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The Director of Neighbourhood and Environmental Services submits a report to the Licensing and Public Safety Committee to obtain Members’ views on the proposed Licensing Policy for February 2022 to February 2027, including any observations on the consultation responses.


Members are recommended to provide comments on the proposed policy and the proposals for the special policy on cumulative impact, to assist Full Council when setting the policy for 2022 to 2027.


The Director of Neighbourhood and Environmental Services submitted a report to obtain the Committee’s views and observations on the proposed Licensing Policy for February 2022 to February 2027. The Committee was asked to provide comments on the proposed policy and the proposals for the special policy on cumulative impact, to assist when setting the policy for 2022 to 2027 at Full Council.


The Licensing Team Manager (Policy and Applications) presented the report. It was noted that the policy had been re-written to make for easier understanding in regards to the wording, and included the new Sections 7 and 8 that were derived from the collaboration with Public Health, Leicestershire Police and the Noise Team. The Policy had been out to public consultation which included licence holders / members of the public and other interested parties, and comments had been received regarding the proposed areas of special interest and the retention (or not) of the CIZs.


The following additional points were noted:


·         Members discussed and requested the Licensing Team present the recent changes in a more simplified way, such as the use of bold font, section headings and page number references. The Chief Licensing Officer suggested Members review the appendix attached at Page 63 to the document, particularly section 7 and 8, but would take the comment into consideration in the time period leading up to Full Council. It was noted the Policy had been completely re-written so the changes applied could not be shown easily, but the Policy had been made easier to read.

·         In terms of partnership working, the authority had received contributions to the policy from the Public Health Team, which outlined what they were doing to address the impact of alcohol on the health and wellbeing of the residents in Leicester. The authority also worked closely with the Police, Noise Team and licensing partners.

·         Officers had taken the opportunity to include matters, such as Public Health, who were now a consultee with regards to alcohol impact. Also, the policy now included areas of special interest, which would highlight particular spots of the city where applicants would be expected to address specific local circumstances in their operating schedules.

·         There was concern by Members over the rise of street drinking and anti-social behaviour in both standard public areas and CIZs (Town Hall, Clock Tower, Beaumont Lees, Belgrave Gate, Evington, Narborough Road), with alcohol being bought from off-licence shops to be consumed outside the premises. It was asked if the Police brought to the Authority’s attention areas where there were particular issues, namely around shopping areas.  The Chief Licensing Officer clarified that Police were responsible for the safety and control of such incidents, with the Licensing Team and the Council being solely responsible for the provision of licences for establishments.

If there was an issue with a specific premise, a review application could be made by the Police or another responsible authority, or by any person, based on one or more of the licensing objectives defined in the Licensing Act 2003. If there was a problem within an area not caused by a licensed premises then the duty would fall to the Police to investigate and control.

·         The Licensing Team Manager (Policy and Applications) stated that the areas of Special Interest were areas where evidence of ongoing alcohol abuse and excess consumption had been provided, either through collaboration with the Police or Council officers, or through feedback from the public.

·         Members agreed to liaise with the Police over their concerns of street drinking and anti-social behaviour in their respective wards, as well as to encourage more contact with the Council’s Licensing Team, as reports of anti-social behaviour and the unregulated sale of alcohol happening in Members’ wards was not being addressed.

·         Members were informed that evidence was required for an area to be considered as a CIZ. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the up-to-date evidence did not appear to support CIZs and therefore, Licensing were looking at areas of Special Interest in conjunction with the Noise Team, Police and Licensing Enforcement Team. It was noted that justification for CIZs would be reviewed in 12 months time.

·         Members expressed anxiety over the reduction of numbers in the Police Force in the City, since 2010.

·         Members unanimously agreed that safety standards in public on the streets had been deteriorating and the resources available to the Council was disproportionate to the scale of the problems being faced. Members resolved that it was in the interests of the public to tackle those problematic areas instead of solely taking a passive response in ensuring the public safety by diverting foot traffic away from these problem areas.

·         Overall, the Committee was happy with the Policy and changes made.


The Chair thanked the Licensing Officers for the report.




1.    the comments be noted and taken into further consideration by the Licensing Team.

2.    the Licensing Team review the list of Areas of Special Interest in light of the Committee’s concerns around street drinking and anti-social behaviour.

3.    the possibility of a future conference between the Council, Police, Noise Team, retailers and the public be considered to tackle problematic behaviour and street drinking in the city.

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