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Road Calming Measures Junction Northcote Rd / Queens Rd

We the undersigned petition the council to review and address speed/safety for the junction where Northcote Road meets Queens Road

There have been a number of serious and many minor collisions at this junction recently and from speaking with other residents who have been in the area for longer than we have, there seems to have been many many more over the years.

There should be an investigation into the number of reported collisions on this junction to support the case for calming measures such as road humps or speed bumps on Northcote Road approaching the junction with Queens Road and/OR the same measure on Queens Road approaching the traffic lights/junction with Knighton Road and beyond the junction with Northcote Road.

Queens Road has also recently undergone road resurfacing, which only aids the possibility that cars will now speed up even more on this stretch, this teamed with the fact that often cars travelling on Norhtcote Road do not fully stop at the give way markings at the junction with Queens Road and often just carry on straight over the main road to continue on Northcote Road.

This ePetition runs from 20/09/2022 to 18/10/2022.

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