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-           Presented by Members of the Public

-           Presented by Councillors

-           Petitions to be debated


Petitions from members of the public


Mr Mohamed Rafik, presented a petition with 972 valid signatures in the following terms:-


“We the residents of Harrison Road, Edensor Street, Stafford Street, Lancashire Street, St Michaels Avenue, Marfitt Street, Gipsy Road, Moores Road, Flax Road, Arbour Road, Leire Street, Acorn Street, Jermyn Street, Broadhurst Street, Portman Street, Glen Street, Agar Street, Canon Street and including surrounding areas and strongly object to drawings LCC-FPB-HRA-2020-001 (proposed new TRO) and all changes to our roads and surrounding roads. This includes additionally objecting to the safer street healthier neighbourhoods planned road changes for Rushey Mead. We the undersigned concerned citizens and object to all proposed changes.” 


Mr Sanjeev Sharma, presented a petition with 65 valid signatures in the following terms:-


“The residents of Harrison Road, (Junction of Gipsy Lane to Rushey Fields park) of Rushey Mead Ward strongly disagree to have residential parking in Harrison Road, the 80% of the houses in this road do have driveways. The Council should not consider this road for residential parking.”




Petitions from councillors


Councillor Bajaj, presented a petition with 445 signatures in the following terms:-


“We petition, on behalf of the residents who are very concerned for the safety of the users on the A47 and Downing Drive junction and would like to ask the Council for a four way traffic light system to be introduced at this junction.”


“I would appreciate your support to avoid serious accidents happening on this junction.

I would ask Members to note the further information contained within the script”


The remainder of the written petition reads as follows:

        Over the years there have been numerous accidents however, in the past couple of years this junction has become extremely dangerous.

      I use this route everyday for the past ten years and have witnessed drivers risking lives so that they can 'dodge' the traffic in the morning. They drive on the wrong side of the road especially on St Swithin's Road to get onto the Uppingham Road slip road. Not taking into account of any oncoming traffic from the main Uppingham Road or the pedestrians. Please see some pictures attached to give you an idea.

     I have tried to report to the Council over time, but I don't even get any acknowledgment.

      I started this petition as the current traffic lights further down, may have been suitable at the time they were installed, however, the traffic has now more than doubled over the years and these have now actually become a hazardous rather than a safety precaution.

     The link for this petition is:  As you will see there are over 500 people who have signed it and agree that traffic lights should be installed there.

     You will be aware there was an accident recently and a little girl was hurt. This matter was covered by Leicester Mercury too.



Under Council Procedure Rule 13a, the aforementioned petitions will be referred to Monitoring Officer for Consideration and action as appropriate.