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The Director of Planning, Development and Transportation submits a report on planning applications received for consideration by the Panel.


Richard Gill made a speech paying tribute to the work of Chris Sawday, who passed away earlier in the month. A valued member of CAP since 2006, his loss will be keenly felt.



A) Fleet Street, Fleet House

Planning Application 20200942


The members unanimously supported the retention of the Locally Listed Fleet House and the principle of the development. The scale and massing were broadly supported, considered as appropriate for its context. The legibly modern design of the scheme was welcomed, allowing Fleet House to retain its architectural distinction and prominence.


Whilst the material palette and elevation treatments were broadly supported, the red brick blocks flanking Fleet House (Block A and C) were considered as overly prominent, of poor relationship to the existing building. The criticism was in relation to their design as read against the gables of the retained building. The members concluded that the junction between the new and the old needs to be improved and rationalised, preferably by a stepped-back massing, reconsidered alignment and an addition of a gap between Fleet House and Block A, to allow the ghost sign to be visible.


The elevation treatment and definition of Block D1 were criticised, creating a poor relationship with the Locally Listed 80 Wharf Street South. The members suggested that the horizontal alignment with the asset should be improved, whilst more definition added to the blank side gable of the grey brick block fronting onto Old Milton Street. The dominant height of the ground floor of the Locally Listed Building should be taken as a reference point for the detailing of the new build.  





B) 125 - 129 VAUGHAN WAY

Planning Application 20181552


The members appreciated the reduced height and revised material palette of the scheme. Whilst the total mass and height of the extension were not objected to, the lack of clarity regarding finish (colour and quality) and the lack of definition to blank corner gable fronting onto the Grade II Listed Former Richard Roberts’ Factory were criticised.


The Panel requested that the definition of the gable is improved and suggested that this may be done by introduction of continuous banding to match features to the front elevation of the existing building. As is, this element was regarded as overbearing, of potential to adversely affect the setting and significance of the Grade II Listed asset.





C) 14 Jarvis Street

Planning Application 20200801


The scheme was supported by all members of the Panel. They complimented the finish and definition of the new development. In particular, the red brick elevations and recessed brick panels to south elevation were appreciated, considered as a good reflection of the character and features of the Locally Listed Former Generator House. The development was commended as good addition to its locality, with no objections raised. The Panel did recommend the recessed brick panel detail was pronounced as it was a visually valuable feature.  





D) 19-23 Burleys Way

Planning Application 20200791


Although the Panel criticised some aspects of the design and external refurbishment of the development (e.g. the metal cladding to corner feature), comprising loss of architectural definition and original features of the northern section of the block, they concluded that the alterations and the upward extension will have a negligible impact on views onto the Grade I Listed St Margaret’s Church and the significance of the  adjacent Locally Listed Former Pineapple PH. They agreed that the prominence of both assets will not be affected by the development.





E) Kerrysdale Avenue, Wyvern Arms

Planning Application 20200900


The members commented on the quality and legibility of the plans, criticising the relationship between the existing and proposed features of the scheme as illustrated. From the information submitted, they considered that the development will have a limited impact on the Locally Listed asset but requested that the windows to the front elevation of the top extension are removed. They concluded that this would render the scheme admissible, as the scheme would then be a neutral addition to the building, read as an extension of the existing roofscape, with no adverse impact on the significance and architectural merit of the asset under consideration.





F) 37 Welford Road, Reynard House

Planning Application 20201009


The Panel focused on the impact of the development on the adjacent Locally Listed Former Jemsox Factory at 39-41 Welford Road. The scheme was considered excessive in regard to the Locally Listed asset, of potential to have a detrimental effect on its prominence and significance. Otherwise, the design was criticised as undistinguished and bland, creating a top-heavy and over-prominent addition into the streetscene. The scheme was considered as inferior to the approved development and not acceptable from a conservation perspective. 





The following applications were reported for Members' information but no additional comments were made.



Belgrave Circle SW

Planning Application 20200863


Installation of 20m high monopole; 3 cabinets



Abbey Park Road

Planning Application 20200873


Installation of 20m high monopole; 3 cabinets



Norfolk Street, West End

Planning Application 20200814


Installation of 20m high monopole; 4 cabinets



42 Sandown Road

Planning Application 20200541


Part retrospective application for alterations to garage at front of house (Class C3)



8 College Avenue

Planning Application 20200425


Installation of roof lights to front and construction of dormer extension to rear of house (Class C3)



132-140 Charles Street, Agin Court

Planning Application 20200756


Installation of ventilation flue at the side of the building to restaurant (Class A3)



3 Carisbrooke Road

Planning Application 20200782


Construction of single storey extension at rear of house (Class C3)



Regent Road, Verge

Planning Application 20201019


Installation of 20m high monopole; 3 cabinets



Checketts Road

Planning Application 20200959


Installation of 20m high monopole; 3 cabinets



Beauchamp City Sixth Form, 1 South Albion Street

Planning Application 20200160


Installation of two internally illuminated wall signs, one internally illuminated totum sign, one non-illuminated fascia sign, one nonilluminated wall sign and eighteen non-illuminated window signs to school (Class D1)



16 Salisbury Road

Planning Application 20200945


Installation on two non-illuminated free standing signs at front of property (Sui Generis)



Goscote House, 40 Sparkenhoe Street

Planning Application 20200755


Notification of demolition of 22 storey tower block (Class C3)



58 Stretton Road

Planning Application 20200932


Change of use from house (Class C3) to house in multiple occupation for more than 6 persons (7 bedroom) (Sui Generis); construction of dormer to rear; alterations



16 Toller Road

Planning Application 20200710


Construction of single storey extension at the side and rear; partly demolition of the existing garage at the side;, alterations to house (Class C3)



2 Wellington Street

Planning Application 20200830


Replacement of existing gate (Class D1)



80 Belgrave Gate

Planning Application 20200616


Change of use of part of ground floor from shop (Class A1) and first and second floors from offices (Class B1(a)) to six self-contained flats (6x1 bed) (Class C3); construction of second storey extension at rear; alterations



Regent Road, Regent College

Planning Application


Construction of single storey building to rear of college (Class D1)



8 Toller Road

Planning Application


Installation of 5 replacement double glazed timber framed windows at

front and side of house (Class C3)



170 London Road

Planning Application 20200839


Change of use from offices (Class B1(a)) to 9 student flats (sui generis); alterations



170 London Road

Planning Application 20200840


Internal and external alterations to grade II listed building



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