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The Director of Planning, Development and Transportation submits a report on planning applications received for consideration by the Panel.


A) 170 London Road

Planning Application 20211424 and 20211425


Change of use from offices (Class E) to 6 student flats (sui generis); alterations


Retrospective application for internal and external alterations to Grade II Listed Building to enable change of use from offices (Class E) to 6 student flats (Sui generis)


The members commented on the clear architectural interest and quality of the Grade II Listed building and agreed that the harm to the building caused by the unauthorised works has been considerable. They expressed considerable concerns in relation to the level of detail and information submitted, considered insufficient considering the level of damage and alterations proposed, including no methodology of reinstatement works proposed to rectify the harm. The removal of the staircase to the rear of the property was considered as particularly problematic. The creation of a toilet cubicle on top of the main staircase was considered unacceptable, based on its impact on the original floorplan and legibility of the space.


Otherwise, the members agreed that the internal and external alterations proposed cannot be adequately accessed in the context of the unauthorised development that has taken place. They requested that all damage is rectified prior to any application for change of use and internal & external alterations to the Grade II Listed building.





B) Lee Circle, City Industrial Units

Planning Application 20211339


Demolition of buildings; Construction of a 5 and 6 storey building comprising of 93 flats (15 x studios, 45 x 1 bed, 33 x 2 bed); substation; communal amenity space and facilities


The members agreed that the scheme is an improvement to the previous submission. They commended the reinstatement of the arched features to the ground floor but noted that these could be better highlighted, for example through a fenestration design that responded better to the framing provided. The general scale of the building was considered acceptable. 


It was noted again that the visuals provided by the applicant could be better in terms of presenting the building in context. It was noted that some of the presented detailing could be improved, including the top storey cladding and UPVC windows across the building. More information on framing to glazing and materials was requested. 





C) 20 St Peter's Lane, Former Debenhams Highcross

Planning Application 20210461


Demolition of vacant retail store and the removal of existing car parking spaces; construction of 12, 11 and 8 storey building comprising commercial floorspace on lower and upper ground floor (Class E) and 305 residential units (Class C3); associated access, parking, cycle parking, refuse and amenity landscaping. (Amended 23/7/2021)


The scheme was considered to be a significant improvement to the previous submission in terms of scale, massing and elevational treatments. The members commented on the fitting choice of the brickwork, improved window articulation and generally improved appearance, in particular when viewed from Mansfield Street. Although aspects of the height were considered to be at a challenging scale and a view would be lost of the Cathedral spire, the reduced quantum of development was deemed to be acceptable.


The impact on the Church Gate Conservation Area and the Grade II Listed buildings in close proximity to the site was considered to be acceptable on balance, with no objections raised.




D) Abbey Park Road, Land North East of River Soar Bridge

Planning Application 20211869


Construction of new pedestrian and cycle footbridge across the River Soar to North of road bridge (Sui Generis)


While the member have not objected to the principle of the scheme, they considered the current design of the bridge to be unacceptable in its context, failing to preserve the setting of the Grade II Listed asset.


The members criticised the proposed bridge as overtly bulky and dominant in relation to the existing bridge.  Its height relative to the existing bridge parapet was noted and judged to be excessive. It was agreed that a more light-weight and subservient alternative should be explored, with particular focus on lowering the height of the parapet.




E) 2 Ratcliffe Road

Planning Application 20211767


Demolition of single-storey garage and conservatory; construction of a two storey extension at rear of house (Class C3)


The members had no objections to the principle of loss of the existing single storey extensions, considered to be of negligible heritage interest in their own right. However, the design of the proposed two-storey extension were criticised.


The members were comfortable with the design of the ground floor of the proposed extension, considered an improvement to the existing extension and to respond well to the host building. However, there were concerns with the first storey of the proposed extension in terms of its detailing and relationship to the host building. The current design was considered to have some merit, but had an overly dominant impact on the host building. Members considered this could be partially addressed by the addition of a ‘light weight link’ between the existing building and the new first floor extension. Such a design revision should consider the setting of the existing chimneystack. There were a range of views expressed on the wider element, with some concern expressed with the use of render. A suggestion was made that the wider glazing at first floor level, with stronger horizontal emphasis, did not work well and that the fenestration should be broken down more with the addition of more mullions.      




