Issue - decisions


03/06/2021 - CAPITAL OUTTURN 2020/21

1.      Approve the transfer of £1.7m from additional secondary school places to the schools’ capital maintenance work programme to fund the ongoing costs for the temporary modular buildings up to 2028.


2.      Approve the transfer of £1m to Connecting Leicester from Pioneer Park Infrastructure, as detailed at Appendix A, Planning, Development & Transportation, Para 2.2.


3.      Approve the addition of £850k to assist with the redevelopment of land at Stocking Farm and Southfields/Newry, to be funded with a contribution from One Public Estate Land Release Fund. The redevelopment is aimed at assisting with preparation of the land for building homes.


4.      Approve the addition of £798k to Highways Maintenance, funded by DfT grant, Appendix B, para 3.6.


5.      Approve the addition of £750k to Additional SEND places, funded from the underspend on additional secondary school places, Appendix A, Children’s Services, Para 2.1.


6.      Approve the addition of £562k for replacement of cladding on the Phoenix Square building to be funded by grant from Homes England, as detailed at Appendix B para 3.19.


7.      Approve the addition of £290k for refurbishment of Knighton Park and Evington Park depots, funded from the depot reserve.


Note: The decision taken did not meet the criteria of a Key Decision and was, therefore, taken as Non-Key decision.