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The creation of a speakers corner at Town Hall Square.

We the undersigned petition the council to allow a speakers corner to take place, every second Saturday afternoon, at the Town Hall square.

Leicester, like many diverse and vibrant cities, would greatly benefit from the establishment of a Speakers' Corner. This concept, with its roots in the tradition of free speech and public discourse, serves as a platform for individuals to express their ideas, opinions, and concerns openly. Here are several compelling arguments for why Leicester should embrace the idea of a Speakers' Corner:

Promotion of Free Speech:
A Speakers' Corner is a symbol of a free and democratic society. It provides a designated space where individuals can exercise their right to free speech, fostering an environment where diverse voices can be heard. By establishing such a space in Leicester, the city can actively promote and celebrate the principles of free expression.

Cultural and Ethnic Diversity:
Leicester is known for its rich cultural and ethnic diversity. A Speakers' Corner would be a platform for people from various backgrounds to share their unique perspectives, experiences, and cultural insights. This inclusivity can strengthen the sense of community and understanding among residents, contributing to Leicester's identity as a multicultural city.

Engagement and Dialogue:
Speakers' Corners encourage public engagement and dialogue. People can gather to listen to different viewpoints, engage in discussions, and challenge their own beliefs. This open exchange of ideas fosters intellectual growth, tolerance, and a deeper understanding of the issues that matter to the community.

Civic Participation:
A Speakers' Corner serves as a catalyst for civic participation. It encourages citizens to take an active interest in local and global issues, promoting a sense of responsibility for the well-being of the community. By providing a platform for expression, Leicester can empower its residents to be more involved in shaping the city's future.

Tourist Attraction:
Establishing a Speakers' Corner can also enhance Leicester's appeal as a tourist destination. Visitors are often drawn to places that celebrate free expression and cultural diversity. This attraction can contribute to the local economy and showcase Leicester as a city that values openness and dialogue. The Speakers' Corner can serve as a focal point for various activities, attracting people to the surrounding areas. This increased foot traffic can be advantageous for local businesses in proximity to the Speakers' Corner. Shops, markets, and other retail establishments may experience higher sales as a result of the increased visibility and customer flow.

Youth Empowerment:
A Speakers' Corner can be particularly empowering for the youth. It provides a space for young people to voice their opinions, share their concerns, and actively participate in civic discussions. This not only helps in the personal development of the youth but also ensures that the next generation is actively engaged in the democratic process.

Adaptation to Modern Times:
The concept of Speakers' Corners has evolved with technology. Leicester can leverage digital platforms to expand the reach of its Speakers' Corner, allowing virtual participation and making it accessible to a broader audience. This adaptation to modern times ensures that the tradition remains relevant and inclusive.

In conclusion, a Speakers' Corner in Leicester would not only uphold the values of free speech but also contribute to the city's cultural richness, civic engagement, and overall wellbeing. It is an investment in the democratic ideals that make Leicester a dynamic and progressive community.

This ePetition ran from 09/01/2024 to 06/02/2024 and has now finished.

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