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The Director of Planning, Development and Transportation submits a report on planning applications received for consideration by the Panel.


A) St Peters Lane and Churchgate, Land at corner

Planning Application 20210727


Construction of four storey building to include one retail unit (Class E) to ground floor and flats (7 x 1 Bed; 8 x 2 Bed) from ground to third floor (Class C3)


Whilst the panel considered that there were some improvements in evidence in the design and articulation of the proposed complex relative to precious submission, with the legibly active frontage to the ground floor commended, the Panel had significant concerns regarding’s the development’s impact on the character of the Conservation Area and the setting of a number of Grade II Listed assets.


The absence of a satisfactory Heritage Statement with the application was criticised on a technical level but it was further argued that this should have been produced to help inform the design development and that the scheme would have benefitted from such an approach. 


The members considered that the development failed to correspond positively to the historic environment and local distinctiveness of the area, lacking a contextually appropriate form and design. The overtly bulky top storey, which was seen as lacking definition and visual interest, was considered as particularly problematic and inappropriate in its context. Some members suggested that a mansard roof would have been better and/or more detail on a high-quality finish, but others considered the storey should be removed altogether.


The lack of consistency in detail between the AVRs and elevational drawings was also noted. A blank elevation fronting onto the Grade II Listed Great Meeting School, as shown in one AVR, was noted as being particularly prominent as approached from the west along St Peter’s Lane and was not considered to be a suitable solution.


Whilst the principle of the redevelopment of the site was strongly supported, it was concluded that the development as currently proposed would fail to preserve or enhance the Conservation Area and the setting nationally listed building in its immediate proximity.





B) 332 Narborough Road

Planning Application 20210092


Construction of two storey extension at rear of ground and first floor flats (2 x 1 bed) (Class C3) to create additional bedrooms (2 x 4 bed) (Class C3); ramped access to south side; alterations.


The scale, footprint and massing of the proposed new extension were regarded as excessive in its context, failing to read as subservient and complimentary to the existing building. The design and format were criticised for their lack of adequate contextual response, including detailing and definition, to the architectural interest of the former lodge. The blankness of the proposed side elevation was considered as particularly harmful. The members also criticised the level of proposed alterations to the non-designated asset, as well as the limited and incomplete information submitted. 


The unauthorised works were also noted, deemed as harmful to the special significance and architectural interest of the building and the setting of a number of adjacent non-designated heritage assets.


The panel members concluded that the scheme is unacceptable from conservation perspective, failing to preserve or enhance this important local heritage asset.





The following applications were reported for Members' information but no additional comments were made.


Further details on the cases below can be found by typing the reference number into:



371 London Road

Planning Application 20210798


Installation of 2.4m high boundary wall, railings and gates to the front of dwellinghouse (Class C3)



St Barnabas C of E Primary School

Planning Application 20211042


Replacement of windows to school (Class F1)



126 London Road

Planning Application 20210694


Installation of one internally illuminated fascia sign at front; one awning at front of cafe (Class E)



126 London Road

Planning Application 20210690


Alterations of shopfront (Class E)



33-49 Market Street

Planning Application 20200878


Change of use from Shops (Class A1) to 14 residential units (4X1 bed, 9x2 bed, 1x3bed) (Class C3), insertion of dormer windows and external alterations.



8 Haig Place

Planning Application 20210825


Construction of two storey side and rear extension to house (Class C3)



123 Loughborough Road

Planning Application 20210575


Demolition of garage and outbuilding at side of dwellinghouse; Construction of two storey (3 bed) dwellinghouse (Class C3)



Islamic Da Wah Academy Halls of Residence, 120 Melbourne Road

Planning Application 20211114


Construction of two storey extension at rear; alterations to residential institution (Class C2)



36 Millstone Lane

Planning Application 20201470


Change of use from light industrial (Class B1(c) to 26 student flats (Sui Generis); removal of rear basement doorway and existing skylights, installation of lightwell at rear, installation of new windows and roof lights and installation of solar photovoltaics to roof



7 St Martins Walk

Planning Application 20210242


Retrospective application for installation of three non-illuminated fascia signs to front of restaurant (Class E)



190 Belgrave Road, Balmoral Hotel

Planning Application 20211083


Enlargement of ground floor windows and bricking up of doorway which face Belgrave Road of public house (sui generis)



50 New Walk

Planning Application 20210077


Construction of a storage shed in car park of building (Class D1)



107 Granby Street, Last Plantagenet

Planning Application 20201018


Change of use from drinking establishment (Class A4) and offices (Class B1) to student accommodation (56 x studios) (Sui Generis) at first – fourth floors and part-ground floor and basement, with commercial use at part-basement and ground levels - restaurant/drinking establishment. External alterations. (Amended Plans)



26 Holmfield Road

Planning Application 20210899


Construction of single storey and second floor storey (loft) extension to the rear of property (Class C3); replacement of windows; alterations



1 Gallowtree Gate

Planning Application 20211105


Installation of two internally illuminated fascia signs; two internally illuminated projecting signs at front of restaurant (Class E).



80 Belgrave Gate

Planning Application 20210945


Change of use of part of ground floor from shop (Class E) and first and second from offices (Class E) to three self-contained flats (3 x 1 bedroom) (Class C3); alterations



11 Pendene Road

Planning Application 20210758


Construction of single storey extension at front and rear of dwellinghouse (Class C3); alterations



36 King Street, Kings Head

Planning Application 20210398


Construction of first floor retractable gazebo canopy at rear of pub (Sui Generis).



29 Albion Street & 22-32 Wellington Street, Wellington House

Planning Application 20210453


Single-storey roof extension for 12 flats (2 x 1bed & 10 x 2bed) (Class C3), alterations to lower ground floor vehicle parking, cycle & bin stores



20 Stoneygate Court, 298 London Road

Planning Application 20210867


Installation of replacement windows with white aluminium to match rest of building (Class C3)



Ashton Green Road

Planning Application 20211201


Notification of proposed installation of an 18.0m high monopole; ancillary works



The Frassati, 45 Wellington Street

Planning Application 20210557


Retrospective application for the replacement of two doors to the front of community centre (Class F1)



43 Stoughton Road

Planning Application 20211272


Construction of two storey extension at side of house; single storey extension at rear



1 Pocklingtons Walk

Planning Application 20210536


Change of use from Offices to 10 flats; alterations.



1 Pocklingtons Walk

Planning Application 20210537


Internal and external alterations to Grade II listed building to facilitate partial conversion to ten flats.



1 Tyndale Street

Planning Application 20210719


Construction of dormer extensions at front and rear of property; alterations [Amended drawings received on 02/06/2021]



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Meeting Ended – 18:00

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