Committee details

Planning and Development Control Committee

Purpose of committee



Terms of Reference


1.         To keep under review and be responsible for the implementation of all new legislation relating to the discharge of its functions.


2.         To keep under review, comment and advise on policies proposed or made through executive powers.


3.         To carry out the development control function of the Council as local planning authority.


4.         To carry out the non-executive highways function of the Council.


5.         To promote and secure a pattern of development in the City which is sustainable in terms of use of local and global resources.


6.         To examine all proposals to acquire land for the purpose of securing planning objectives.


7.         To enforce all legislation, relevant to the Committee’s terms of reference, which the Council is required or empowered to enforce except matters which are executive functions.


8.         To exercise the Council's power to take legal proceedings in the public interest, in respect of matters within the Committee’s terms of reference.


9.         To make, vary or revoke any order, regulation, plan or scheme relating to the Committee’s functions.


10.       To consider and make recommendations on opposed Traffic Regulation Orders.


11.       To comment upon development briefs for development sites.


12.       To promote and secure high standards of design in new development.


13.       To consider and determine all non-executive matters concerning conservation areas and buildings of architectural or historic interest or buildings of local significance and sites of archaeological interest.


14.       To give directions to prevent demolition of a building in a conservation area.


15.       To make Building Preservation Orders.


16.       To serve notices stating that the City Council do or do not intend to acquire land to which a planning permission relates.


17.       To make Tree Preservation Orders.


18.       To consider and determine:-


(a)       enforcement notices and stop notices;


(b)       discontinuance, revocation and modification orders;


(c)        provision of recommendations to the County planning authority on behalf of the unitary planning authority in respect of applications to be determined by the County authority; and


(d)       any other similar regulatory procedures.


All matters within the Terms of Reference of the Planning & Development Control Committee which are not reserved to Full Council or this Committee are delegated to the Director of Planning, Transportation and Economic Development.




1.         Matters of strategic significance relating to the Committee’s Terms of Reference.


2.         To recommend to Council the making of bye-laws.


3.         Making opposed regulations, order, plans and schemes within the Committee’s terms of reference.


4.         Such other matters as the Committee may from time to time reserve to itself for decision.


Contact information

Support officer: Ayleena Thomas, tel: 0116 454 6369. Aqil Sarang, tel: 0116 454 5591 / Jacob Mann, tel: 0116 454 5843

Postal address:
Democratic Support
Leicester City Council
City Hall, 115 Charles Street

Phone: 0116 454 6369 / 0116 454 5591

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