The following applications were reported for Members' information but no additional comments were made.


Further details on the cases below can be found by typing the reference number into:



8 Church Road

Planning Application 20211306


Construction of single storey extension at front, single storey extension at rear, two rooflight at rear; notification of proposed felling of two (2) trees in Evington Village conservation area; alterations to house (Class C3).



57 Knighton Drive

Planning Application 20211544


Construction of single storey extension at rear of house (Class C3); and alterations



86-92 Regent Road, Enkalon House, Existing base station

Planning Application 20211495


Removal of 6 antennas; installation of 12 replacement antennas; 2 x 300mm dishes; 2 x 600mm dishes; ancillary development



25 Springfield Road

Planning Application 20211090


Construction of single storey extension at side of house (Class C3)



2 Colton Square

Planning Application 20211422


Internal alterations to Grade II listed building



5 Fox Lane

Planning Application 20211359


Change of use on first and second floors from cafe (Class E) to three self-contained flats (2x 1bed, 1x 2bed) (Class C3); alterations



University Road

Planning Application 20211328


Installation of 20m high monopole; associated ancillary works



Loughborough Road, Outdoor Pursuits Centre

Planning Application 20211650


Installation of a 20m lattice tower supporting six (6) antennas; ancillary development



58 Stretton Road

Planning Application 20211389


Proposed change of use from house in multiple occupation (6 bed) (Class C4) to a House in multiple occupation for more than six people (7 bed) (Sui Generis)



Aikman Avenue

Planning Application 20211690


Installation of 20m high monopole; ancillary works.



60 Charles Street, Midland House

Planning Application 20211635


Notification of proposed installation of assorted steelwork to support 6 antenna apertures; 6 cabinets; 4 dishes; ancillary works



201 Knighton Road, Cradock Arms

Planning Application 20210985


Construction of outbuilding and installation of decking to external seating area of public house (Sui Generis); felling of one tree



19 East Avenue

Planning Application 20211792


Change of use from house in multiple occupation (10 beds) (Class C4) to seven flats (6 x 1 bed, 1 x 2 bed) (Class C3); demolition of the existing outbuilding



22-24 Pocklingtons Walk

Planning Application 20211412


Installation of ventilation flue at rear of restaurant (Class E)



Number 117 And A Half Loughborough Road, The Royal Air Forces Association

Planning Application 20211743


Change of use from Offices (Class E) to become an extension to Darul Uloom School (Class F1).



Newarke Street, Multi Storey Car Park

Planning Application 20211400


Installation of solar PV panels and canopies to roof of carpark (Sui Generis)



38 Bruce Street

Planning Application 20211439


Construction of dormer extensions at front and rear; single storey extension at rear of house (Class C3); alterations



28 Mill Hill Lane

Planning Application 20211314


Change of use from house (Class C3) to two flats (2 x 1 bed) (Class C3); construction of single storey extension at rear; alterations



3 Avenue Road

Planning Application 20210887


Change of use from garage (Class C3) to communal sitting area for five flats (Class C3)



105 London Road

Planning Application 20211009


Installation of shopfront and alterations to shop (Class E).



2 Disraeli Street

Planning Application 20211487


Demolition of buildings and chimney; construction of 19 dwellings (13 x 2 bed, 6 x 4 bed) (Class C3); substation; associated parking and landscaping



1 St James Road

Planning Application 20211846


Part demolition at rear; change of use from bridge club (Class F2) on ground floor and two flats (2x1 bed) on first and second floors (Class C3) to house in multiple occupation for more than 6 persons (9 bedroom) (Sui Generis); bin and bike store at rear



Phoenix Square, 4 Midland Street / 11 Morledge Street / 9 Burton Street

Planning Application 20211827


Removal of existing external materials (brick, render, timber, rainwater goods and cladding panels) and installation of replacement materials to walls and balconies on all elevations of the building



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