Meeting attendance

Thursday, 27 January 2022 9:30 am, Health and Wellbeing Board

Venue:   Meeting Room G.01, Ground Floor, City Hall, 115 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1FZ

Contact:    Graham Carey, Tel 0116 4546356 or Internal 376356

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Andrew Brodie Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Public Expected
Ivan Browne Officer Expected
Councillor Piara Singh Clair MBE Deputy City Mayor - Culture, Leisure and Sport Member Expected
Rupert Matthews, Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Police and Crime Commissioner Public Expected
Councillor Elly Cutkelvin Assistant City Mayor - Housing and Education Member Expected
Councillor Vi Dempster Assistant City Mayor Health Chair Expected
Cathy Ellis Public Expected
Professor Azhar Farooqi Co-Chair, Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group Health Representative Expected
Professor Andrew Fry College Director of Research, Leicester University Public Expected
Harsha Kotecha Healthwatch Leicester and Leicestershire Health Representative Expected
Kevan Liles Chief Executive, Voluntary Action Leicester Public Expected
Richard Lyne General Manager, Leicestershire,EMAS NHS Trust Invitee Expected
Richard Mitchell Chief Executive UHL NHS Trust Health Representative Expected
Oliver Newbould Public Expected
Professor Bertha Ochieng Public Expected
Dr Katherine Packham Officer Expected
Councillor Rita Patel Member Expected
Dr Avi Prasad Co-Chair, Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group Health Representative Expected
Mandip Rai Officer Expected
Kevin Routledge Strategic Sports Alliance Group Public Expected
Councillor Sarah Russell Deputy City Mayor - Social Care and Anti-Poverty Member Expected
Martin Samuels Officer Expected
Frances Shattock NHS England - Director of Strategic Transformation Health Representative Expected
David Sissling Public Expected
Chief Supt Adam Streets Leciestershire Police, Commander, Local Policing Directorate Police Expected
Mark Wightman Health Representative Expected
Andy Williams Chief Executive, Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland CCG Health Representative Expected