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The Director of Planning, Development and Transportation submits a report on planning applications received for consideration by the Panel.


A) Hinckley Road, Western Park Open Air School

Planning Application 20202126 and 20202119


Change of use to office (use class E(g)(i)) and community building with cafe; demolition of two buildings and fire damaged elements; construction of three new elements; extensions; construction of bridge over watercourse and new internal driveway.


Internal and external alterations to listed buildings to facilitate change of use to offices and community building with cafe; demolition of two buildings and fire damaged elements; construction of three new elements; extensions; construction of new access driveway and footbridge over watercourse.


The panel focussed on the poor condition of the buildings on site and their long term vacancy, offering support to the principle of a development that brought the site back into use. They considered that there was a lack of three-dimensional imagery of how the new structures would look in relation to the existing older ones and requested that some new drawings be produced. These could be ‘part elevations’ to reduce the cost. Some concerns expressed about window detail and materials, but these were considered best negotiated via the Planning Officer and colleagues. 





B) 20 St Peter's Lane, Former Debenhams, Highcross

Planning Application 20210461


Demolition of vacant retail store and car parking spaces; construction of 15, 13 and 8 storey building comprising commercial floorspace on lower and upper ground floor (Class E) and 332 residential units (Class C3); associated access, parking, cycle parking, refuse and amenity landscaping


The panel were supportive of the principle of redevelopment and had no objection to the demolition of the existing building on the site. They considered that the new use would be likely to increase footfall in the local area and that this would be beneficial to the vibrancy of the adjacent commercial streets and support investment in the historic building stock. However, they considered that the development was out of scale with the character of the area and the taller elements did not have a grounding in the existing townscape context. The scale was such that it would harm the setting of nearby heritage assets, such as the Great Meeting House, and compete with the existing nationally listed landmarks of the Cathedral and St Margaret’s Church.


The panel were supportive of the increased active frontage to East Bond Street and after a debate considered that the bricks - whilst quite a heavy treatment, had some merit in terms of the context, with some of the architectural detail, such as the deep recesses, praised. The scale of this element was considered to be quite large, but not significantly out of scale with the existing structure. Although additional verified views were requested, the lower element was considered to be potentially acceptable. However, the taller 13 and 15 storey elements were of concern, both in terms of bulk and height, with a lack of distinctive ‘landmark architectural quality’ that could have helped in those terms.





C) 32-40 Market Street, former Fenwick Building

Planning Application 20210155 and 20210156


Alterations and replacement of shopfronts; replacement windows on first floor and repair and maintenance of other windows as specified; lighting; and other associated works.


External alterations to Grade II listed building including alterations and replacement of shopfronts; replacement windows on first floor and repair and maintenance of other windows as specified; lighting; and other associated works


The panel were supportive of the principle of repurposing the former department store and noted that much of the scheme had previously been approved. They raised concerns with the total loss of the green paint colour on the external aspects of the building and its replacements with grey. They considered that the green was ‘iconic’ and an integral part of the history of the building, with the colour mentioned in the listing description. The grey colour was considered to have a monotonous and dull appearance across the whole property and it was suggested that some green is retained within the building envelope. Although the existing shopfronts were acknowledged to be of later date, the panel raised some concerns to the uniform appearance of the new shopfronts. The generally cohesive relationship with the upper floors was noted, but it was considered that there was a lack of variation in terms of the different phases of the building’s development and more variety or differentiation at the transition points was needed. The Panel objected to the proposed new slim profile aluminium windows in the two sections they are proposed for, noting that the larger scale panes on the existing were representative of the historic use of the department store. Although it was acknowledged that the existing windows could be problematic in terms of the new subdivided residential use, the panel considered that the design of the new ‘domestic’ windows could be more sympathetic to the existing design. More generally, the minor detail was generally considered to be acceptable, but the proposed new signage at first floor level at the junction of Belvoir Street and Bowling Green Street was not considered to be appropriate.





The following applications were reported for Members' information but no additional comments were made.


