Issue - decisions


03/06/2021 - REVENUE OUTTURN 2020/21

To approve the following changes to earmarked reserve:


a)    transfer the amounts in City Development & Neighbourhoods as detailed in Appendix B, Paras 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 9.1 & 10 to reserves.


b)    transfer the amounts in Adult Social Care as detailed in Appendix B, para 12.10 to reserves.


c)    transfer the underspend in Public Health as detailed in Appendix B, para 14.5 to reserves.


d)    transfer sums for capital investments and post covid recovery as discussed in Appendix B, paras 15.5 & 15.7 to reserves.


e)    the transfer of departmental reserves to the Managed Reserves strategy as described at Appendix C, para 4.


f)     transfer of grants paid in 2020/21 to reserves as detailed in Appendix C, paras 5.3 & 5.4.


g)    merge of the children’s services pressures with the social care reserve as detailed in Appendix, para 4.8


h)    merge the Covid reserve with the managed reserves strategy as detailed in Appendix C, para 5.1.


i)     transfer the underspend of £4.3m equally between the Service Transformation and ICT development reserves to assist with new ways of working and to support the budget strategy for 2022/23.


Note: The decision taken did not meet the criteria of a Key Decision and was, therefore, taken as Non-Key decision.