Executive and Officer Decisions

Decisions published

12/01/2022 - Recommendation to Council of the Housing Revenue Account Budget (including the Capital Programme) for 2022-23 ref: 1250    Recommend Forward to Council

To publish the draft budget proposals for 2022/23.

Decision Maker: Assistant City Mayor - Education and Housing

Decision published: 12/01/2022

Effective from: 12/01/2022


1.         To publish a draft Housing Revenue Account budget (including Housing Capital Programme) proposals in advance of making firm proposals to the council on 23rd February, 2022;


2.         To advise that the report was subject to scrutiny by the Housing Scrutiny Commission on 10th January 2022.


Note:  This is a draft recommendation to the Council under Rule 1.3 of the budget and policy framework procedure rules and the provisions of the Call-in procedure does not, therefore, apply

Wards affected: (All Wards);

Lead officer: Chris Burgin, Stuart McAvoy

05/01/2022 - CAPITAL MONITORING 2021/22 PERIOD 6 ref: 1247    Recommendations Approved

To show the position of the capital programme for 2020/21 as at the end of Period 6.

Decision Maker: City Mayor (Individual Decision)

Decision published: 22/12/2021

Effective from: 13/01/2022


Approve the following transfer:


1.         £892k of budget from Boiler Replacements to External Property Works, see Appendix B, Para 3.22.


Approve the following additions:


1.         £1,300k to Green Homes, funded by government grant, see Appendix B, Para 3.10.


2.         £508k to High Street Heritage Action Zones, funded by Historic England grant, see Appendix A, Planning, Development & Transportation, Para 2.3.


3.         £500k to Ashton Green Highways Infrastructure, funded by prudential borrowing, to be repaid with earmarked capital receipts, see Appendix A, Planning, Development & Transportation, Para 2.2.


4.         £443k to Affordable Housing Acquisitions, funded by government grant, see Appendix B, Para 3.25.


5.         £390k to Air Quality Action Plan, funded by government grant, see Appendix B, Para 3.4.


6.         £45k to Abbey Park Precinct Wall, funded by corporate resources, see Appendix A, Neighbourhood and Environmental Services, Para 2.1.


Approve the following policy provision release:


1.         £250k of budget from the New School Places policy provision to fund the transfer of a modular building at Glebelands Primary School, see Appendix B, Para 3.3.

Wards affected: (All Wards);

Lead officer: Ben Matthews