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The Director of Planning, Development and Transportation submits a report on planning applications received for consideration by the Panel.


A) St Peters Lane and Churchgate, Land at corner

Planning Application 20210727


Construction of four storey building to include one retail unit (Class E) to ground floor and flats (8 x 1 Bed; 7 x 2 Bed) from ground to third floor (Class C3) (amended plans)


The panel welcomed changes made to the design of the proposed new mixed use development in the Churchgate Conservation Area. The potential loss of the existing trees and the seasonal view towards the Grade II Listed timber warehouse to the north were noted as negative factors, but not of sufficient harm to prevent any redevelopment of the site. They assessed that the scale and massing of the new building was broadly acceptable and the set-back from the existing building adjacent was a positive aspect. A Heritage Statement had now been submitted to support the application and the issue with the blank elevation at the rear had been resolved. The revised roof form was an improvement over the previous iteration and was considered acceptable. The horizontal emphasis on fenestration on the St Peters Lane elevation was raised as a concern but taken as a whole the design was considered to enhance the Conservation Area by providing stronger street frontage on the corner site.    





B) Filbert Way, Land at and adjacent to the King Power Football Stadium

Planning Application 20212673


Hybrid application comprising: FULL application for the extension of the East Stand of the King Power Stadium to provide additional seating capacity with ancillary facilities; associated works to the North and South Stands and public realm / hard landscaping works; and OUTLINE application for new club retail store, hotel, commercial office space and food & beverage uses, residential block, multi-purpose arena, multi-storey car park and energy centre; with associated public realm / hard landscaping works (with all matters reserved except for site access).


Full planning application:


The panel remarked that the extension to the football stadium would impact on the setting of some nearby designated and non-designated heritage assets due to its form and scale. The Raw Dykes being the nearest designated heritage asset, with longer range views of the stand impacting on Welford Road Cemetery and the Aylestone Road Gasworks site in particular. However, the panel felt that that the status of the football stadium as a sporting venue of international significance was one that justified being signalled by a landmark structure. The panel concluded that there was architectural merit to the proposed form and they did not comment on the related lower level public realm works adjacent. They considered that its impact on the city could be justified in terms of the setting of related heritage assets.




Outline planning application:


Whilst the stadium extension was deemed acceptable in terms of scale and form, the proposed ‘bulky high-rise’ hotel and apartment blocks were deemed by the panel to have a more harmful impact on the heritage assets and the wider city skyline. The panel acknowledged the precedents of recent high rise developments such as development at the University of Leicester, but concluded that the proposed blocks visually detracted from the stadium’s landmark new stand and would cause significant harm to the setting of various heritage assets, such as the Raw Dykes and Welford Road Cemetery.


The panel discussed the height of the blocks adjacent the Raw Dykes scheduled monument and expressed concern over the wider landscaping scheme, which did not convincingly engage with the monument. The panel also highlighted the archaeological significance of the Raw Dykes and how this might be investigated and better protected through a more sensitive scheme. Concern was expressed that the group of buildings taken as a whole did not represent a coherent and contextually responsive piece of urban design.


The panel did not comment in detail on the lower scale buildings proposed. 





C) 101-107 Ratcliffe Road, Mary Gee Houses Halls Of Residence

Planning Application 20212255


Demolition of existing buildings. Construction of specialist accommodation for the elderly consisting of apartments with care (Use Class C2), communal facilities, parking


The scheme was assessed as being largely similar to the previous application for the site. Where the design had not been amended, the elements that had previously been of concern were considered to still be so. Changes to the detailing and materials of the main elevation were considered to be mixed in terms of impact. The change in the materials of the frontage windows from UPVC to metal was considered positive, but the panel suggested all elevations should be subject to this change. The design of the upper part of the central element was considered to be top heavy and a harmful change, while the balconies and detailing remained somewhat incoherent.





The following applications were reported for Members' information but no additional comments were made.


Further details on the cases below can be found by typing the reference number into:




The Lansdowne, 123 London Road

Planning Application 20212297


Installation of two internally illuminated fascia signs and one internally illuminated projecting sign (Class A3)



17 Granby Street

Planning Application 20212262


Installation of one internally illuminated fascia sign; one non-illuminated facia sign; one internally illuminated double sided projetion sign (Class E)



Spencefield Lane

Planning Application 20212363


Installation of 20m telecommunications monopole to replace existing monopole; ancillary development



23-25 Highfield Street

Planning Application 20212245


Change of use from industrial/storage (Class B2/B8) to dark kitchen (Sui Generis); installation of ventilation flue




695A Aylestone Road

Planning Application 20211596


Construction of single storey extension at rear of house; installation of flue at rear (Class C3); alterations



42 Market Place

Planning Application 20212134


Change of use of first and second floors from two self-contained flats (2x2 bed) (Class C3) to two self-contained flats (2x3 bed) (Class C3); construction of third floor extension to create one self-contained flat (1x2 bed) (Class C3); and associated alterations to the ground floor access area.