Further details on the cases below can be found by typing the reference number into:



81 Frederick Road

Planning Application 20201590


Retrospective application for construction of single storey extension at front and dormer extension at front and rear of flats (Class C3); alterations



Charter Street, Kapital Buildings

Planning Application 20200293


Demolition of industrial building (Class B1/B2). Construction of six storey hotel with 110 bedrooms (Class C1). Change of use from industrial (Class B1/B2) and single storey roof top extension to mixed use to include children’s play area, bowling alley, conference/banqueting suite, gym (Class E) and 14 x 2 bed residential/live work units. Car parking. (amended plans) (s106 agreement)



4 Eldon Street, Workshop at Rear

Planning Application 20202378


Change of use from industrial (Class B2) to cafe (Class E); installation of new shop front



173 Belgrave Gate

Planning Application 20210307


Demolition of outbuilding and construction of three storey extension at rear and additional storey to roof to form nine flats (9 x studio flats) (Class C3)



28 Mill Hill Lane

Planning Application 20210230


Change of use from house (Class C3) to two flats (2 x 1 bed) (Class C3); construction of single storey extension at rear; dormer extension at rear



1 Wharf Street South, Telecommunications Exchange

Planning Application 20210456


Installation of 2.5m high mesh fence; 3 gates at North elevation and new plant on the roof (Sui Generis)



5 Lee Street, The Exchange, British Telecom

Planning Application 20210146


Retrospective application for the replacement of window with semi-open louvre for ventilation in plant room



Thurcaston Road, 2 Crabtree Cottage

Planning Application 20210631


Construction of single storey extension at rear; installation of one rooflight on house (Class C3)



9 Sanvey Lane, The Sanctuary Workshops

Planning Application 20210383


Change of use from place of worship, hall and workshop (Class F1) to 2 flats (2 x 1 bed) (1 x 2 bed) (Class C3); installation of 6 rooflights; alterations



20 Stoneygate Court, 298 London Road

Planning Application 20210041


Installation of replacement windows with aluminium to match rest of house (Class C3) (amended)



5 Bowling Green Street

Planning Application 20210232


Change of use of basement and ground floor from office (Class E) to one self-contained flat (4 bed) (Class C3); alterations (amended plans 17/03/2021)



25 De Montfort Street, Halford House

Planning Application 20210238


Change of use from four self-contained flats (2x1 bed & 2x2 bed) (Class C3) to seven self-contained student flats (2 studio, 1x4 bed, 1x2 bed) (Sui Generis); alterations



22 Knighton Drive, Chestnut House

Planning Application 20210483


Alterations to roof of a residential apartment building (Class C3)



4 Knighton Drive

Planning Application 20210470


Change of use of former coach house to dwelling (1 x 2 bed) (Class C3); dormer extensions at side and rear; alterations



7 St Martins Walk

Planning Application 20210241


Installation of three awnings at front of restaurant (Class E)



Bath Lane, Site Between Alexander Street and Ruding Street

Planning Application 20210710


One internally illuminated vertical fascia sign and one internally illuminated projecting sign to the entrance of new student accommodation building




Northgate Street, Soar Lane, Leicester Waterside

Planning Application 20210371


Construction of 11 houses (11 x 3-bed) with associated parking, access and landscaping (part retrospective re-plan of plots 35, 36-44 and 56 of Reserved Matters approval reference - 20182255) (Class C3)



26-28 Granby Street

Planning Application 20210614


Change of use of part of ground floor and first and second floors from restaurant (Class E) to four self-contained flats (4x1 bed) and two studio flats (Class C3); demolition of part of first floor, construction of first and second floor extension and smoke shaft and installation of external staircase and ventilation flue to rear; alterations



49 Lower Brown Street

Planning Application 20210281


Construction of one single storey building to rear of site to form 3 x 1 bedroom student flats; alterations and courtyard/amenity space (Sui Generis)



12 Toller Road

Planning Application 20210489


Construction of a single storey extension at rear of house (Class C3); alterations




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