate local community collaboration works.

·         Communications would continue to be developed both with communities and with all stakeholders.

·         More was being done to analyse and use data effectively to help understand primary causes of harm and to progress adoption of a preventative approach.

·         Steps were being taken towards greater efficiency in Office Management, the Covid 19 crisis had challenged existing working practices, forcing change and accelerating some of the improvements that were needed. Over the coming year executive support work would continue to be developed.


Panel members discussed the report and commented as follow:

·         The collaboration aspects were crucial and panel members were glad that remained central to the plan.

·         Referring to proposals for a new prison in Glen Parva it was noted that Blaby District Council had begun to engage with the local community however building infrastructure arrangements still needed to be progressed and discussion around that was not yet advanced.

·         In relation to political format the Strategic Board was primarily made up of officers and there was talk of introducing political involvement. Panel members welcomed recognition that there was a need to be more proactive in how elected members were involved.

·         In terms of Added Value the OPCC were exploring broadening engagement through opportunities presented by panel members as well as exploring other practical ways of adding value such as drawing on existing knowledge and experience.


It was noted in Keith Culverwell’s absence he had submitted comments in an email in which he thanked the PCC and his deputy for continuing in office, providing continuity and stability in these challenging times and noting that the addendum contained many strengths.


The Monitoring Officer explained that the Police and Crime Plan was an item that the panel needed to actively endorse including any revisions. The Chair moved that the panel approve the plan and upon being put to the vote all those present were unanimously in favour of the changes and the Police and Crime Panel Addendum was approved.


The Panel commended the Police’s response to recent high profile events in Leicester City and the work it had undertaken particularly in maintaining good community relations during this difficult period. 



That the Panel approves and supports in full the revisions to the Police and Crime Plan and Addendum;


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