18 Linton Street

Planning Application 20212055


Construction of single storey outbuilding to side of house (Class C3)



25 St Nicholas Place

Planning Application 20212405


Construction of two storey roof top extension to use as office space (Class E)



Home Farm Close

Planning Application 20212582


Installation of 18m high telecommunications monopole; associated ancillary works



225 Evington Lane

Planning Application 20212393


Construction of a two storey extension to side and first floor extension to rear of house (Class C3)



23 Shirley Road

Planning Application 20212189


Construction of two storey extension at side and rear of house (Class C3); Alterations



2 French Road, St Barnabas Library

Planning Application 20211830


Installation of 2 no additional extract fans on side elevation; installation of extract grills on side elevation to a Grade II Listed library (Class F1)



8 St Johns Road

Planning Application 20212392


Construction of a single storey extension at rear of house (Class C3)



1A Portland Towers

Planning Application 20211320


Retrospective application for conversion of one self-contained flat (2bed) (Class C3) on ground floor to form two self-contained flats ( 2 X 1bed) (Class C3)); alterations to front door



43 Shirley Road

Planning Application 20212076


Demolition of garage at side; raised ridge height; construction of single storey extension at front; single and two storey extensions at side; single and two storey extensions at rear; detached carport at front of house (Class C3); alterations   



55 Granby Street

Planning Application 20212104


Retrospective application for installation of three internally illuminated fascia signs and two internally illuminated projecting signs to hot food takeaway (Sui Generis)       



Orton Square

Planning Application 20212616


Installation of temporary Art Exhibition (Class F1(b))



35 Devonshire Road

Planning Application 20211942


Retrospective installation for seven internally illuminated fascia signs to front side and rear of retail unit; three non-illuminated fascia signs to the front and side; one internally illuminated double sided free-standing sign to front of site; seven non-illuminated free standing signs to front, side, and rear of site (Class E)




36 Mantle Road

Planning Application 20212272


Conversion of existing garage to provide additional living space; construction of first floor extension at rear of flats (Class C3); alterations



22-32 Wellington Street, Wellington House

Planning Application 20212627


Non-material amendment to planning permission 20211204 (minor change to facade)



7-9 Victoria Mews, De Montfort Place

Planning Application 20212002


Construction of a second storey extension to create two new flats (2 x 1 bed) (Class C3); alterations



28-30 Market Street

Planning Application 20212314


Installation of new shopfront to shop to provide two retail spaces (Class E)



213 Mere Road

Planning Application 20212526


Construction of single storey extension at rear of house (Class C3)



Waterloo Way, Bus Shelter Outside Peat House

Planning Application 20212296


Installation of double-sided internally illuminated digital display to bus shelter (No use class)



19 East Avenue

Planning Application 20211792


Change of use from house in multiple occupation (10 beds) (Class C4) to seven flats (6 x 1 bed, 1 x 2 bed) (Class C3); alterations (Amended 13/10/2021)



15 Knighton Park Road

Planning Application 20212258


Construction of hardstanding at front and side; 1.8m high brick boundary wall at side; 1.8m high pillar at front; installation of 1.8m high timber fence; 1.8m high sliding timber electric gate at side of house (Class C3)



Melbourne Hall Evangelical Free Church, St Peters Road

Planning Application 20212453 & 20212454


Installation of handrails and construction of replacement ramp to front; installation of lighting, bollards, hard surfacing and 1.4m high railings and construction of 0.3m high walls to front and sides; installation of 1.1m high railings and reconstruction of retaining walls to side and construction of ramp and steps to rear of place of worship (Class F1); works to trees covered by tree preservation order; alterations & Internal and External Alterations to Grade II* Listed Building



178 Mere Road

Planning Application 20212520


Replacement of front and side windows and front door to Timber and rear windows and rear door to UPVC (Class C3)



25A Stoughton Street South

Planning Application 20212367


Construction of two 2.5 storey houses (2x3 bed) (Class C3)



28 Knighton Drive

Planning Application 20212408


Alterations, partial demolition and construction of single storey extension and replacement dormer at rear; installation of rooflights at front and rear; replacement of sash windows with double glazed windows; refurbishment of front door; demolition of front boundary wall and hardsurfacing of forecourt and formation of vehicle access to create off-street car parking at front of house (Class C3)



184-186 Gipsy Lane

Planning Application 20212558


Alterations to shop front; change of use from betting office (Sui Generis) and flat (Class C3) to restaurant (Class E); installation of external flue pipe at rear



113-117 London Road

Planning Application 20212274


Demolition of rear single-storey extension; change of use from offices (Class E) to student accommodation (Sui Generis) (15 x studios, 4 x 1 bed, 3 x 2 bed); parking and bin store at rear; construction of bay window at front; two-storey extension at rear; two second floor infill extensions at rear; installation of solar panels at rear; alterations



3 Berridge Street, Phoenix House

Planning Application 20211955


Installation of replacement windows to front and rear of flats (Class C3)



2 Stoneygate Road, De Montfort Court, Flat 4 & 5

Planning Application 20212286


Installation of roof access; replacement of stairwell enclosure to flats (Class C3)



University Road, Engineering Building University Of Leicester

Planning Application 20212450


External alterations to listed building to partially remove and rebuild to a lower height 2 chimney stacks to the North East elevation of the Engineering Design Laboratory.



54 Ratcliffe Road, The Knowle

Planning Application 20212807


Demolition of single storey outbuildings at side and rear; construction of single and two storey extension at side, single storey extension at rear of house (Class C3)




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